Amazfit GTS-4 Vs Oura Ring

Amazfit GTS-4 Vs Oura Ring – Battle For The Best Fitness Tracker! 

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Every fitness tracker has its own specialty. Some specialize in fitness tracking, while others are well-versed in sleep monitoring. And right now, I find myself stuck right in between the Amazfit GTS-4 vs Oura Ring battle, in pursuit of finding the better fitness tracker to guide me through my fitness journey.

Fitness trackers are now loaded with unique features and are getting much smarter, making it difficult to choose the best one. I have been using the Oura Ring Gen3 for my health and wellness monitoring and had the best fitness tracking experience with it. However, thousands of positive Amazfit GTS 4 reviews have piqued my interest, and I have since been awestruck by the wonderful fitness tracking it has to offer. 

Studying Amazfit GTS-4 vs Oura Ring Gen 3 features clearly shows that, while the Amazfit GTS-4 has cutting-edge technology for fitness and activity tracking, the Oura Ring Gen3 is loaded with accurate heart rate and sleep monitoring features. Furthermore, the Amazfit GTS-4 is a lot more affordable than the Oura Ring and does not have recurring membership costs.

Amazfit GTS-4 and the new Amazfit GTS 4 mini have been setting up a different stage for fitness enthusiasts when compared to most other smartwatches. But does this make it better than my Oura Ring? Only with a detailed analysis of Amazfit GTS-4 vs Oura Ring, we will be able to find the apt answer.

Amazfit GTS-4 Vs Oura Ring Gen3

I have been a fitness enthusiast all my life and have stumbled upon multiple fitness trackers over the years. One of my current favorites is the Oura Ring Gen3, which helps monitor my fitness and guides me to overcome my sleeping difficulties. I am in love with its stealthy and non-invasive approach, and I hardly notice it most of the time. 

However, the latest Amazfit GTS 4 and the Amazfit GTS 4 mini seem to complete everything that is missing in the Oura Ring Gen3. Its flashy style and sporty features have made me wonder which is the better fitness tracker, the Amazfit GTS-4 or Oura Ring Gen3. 

I have made a detailed analysis, determined to compare Amazfit GTS-4 vs Oura Ring, trying to find out the better wearable tech that can boost my fitness journey. 

Amazfit GTS-4 Vs Oura – Design & Comfort

My experience with fitness tracking has made me realize that design and comfort are of utmost importance, as you will have to wear the gadget 24/7 for holistic monitoring. It is absolutely essential that you find wearable tech that you are 100% comfortable with, for a seamless fitness journey. 

Both the Amazfit GTS-4 and Oura Ring Gen 3 have their own unique design and finish. Find out more about the designs and models in which they are currently available.

Amazfit GTS-4

Amazfit GTS-4 Vs Oura - Design & Comfort_Amazfit GTS-4

The Amazfit GTS-4 is a frontrunner in fashion. It is available in 4 fantastic designs that are made of fluoroelastomer strap and liquid silicone strap, with one design made of nylon strap. It is super slim and lightweight with an elegant combination of traditional craftsmanship and advanced technology, with a modern design. Many users of Amazfit GTS-4 review that it is a fashionable fusion of timeless design.

Amazfit GTS-4 is available in the following designs:

  1. Infinite Black – Fluoroelastomer strap or Liquid Silicon strap
  2. Misty White – Fluoroelastomer strap or Liquid Silicon strap
  3. Autumn Brown – Nylon strap
  4. Rosebud Pink – Fluoroelastomer strap or Liquid Silicon strap

You can choose the strap of your preference, and the Fluoroelastomer strap might be replaced with a Liquid Silicon strap depending on the regional stock.

Oura Ring Gen3

Amazfit GTS-4 Vs Oura - Design & Comfort_Oura Ring Gen3

The Oura Ring Gen3 is one of the most sought-after wearable techs which is known for its sleek and stylish design and its non-invasive fitness tracking model. It is available in two different styles that are available in multiple finishes as follows:

  • Heritage Style – Gold, Silver, Stealth, and Black
  • Horizon Style – Gold, Silver, Stealth, Black, Brushed Titanium, and Rose Gold

Oura offers a free Oura Ring sizing kit that contains plastic demo rings of sizes 6 to 13. This enables all users to size Oura Ring to find the best size that perfectly fits them. Finding the right size improves the accuracy of the Oura readings and helps amp up the fitness tracking experience. 

