Wearables To Expect In CES 2024

Wearables To Expect In CES 2024

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Last year, about 115000 footfalls were observed in CES, with attendees from over 57 countries and 279 tier one media members poured in from over the globe. CES is that big, with exhibitors ranging from AI/robotics to Gaming, smart homes to smart cities and sustainability and lifestyle to accessibility, what wearables to expect in CES 2024 is most of the Tech geeks around the world are anticipating along with some big launches and announcements.

More than 14k attendees listed digital health as one of their top business interests in the CES 2023. With stats like this, CES definitely holds the potential to come up with announcements  concerning wearables. It’s just a couple of weeks back when Evie ring was launched and was invited to showcase the device in CES 2024, with rumors that Samsung and Oura are also going to say something regarding their smart rings, the wearables industry is more restless than ever.

What users are expecting, what experts are predicting and what exactly companies will come up with does not seem like matching anywhere even nearer to each other. Anyways, it’s just a matter of a few days now and things will start unfolding on 9th January 2024 and every rumor, speculation and prediction will perish and only some actual news will prevail. Our experts team along with the researchers have pulled out some most likely wearables to expect in 2024, relying on the previous data and nature of events that occurred in earlier CES events.

Wearables To Expect In CES 2024

Whether a company is invited or they get listed by themselves, the competition in both scenarios will be tough. No any wearables device manufacturers can afford to miss any detail or insights from other contenders, it’s CES and no one can let it go like this only, however there are some companies like Apple, Samsung and many others that save the big announcements for their own events only, and when Samsung unpacked event is scheduled to start from 18th January 2024, it’s going to be fun.

We have curated a list of some top ranking wearables which you can expect in CES 2024, read below;

1. Samsung

Predecessor to Samsung Galaxy Fit2, the Samsung Galaxy Fit3 is expected to be launched in January 2024, but it’s still not clear if Samsung will be making some more announcements along with the launch in CES 2024 or wait for their own event to start on 18th of January. Galaxy Fit3 images were leaked last month, and it’s not the first time that leaks have happened when Samsung is about to launch some of their new products. There is one more  thing which masses are expecting from Samsung, the Samsung Galaxy smart ring, rumors are even more intense when recently Evie ring has come up, and CES is such a huge platform to make some huge announcements like this

2. Fitbit

Google bought Fitbit in January 2021 and there have not been enough launches or even updates for their existing products since then. It is one of their most top rated wearables which is eagerly waiting for some updated versions, it’s highly expected that Google could come up with some new features in variants for Fitbit Luxe 2, whereas parallelly some new announcements for some new prototypes are also expected. 

3. Movano Health

The most famous smart ring of the prevailing times is the Evie ring. With features never seen before and a fresh approach to measure the bio metrics is something which has also appealed to CES 2024 jury members and Evie ring has been invited for Innovation Honoree award. Its women centric approach will be a topic of debate in the digital health summit, which is a key event in CES 2024.

4. Wearable Devices

Wearables devices is an Israel based company who manufactures wearables AI-based neural input interface technology, but most of their top rated product is the Mudra band, which was recognised Innovation Award Honoree and won the 2021 CES Best Wearable Award. It’s top notch feature is workability with Apple, which definitely makes it  more appealing and it’s appearance was confirmed when Wearable devices CEO Asher Dahan, said in an interview;

“At the 2024 CES, Wearable Devices will demonstrate the Mudra Band’s groundbreaking capabilities in neuro-gestural control. This participation underscores our role as a pioneer in the field of wearable technology and our commitment to enhancing user interaction with digital devices”.

5. Garmin

Considered as one of the most top rated manufacturers when it comes to GPS and other satellite based data and signal processing devices. Garmin never misses any chance to showcase their innovative products and technology in CES and there are expectations regarding their Garmin Lily 2 smartwatch for its updated version to be announced or showcased in CES 2024, whereas Garmin has recently launched their Venu 3 and Vivoactive 5 so there are not very high chances, but again, being one of the most innovative company who keep devices simple yet highly equipped with top technology, could arrive with some updates in Garmin health and AI integrations and it could be under the long list of what wearables to expect in CES 2024 along with other strong contenders.

