Does Oura Ring Have An Alarm Clock?

By Lokesh Jaral | Updated on March 22, 2024
Does Oura Ring Have An Alarm Clock?

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Personalized, silent smart rings with alarms, help users to wake up feeling refreshed. Since, Oura Ring knows when the wearer goes to bed, thousands of users are left wondering does Oura Ring have an alarm clock. Stop searching for the Oura Ring smart alarm clock, and stay with us to have all your doubts cleared.

No more waking up feeling groggy and irritated due to blaring alarms. Smart ring with alarm has revolutionized sleeping patterns and helps the wearer wake up, feeling refreshed. Some of the latest smart rings come with an in-built alarm function, that helps the wearer to wake up on time, without disturbing their partner or anyone else who might be around. However, many Oura Ring users are concerned about not being able to access the Oura Ring vibrating alarm feature.

Oura Ring does not have an alarm clock feature, unlike other smart rings. It does not make use of sound, vibration, light, or any other alert functions. 

Oura Ring can track sleep patterns, so it is preferred by users who are battling with sleeping disorders and wish to work on ways to overcome them for a better lifestyle. However, they are left wondering does Oura Ring have an alarm clock, once the initial setup, Oura app download, and syncing of the device are complete. 

Does Oura Ring Have An Alarm Clock?

Unlike any other smart ring with alarms, the Oura Ring does not have an alarm clock feature. Oura has made an official statement claiming that its Oura Ring does not have a smart alarm feature, nor does it have any sound, vibration, light, or other alert functions. 

People who have quite a hard time waking up every morning, look for silent and personalized alarm clocks, that help them wake up with gentle vibrations. While loud blaring alarms tend to wake up everyone in the vicinity, a smart alarm clock wakes the wearer during their light sleep stage, helping them to wake up feeling energized and refreshed. 

Users wish to upgrade their wake-up routine with smart rings and use the smart snooze option that does not snooze until the wearer wakes up physically. The Oura Ring smart alarm clock is expected to enable users to snooze without the worry of oversleeping. However, many Oura users who have purchased the smart ring for the sole purpose of monitoring their sleeping patterns, are left baffled when they learn that the Oura Ring vibrating alarm feature does not even exist.

Why Does Oura Ring Not Have An Alarm Clock?

The Oura Ring is petite in size when compared to smartwatches and other fitness trackers that are bulky and loaded with sensors. Although the Oura Ring has 15 advanced sensors that are equipped to monitor the vitals of the wearer accurately, it lacks the sound, vibration, and light functions that are required for smart alarms.

Although the Oura Ring can receive notifications, and allows users to manage the notifications settings, it does not light up or vibrate to notify the wearer, like most other fitness trackers. Users who are wondering does Oura Ring have an alarm clock should try to understand that, due to its small size and limited space for more sensors, the creators of the Oura Ring have prioritized the available space for sensors that help monitor the fitness and health of the wearer.

Are There Any Chances That Oura Ring Will Include Alarm Clock Features In Upcoming Models?

Fitness trackers like the Oura Ring are constantly updated on a regular basis. Newer, upgraded versions of the gadgets are launched by the creators, with upgraded features and brand-new functions. 

Even though the developers at Oura have not made any official statements regarding Oura Ring having an alarm clock, considering the fact that many of its competitors, like the Circular smart rings, Fitbits, and other fitness trackers, have the smart alarm feature, there are high chances of the alarm clock feature being included in the upcoming models.

The Oura Rings smart alarm clock feature will be possible if the creators of the smart ring add a haptic motor or a speaker to the device. This will help the gadget to vibrate or notify the user when it is time to wake up. 

Wrap Up

Fitness trackers and smartwatches have a huge display with a bright OLED screen. While it is perfect for viewing notifications and answering calls during the day, it could be a major factor that hinders the wearer’s sleep at night. The Oura Ring is sought after by users with sleeping disorders, who are looking for a way to overcome them. So, stop thinking about does Oura Ring have an alarm clock and make use of the smart ring to monitor your vitals 24/7. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can You Just Wear Oura Ring At Night?

Yes, you can just wear Oura Ring at night. Moreover, the creators of the Oura Ring highly recommend all Oura members wear their rings around the clock for optimal accuracy. 

Q2. Does Oura Ring Tracks Sleep?

Yes, the Oura Ring tracks the four sleep stages of the wearer.

Q3. Which Finger Do You Wear Oura Ring On?

You can wear your Oura Ring on the index finger for optimal accuracy and performance. You can also use it on your middle finger.

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