We should also address the most obvious difference between the two wearable techs. So, would you prefer to wear a smartwatch or a smart ring throughout the day to monitor your wellness? Remember to choose the gadget that you will be comfortable using through the day for fitness tracking and through the night for sleep tracking.

Amazfit GTS-4 Vs Oura – Features

All new fitness trackers are loaded with state-of-the-art features, which are a driving force that pushes users to buy Oura Ring or the Amazfit GTS-4. While the Amazfit GTS-4 has advanced fitness support with over 150+ sports modes and smart recognition for strength training exercises, you can use the Oura Ring for sleep tracking with absolute accuracy. 

Let us explore all the different features that Amazfit GTS-4 and Oura Ring Gen3 have to offer.

FeatureAmazfit GTS-4Oura Ring Gen3
24hr Heart RateYes Yes 
SpO2 monitoringYes Yes 
Stress monitoringYes Yes 
Sleep QualityYes Yes 
Nap detectionYes Yes 
Automatic Activity DetectionYes Yes 
Strength trainingYes Yes 
Accurate GPS trackingYes Yes
Daytime StressNAYes 
Restorative TimeNAYes 
Recovery monitoringNA Yes 
Insight messagesNAYes 
Reflections – review of the dayNAYes 
Import route fileYes NA
Smart trajectory correctionYes NA
Personalized health scoreYes Yes 
Menstrual cycle trackingYes Yes 
Reminders for abnormalities Yes No
Music storage & playbackYes No
Live notifications Yes No
Sports mode 150+ inbuilt sportsNo
Battery saver modeYes No
Alexa, built-in voice assistantYes No
A table of comparison between Amazfit GTS-4 vs Oura Ring features

Before you choose either Amazfit GTS-4 or Oura Ring Gen3, ensure that you understand all the features it has to offer and also study its product specifications.

Amazfit GTS-4 Vs Oura – Specifications

Every wearable tech has its own set of product specifications, which you must check before you make the final decision to purchase it. I have listed out the important Amazfit GTS-4 vs Oura Ring Gen3 specs for your reference.

SpecsAmazfit GTS-4Oura Ring
Material Aluminum alloy middle frame high-gloss sprayed PC bottom shellDurable Titanium with PVD coating
Dimensions 42.7 x 36.5 x 9.99mm7.9mm x 2.5mm 
Size 140mm to 200mm 6 to 13
Weight 27g 4 to 6g
Water resistance 5 ATMUp to 100m or 328ft
DisplayAMOLEDNo display
Battery 300 mAh Lithium-ion batteryRechargeable 15mAh (US6) – 22mAh (US13) Lipo battery
Battery lifeUp to 8 daysUp to 7 days
Compatible devicesAndroid 7.0 and above
iOS 12.0 and above
Android 8.0 or above
iOS 8.0 or above
AppZepp appOura app
Sensors BioTracker 4.0 PPG biometric sensor
Acceleration sensor
Gyroscope sensor
Geomagnetic sensor
Barometric altimeter
Ambient light sensor
Green LEDs
Red LED 
Infrared PPG sensors
Skin temperature sensors
3D Accelerometer
A table of comparison between Amazfit GTS-4 vs Oura Ring specifications

Understanding the product specifications will help you to choose if Amazfit GTS-4 or Oura Ring Gen3 works best for you. Now that we have seen all the features and specifications in detail, let us check out their functionality based on key features like fitness, sleep and heart rate tracking, and blood oxygen monitoring.

Amazfit GTS-4 Vs Oura – Fitness Tracking

If you are a fitness enthusiast and an outdoor person like I am, then the Amazfit GTS-4 is the better choice. It has an exclusive sports feature with 154 sports modes, 25 strength training movements, and 8 sports movements. It supports advanced running support that includes Track Run mode, Smart trajectory correction, and Virtual pacer. Moreover, it allows you to access live sports data broadcast along with an industry-first Dual-band Circularly-polarized GPS antenna and 6 satellite positioning systems.

The Oura Ring Gen3 is also capable of accurately detecting your fitness and activity tracking. It has Automatic Activity Detections(AAD) and also allows you to add a workout to Oura to personalize your fitness tracking experience with the smart ring. 

The main downside of using the Oura Ring for fitness tracking is that, unlike smartwatches that can display the heart rate, step count, distance covered, calories burned, and other workout metrics on the AMOLED display screen, the Oura Ring does not. You will have to grab your smartphone to access the Oura app to view detailed insights into your fitness and activity tracking. 

