How To Order Humane Ai Pin In Canada? Is It Available?

By Shubham Attri | Updated on March 22, 2024
How To Order Humane Ai Pin In Canada

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Humane Ai has shook the whole tech or precisely the mobile phone industry. People are flooding the internet with queries on ordering a Humane Ai pin. Most of the Canadians who live quite closer to the U.S are concerned if they can order a Humane Ai pin in Canada, as Humane is based in the U.S and there is not much information released by them on the regions they will deliver to, which is confusing the masses a lot.

Humane Ai has promised to replace mobile phones and as they say, Humane Ai pin is beyond touch and beyond screens. Sounds amazing, you are thinking of owning one and getting rid of your mobile phone, right? The promotional videos and other features mentioned over the Humane official website seem crazy and unrealistic. Are we really approaching the times where we will eventually get rid of the screens, and help our eyes to live healthily.

We have formed this piece, to let our dear readers know the answers to many of their questions like when will deliveries start in Canada, about the Humane Ai pin price and many such related questions which they have been looking for answers to.

How To Order Humane Ai Pin In Canada?

You cannot currently order Humane Ai pin in Canada.

Humane Ai announced in November 2023 about the orders and pre-orders. We tried by ourselves ordering the Humane Ai pin and shipping them to Canada, but that option is not available yet and the only region available is the U.S.

Canada is quite closer to U.S and if you have some acquaintances in U.S who help them get you the Humane Ai pin, then below is the process on how to order it from U.S;

Step : 1 Open the Official Humane Ai pin website.

Step : 2 The page will open displaying three variants for Humane Ai pin, which are the Lunar, Eclipse and the Equinox.

Step : 3 Choose the variant of your choice, the features remain the same and only the  appearance varies.

Step : 4 Proceed to checkout and the next page will ask for your details like, e-mail, first & last name, and other information of your address. 

Step : 5 On the right side of this page, under black portion you can add a discount or gift card if you have any, the line below this will display the final price you have to pay.

Step : 6 Make sure you add the information right and then proceed towards the payment page to complete your order.

Step : 7 Choose the payment method and proceed towards the payment gateway and wait for the confirmation.

Step : 8 The deliveries for the same will start in March 2024.

The Humane Ai pin order package includes Ai Pin, Charge Case, Charge Pad, USB-C Adapter & Cable, and two Battery Boosters. Check for these components when you are confirming your order

What Is Humane Ai Pin Price In Canada?

It’s clearly mentioned on the official website that the Humane Ai pin is not available in Canada yet, you can order it from the U.S by following the above mentioned process. The Humane Ai pin comes in three variants i,e Lunar, Eclipse and the Equinox, the prices for them are $699, $799 and $799 respectively.

This will be around C$ 940.18, C$1074.68 and C$1074.68 respectively, plus the shipping cost from the U.S to Canada.

The Humane company is based in San Francisco, U.S and they have not launched or released any product earlier. They might not take the chance with widening the delivery area and stocking up the inventory, which could backfire sometimes. At the same time we shall also be informed that Imran Chaudhri used to work at Apple and was a prominent one among those who design the interface and interaction design for the iPhone, he is new to the market, not new to the industry, let’s wait for the blow, it could go either way.

Is Humane Ai Pin Now Available for Purchase In Canada?

No, Humane Ai pin is currently not available for purchase in Canada.

It has appealed to the tech geeks to a greater extent even before its release. It holds the potential to begin a revolution with it’s arrival and we might not be digged in our screens for most of our daily chores, you talk it listens, you command it obeys, it’s just like being with your friend and just chilling, it doesn’t even feel like that you are using some tech device.

Wait till the March when deliveries start in the U.S and may be any time soon post the release, Humane Ai might come with the announcement to release it in many other countries and regions like Canada.

When Will Humane Ai Pin Shipping Start In Canada?

Humane Ai is currently not shipping to Canada.

Humane Ai currently could be ordered from the U.S only, it’s not available in any other country so far. Many around the world who are really interested in buying this are overwhelmed with the features of the Humane Ai pin and are curious about the deliveries and regions in which they deliver to.

There is also a huge community who have been eagerly waiting for some resolution to the usage of the screens, but they can’t really because they rely on devices containing screens to get their flow, flow. A Humane Ai pin could be said as a perfect solution for such masses, but again let’s wait till the deliveries start in March 2024 and the truth comes out. Many of you might know that Humane Ai pin provided wrong information twice in a promotional event conducted by the CEO, Imran and his wife Bethany Bongiorno. Hope they have removed that bug when they deliver the final product to the people.


Many devices come and go and features equipped in them also get lost in time, but this time it seems that technology itself is taking a leap. It’s not only about some new features contained in a new smart tech device, it’s about showing the world about other possibilities of using the technology, it’s about the extension of your brain, technology has been eveready to be extended to any extent and form.


Where To Buy Ai Pin In Canada?

The Humane Ai pin is not yet available to be ordered in Canada, however you can order it in the U.S only and deliveries will start in March 2024.

Can You Buy The Ai Pin?

If you are living in the U.S then you can easily buy the Humane Ai pin from Humane official website. It’s currently available in the U.S only and the price starts from $699 and deliveries will start from March 2024.

How Do I Buy Humane Ai?

To buy Humane Ai, visit the official website and place the order. Remember that the Humane is currently available in the U.S only.

Meet Shubham, your wrist-tech companion! As a Smart Watches aficionado, he weaves tech tales with a dash of personal flair. Let Shubham guide you through a world where your wristwear not only tells time but also reflects your style and passion for innovation. Get ready to explore the smart side of fashion with your go-to guru, Shubham!

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