6. Abbott

One of the biggest names when it comes to health integrated with AI and technology. Abbott’s Lingo has already earned huge fame in the markets of U.K and this time it’s expected that Abbott has plans to broaden the reach of the product and by making a grand entry at CES 2024 along with some updates also. Lingo is a wearable device including a biosensor to measure the levels and spikes of glucose in the user’s body. Abbott chief executive Robert Ford said at HLTH 2023 in Las Vegas “We are creating a new consumer biowearable that not only tracks your glucose levels,  but, using AI, delivers a personalized coaching plan to help you develop healthier habits, and motivate you to do the hardest thing: modify and adapt your behaviors and habits”.

7. L’Oreal

L’Oreal is the world’s largest company with noticeable developments in the field of hair color and care, skin care, sun protection, make-up and perfumes. Recently it has been reported that L’Oreal CEO Nicolas Hieronimus has booked a prime slot in CES 2024. There is no other news at the moment as to what exactly will be the announcement about but experts are suggesting some wearable device with UV protection sensing capabilities, could be showcased or some other major news could be revealed.

8. Withings

Withings registered its name in history when they developed the world’s first analog smartwatch about some 10 years ago. Since then they have been winning awards for being one of the most innovative brands and developing wearables which are way ahead than others. Withings never miss the chance to make some roar at the CES event every year, last year they showcased the U-scan device, a very first of its kind to be used in your toilet, it’s also known as home lab. Although it was not in the wearable category, let’s hope this time that the world’s most innovatively driven wearable brand comes up with something which users can carry along to measure their health metrics.

9. Vuzix

Vuzix CEO Paul Traveres has confirmed already that they will be showcasing their newly developed connected smart glasses at CES 2024. American based Vuzix is leading supplier of wearable virtual reality and augmented reality display technology, along with it they hold experience of about 20 years of manufacturing and selling computer display devices and softwares. A company which holds this much capability and experience in viewing devices definitely comes under the category of wearables to expect in CES 2024 to showcase a smartglass with some unconventional features and specifications.

Digital Health And Wearables In CES 2024 – Track Of Events

If you have not booked your entry tickets or passes yet, then book now. Being at the CES 2024 and seeing the innovative technologies unfolding in front of you is something to remember for the lifetime. We have specially formed a track of events for wearables to expect in CES 2024 other activities happening, read below;

Sun 7 Jan

1-2:45pm, Showstoppers preview, Mandalay Bay Palm A

4-4:45pm, CES 2023 Tech Trends To Watch, Mandalay Bay Shoreline Exhibit Hall

5-8:30pm, CES Unveiled party, a showcase of CES Innovation Award honorees, Mandalay Bay Shoreline Exhibit Hall

Tues 9 Jan – 8:30AM

CTA Opening Remarks with Gary Shapiro, L’Oreal CEO Nicolas Hieronimus

Tues 9 Jan  – 4PM – LVCC

Medicine without borders – global health driven by AI

Wed 10 Jan – 4PM – LVCC

Future of biosensing technology: Diabetes and beyond

Wed 10 Jan – 2PM – Venetian

The personalized food future

Wed 10 Jan – 1PM – LVCC

Gen AI and the future of healthcare

Thurs 11 Jan – 1PM – LVCC


CES is not an event which happens once in ages, but the technologies which are showcased and revealed over here are developed once in ages, which is why tech geeks and experts eagerly wait for the event to start and they never stop researching on what top tech companies are coming up and what to expect in CES, it gets bigger every year.

Technology is something which is driving the whole human kind now, we all have a huge dependency on it, this is what I believe intrigues tech companies to develop something which is never seen before, so that the user’s can get the best ever tech devices and help themselves. 


What Is The Most Advanced Wearable Technology?

Some of the best examples of most advanced wearable technology are AI hearing aids, Google glass and Microsoft Hololens.

Where Is CES 2024?

One of the most awaited tech events CES 2024 will take place in Las Vegas, starting from 9th January and concluding on 12th January.

What Are The Latest Trends In Wearables?

The latest trends in wearables technology are;
GPS Trackers.
Wearable Heart Monitors.
Smart Clothing.

Featured Image Credits : Digital Trends

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