Amazfit GTS-4 Vs Oura – Sleep Tracking

I have been using the Oura Ring Gen3 to monitor my sleep, and had drastic improvements in my sleep quality, as I had mentioned above. We all know that Oura is popular for its stealthy and non-invasive approach. Also, the Oura Ring tracks your sleep quality, along with your sleeping patterns based on different sleep stages, including light, deep, REM, and period of movements. I have been able to get better sleep with the help of Oura’s Bedtime guidance, sleep sounds, and nap detection, which allows me to add a nap on Oura to amp up my Sleep and Readiness Scores.

Amazfit GTS-4 also monitors your sleep stages (including REM), sleep schedule, and sleep breathing quality, detects daytime naps, and displays a Sleep Score, which is mostly what Oura Ring has to offer. However, the most notable difference between the two gadgets is that while the Oura Ring monitors your sleep stealthily, Amazfit has a bright AMOLED display screen and sound or vibration notifications that are bound to disturb your sleep. 

So, if you are comparing Amazfit GTS-4 vs Oura Ring Gen3 for monitoring your sleep, then Oura Ring would be the better choice.

Amazfit GTS-4 Vs Oura – Heart Rate Tracking

One of the prime indicators of health and wellness is your heart rate. Both Amazfit GTS-4 and Oura Ring Gen3 offer heart rate tracking. The Amazfit GTS-4 accuracy for heart rate monitoring is ensured with the new BioTracker 4.0 PPG biometric sensor, along with the enhanced 2 LED sensors that collect 33% more data when compared to the previous models. This sensor, when combined with the device’s heart rate tracking algorithm, reduces the potential signal interference that is caused by the movements of your arm during exercises.

On the other hand, the Amazfit GTS-4 accuracy for heart rate metrics cannot be compared with Oura Ring’s holistic monitoring that includes your live heart rate, workout heart rate, heart rate variability, resting heart rate, etc. Moreover, Oura Ring tracks these metrics to present your personalized Activity and Readiness Score to understand your fitness level. This proves that the Oura Ring is a lot better for heart rate monitoring.

Now, that we have seen the difference between their key features, let us now compare some of the most prominent factors of the two wearable techs.

Amazfit GTS-4 Vs Oura – Battery Life

I was flaunting my Oura battery life of 7 days, only until I found that the Amazfit GTS-4 can crush your workout goals for 8 days at a time. The smartwatch is primed for action with a 300mAh battery that lasts longer with the new battery saver mode, with continued use of various features like sports mode, uninterrupted monitoring of health metrics, etc. 

The Amazfit GTS-4 has the following battery life according to its usage:

  • 30 days in the Clock mode
  • 16 days in the Battery Saver mode
  • 8 days of Normal usage
  • 4 days with Heavy usage
  • 33 hours in the Power Saving GPS mode
  • 28 hours in the Balanced GPS mode
  • 16 hours in Accuracy GPS mode

Now that you know the battery life of both the gadgets, ensure that you charge it duly, and avoid low battery levels for uninterrupted monitoring of your vitals.

Amazfit GTS-4 Vs Oura – Waterproof

Both the Amazfit GTS-4 and Oura Ring Gen3 are water resistant. The Amazfit GTS-4 is water resistant with 5 ATM grade water resistance, which means that you can use the gadget for monitoring your health and fitness even when you shower or bath. As Amazfit GTS-4 is water resistant, you can also use it for swimming. It is popular among athletes for its swimming heart rate monitoring feature.

Similarly, you might be wondering, is Oura Ring waterproof?  No, it is not waterproof. However, it is water resistant for up to 100 meters or 330 feet, which ensures that you can use it at ease while swimming or when you take a bath

However, after exposure to water, ensure that you clean the devices properly with a dry cloth to avoid damage to the device.

Amazfit GTS-4 Vs Oura – Accuracy

Accuracy is a dire concern when it comes to choosing Amazfit GTS-4 or Oura Ring Gen3, the better fitness tracker. Amazfit advertises that the new GTS 4 has a brand new BioTracker 4.0 PPG biometric health sensor, which records your parameters throughout the day. It also makes use of acceleration sensors, barometric altimeters, ambient light sensors, geomagnetic sensors, and gyroscope sensors to monitor your every move. However, hundreds of Amazfit GTS-4 reviews given by users show that the metrics generated by the gadget vary drastically when compared with other medical-grade devices.

