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By Shubham Attri | Updated on March 22, 2024
Louis Vuitton Earphone

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More than 50% of the budget, they spend on encountering counterfeiting, they don’t manufacture, they curate and they don’t curate to sell it to the masses, they deliver luxury to some point percent of luxurious and elite class, it’s Louis Vuitton and this time, the luxury is coming up with earphones. Yes, it’s Louis Vuitton earphones and not ambergris perfume.

Louis Vuitton is not famous, they actually make people famous, whom they associate with, they don’t actually ask stars like Jenifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian and Gisele Bündchen, instead, the celebrities wait for the agreement of the another one, so that they can enroll themselves, it’s that big, valued as world’s no. 1 luxury brand for 6 long years, Louis Vuitton is not in any mood to stop and have come up with some tech luxury this time.

Louis Vuitton earphones is not only some piece of exotic luxury with a more than expensive price tag, they have partnered with Master & Dynamic from New York, to fill this piece of world class luxury with world class sound for the audiophiles. We have collected some more information about this tech luxury gadget, hope you are also curious to know the same!!

Louis Vuitton Earphone: Price

The price range starts from $1660, with some 6 color options and different finishes. Along with the varying colors and finishes the prices may also vary, depending on the color of finish you go with, anyways it’s LV again, never mind some few more dollars sliding away from your pocket, you own it for the lifetime.

Louis Vuitton Earphone: Specifications & Features


Louis Vuitton headphones are made up of some lightweight aluminum with a layer of polished sapphire glass. Louis Vuitton doesn’t only use exotic skins and rare metal for hardware for their bags, they have much to embed in these tiny pieces of luxury. People who know about Louis Vuitton smart watch, called as Tambour Horizon Light Up watch, will quickly understand that the earphones’ charging case design and appearance has been actually inspired by Tambour Horizon Light Up watch, on which the LV monogram animates in ravishing gradient colors and that’s why they are often called Horizon Light Up earphones. They are available in multiple colors and finishes, for you to match with either your watch or your new Prada apparel.

Louis Vuitton Earphone: Technical Specifications

Louis Vuitton earphones come with the most advanced technology you could ever come across, they are enabled with 11mm Beryllium drivers, along with 3 microphones, where in 2 are omnidirectional digital and another one is analog microphone per earphone. Sound quality greatly enhanced with micro-electric mechanism(MEMS), which helps in wind interference reduction also.

Bluetooth 5.2 with a connection range of 30 meters and 12 hours of battery life with single charge, you can obviously get some extra charge from the charging case provided which offers charging of about 16 hours, so total charge you will have in your pocket will be around of some 28 hours. Proximity sensors and mechanical buttons are available for play/pause or content playback, and don’t you worry if you accidentally splash them, they are water resistant IPX5

Louis Vuitton Earphone: Premium Features & Functions

Content Playback

While you are enjoying your favorite music, you can very conveniently play, pause, skip, forward and backward. Along with all this there is also a mode control option, which enables you to adjust the mode of sound depending on what you’re listening to.

Noise Cancellation

As we said above, they are not manufactured, they are curated, the are filled up with minute but appealing details like, ambient listening and hybrid active noise cancellation.

Bluetooth Multipoint

This is however something very new for the gadgets, and it’s only limited to earphones and headphones yet. Louis Vuitton did also adopt this technology which enables the gadget to connect with more than one device through Bluetooth, yes. You can now hear two sounds, and that too simultaneously. Of course, there is an option for you to select which sound you need to go with, there is no unintentional chaos.

Ping My Earphones

This is also something very new, remember when we sometimes park our car in a massive parking lot of some shopping mall or theater, we can’t just cope up with the irritation we have when we are back searching for our car, then comes a technology which enables you to directly approach to your car, without asking anyone . Same is in the case with earphones, they are tiny, and we many times do forget them or unintentionally they slid under our pillows, or could really be a trouble while you are packing for your travel, but ping my earphones can help you dig deeper and find your earphones wherever they are.

Louis Vuitton Earphone: Accessories 

Charging Case and Pouch

Louis Vuitton earphones box comes with 3 types of packets, to carry them. Firstly, there is a charging case of course with some 16 hours of battery life, then there is a on the go black travel case, in which you can keep your headphones when you are not using them, this case makes sure that the battery doesn’t drain, then there is another pouch, in which you can keep other accessories for the earphones. This is the amount of care Louis Vuitton sends you along with the tiny piece of luxury.

Charging Kit

To charge the earphones there comes a charging kit also, which contains a USB-C to USB-C cable and USB-C to USB-A adapter. To keep up this stuff collected at a single place, we told you above there comes a pouch with Louis Vuitton embossed on it.

Ear Tips

For you to fit perfectly, Louis Vuitton is definitely ascertaining that the earphones shall feel like specially done for you only and to support this, the ear tips box contains 5 different sizes of silicon ear tips for you to choose from for the perfect fit allowing you to enjoy whatever you hear.

Louis Vuitton Earphone: Review 

Louis Vuitton have definitely not launched these earphones for themselves to step into the tech industry. They are not even looking for some marketing tactics when they are already over hyped everywhere, even if you own anything from Louis Vuitton or not, but you surely know who they are. Ok, when we talk about how they perform, then we came out with;

The earphones’ noise canceling features don’t work very well and wind reduction interference is also less effective. The shiny and glittery surface won’t allow you a tight grip, they ought to slip from your hands, the surface is however, sapphire polished which enables them to be scratch proof, but consistent falls can damage the hardware inside. The battery life is really something to be appreciated and accessories they are providing are really thoughtfully designed.

The animating and illuminating design of the charging case does resemble with their Tambour Horizon Light Up watch, and it’s owners can look forward to make a match, as we already said it’s not for the masses, it’s for some point percent elite class, who have many other options when we talk about technicalities and other pros and cons, but when we talk about luxury it’s definitely LV doing the rounds everywhere.


The earphones market is flooded with many different types available. The Price range caters users with every sort of budget and from different walks of life, this is exactly what is the idea, whenever a company comes up with some new product, they research their target market and customers and then plan their marketing strategies accordingly. The same is not the case when we talk about names like Louis Vuitton, they have different markets and customer bases all together.

Louis Vuitton & Dolce & Gabbana is to bags, Chanel is to perfumes and Mulberry is to shades, these are not some names only, they actually hold the potential to change the flow of economy of many nations, they are not customer driven only, they are those in their categories and fields who themselves find and develop categories for the world to know about.


How Much Are Louis Vuitton Connected Earbuds?

Louis Vuitton earbuds start from the price range of $1660. They come in about 6 vibrant colors with different finishes. 

How Much Is Louis Vuitton Bluetooth Speaker?

Louis Vuitton has been building some gadgets for a year now. They are really successful, their Bluetooth speaker price range starts from $2890, which could vary depending on different styles, colors, shades and finishes.

What Are Good Features For Earbuds?

Some good features of earbuds are;

Good Sound Quality

Connectivity Ease

Noise Cancellation

Ping Option

Long Battery Life

Durability and Comfort

Meet Shubham, your wrist-tech companion! As a Smart Watches aficionado, he weaves tech tales with a dash of personal flair. Let Shubham guide you through a world where your wristwear not only tells time but also reflects your style and passion for innovation. Get ready to explore the smart side of fashion with your go-to guru, Shubham!

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