Oura Ring Gen3, on the other hand, has proven to be highly accurate. Researches show that the Oura Ring is in “very high agreement’  with the Gold-standard for ECG measurement. It has performed a near-perfect accuracy for resting heart rate (r² = 0.9996) and extremely high accuracy for heart rate variability (r² = 0.980) when it is compared with a medical-grade ECG device. 

This shows that you can use Oura Ring data for various purposes and even share Oura Reports with your doctors and other healthcare professionals, as it is highly accurate when compared to the Amazefit GTS-4.

Amazfit GTS-4 Vs Oura – Price & Availability

Finally, it is time for us the discuss numbers. The price and availability of the device are highly significant factors that encourage all users to buy the gadget. Let us now see the current availability and price of both Amazfit GTS-4 and Oura Ring Gen3 and see if it falls within your price affordability.

All Amazfit GTS-4 designs are currently available for $199.99 on the official Amazfit website. Moreover, it comes with a 12-month warranty period and offers a 7-day replacement period for all users. You will also be able to buy it from other e-commerce apps and websites like Amazon, eBay, Target, BestBuy, etc., and will also be available in exclusive discounts and offers according to the platform you buy it from. 

Oura Ring Gen3, on the other hand, is available in a wide range of prices as listed below:

Oura Ring Gen3
StyleFinish Price
Heritage Silver $299
Black $299
Stealth $399
Gold $449
Heritage Silver $349
Black $349
Stealth $449
Brushed Titanium $449
Gold $499
Rose Gold $549
A table with list of different Oura Ring Gen3 models with price

Moreover, you will have to pay an Oura Membership for $5.99 per month to gain access to exclusive insights on personalized health metrics.

We can clearly see that the Oura Ring Gen3 is a lot costlier than the Amazfit GTS-4, and you will have to pay the monthly subscription fee, which is not necessary for Amazfit.

Amazfit GTS-4 Vs Oura – Key Differences

Take a quick look at the key differences between Amazfit GTS-4 and Oura Ring Gen3 before you make your final call.

Feature Amazfit GTS-4Oura Ring Gen3
Reminders for abnormalities Yes No
Alexa, built-in voice assistantYes No
Recovery monitoringNA Yes 
Restorative TimeNAYes 
Insight messagesNAYes 
Battery lifeUp to 8 daysUp to 7 days
Water resistantUp to 50 mUp to 100 m 
Price $199.99$299 to $549
Membership NA$5.99/month
A table of comparison between Amazfit GTS-4 vs Oura Ring key differences

I hope this helps you to clearly make the best decision and choose the fitness teacher that suits you. Still confused? Let us find out which is the better wearable tech for you.

Amazfit GTS-4 Vs Oura – Which Is Better?

Finally, it is now time for the final verdict in the Amazfit GTS-4 vs Oura Ring Gen3 comparison. Let us sum it all up and see the highlights of the two gadgets.

Amazfit GTS-4

  • Better for fitness and activity tracking with built-in GPS and 150+ sports modes.
  • Longer battery life, which lasts for up to 8 days.
  • A lot more affordable than the Oura Ring Gen3, and does not have recurring premium subscription costs.

Oura Ring Gen3

  • Oura Ring is the best wearable tech for sleep tracking.
  • Highly accurate for heart rate, and blood oxygen monitoring.
  • Displays personalized insights into activity, readiness, and sleep scores.

You now have all the vital information to help choose the right fitness tracker, Amazfit GTS-4 or Oura Ring Gen3, that best suits your fitness needs.

Wrap Up

Choosing between Amazfit GTS-4 and Oura Ring will be like choosing to have either a fitness coach or a sleep therapist. Prioritize your personal needs and ensure that you understand the features and specifications of the two gadgets before you make your choice. I hope that you can now easily compare Amazfit GTS-4 vs Oura Ring Gen3, with the help of the information explained in this article, and find the gadget that helps complete your fitness goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1 Is The Amazfit GTS 4 Worth Buying?

Yes, the Amazfit GTS-4 is jam-packed with unique fitness tracking and sleep monitoring features, which makes it worth buying.

Q2 Can You Answer Calls On Amazfit GTS 4?

Yes, you can answer calls on Amazfit GTS-4. It has a built-in microphone and a speaker, which makes it possible to answer phone calls.

Q3 Is Amazfit GTS 4 Heart Rate Accurate? 

No. Monitoring heart rate with Amazfit GTS-4 is quite inconsistent when compared to other fitness trackers.

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