How Often To Charge Oura Ring? Exclusive Tips To Charge The Ring!

By Lokesh Jaral | Updated on March 22, 2024
How Often To Charge Oura Ring?

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Hundreds of questions are bound to run through your head when you buy an Oura Ring. One of the most frequently asked questions by new Oura users is, how often to charge Oura Ring? Ponder no more, and keep scrolling to find out how long to charge Oura Ring first time, how often to charge Oura Ring, and if you can charge Oura Ring without a charger.

Unboxing the gadget is one of the most exciting things to do for all tech-savvy users. Oura Ring users can connect Oura Ring to iPhone or Android devices to start monitoring their real-time vitals. It is highly recommended that users wear the Oura Ring 24/7 for a holistic fitness journey. However, many users are confused, looking for ways to check the Oura Ring battery, as the ring does not have an OLED display screen or an LED indicator to notify low battery levels. 

Oura recommends users to charge Oura Ring every night for uninterrupted monitoring of the wearer’s sleep.

Stay with us to find out how often to charge Oura Ring for uninterrupted monitoring of vitals with high accuracy levels.

How Often To Charge Oura Ring?

Developers of the Oura Ring recommend all users to charge the ring before going to bed. Users have to ensure that the Oura battery life is maintained at least 30% before bedtime, every night. This will ensure that the Oura Ring tracks the wearer’s heart rate, blood oxygen levels, and sleeping patterns without any hindrance. 

The Oura Ring is made of a rechargeable 50mAh (US6) – 22mAh (US13) Lipo battery, which is nonreplaceable. So, just like any other rechargeable battery consumable that has a limited lifespan, the Oura Ring’s performance and capacity are bound to gradually decline over time.  

However, users can protect their ring by charging it on a regular basis to avoid such depletion. It is suggested that users check Oura Ring battery levels, and try to maintain it above 30% for uninterrupted monitoring of the user’s vitals. The Oura Ring will just take about 20 to 80 minutes to be fully charged, and such a fully charged ring can last for up to 7 days when continuous monitoring. 

Moreover, ensure that you follow the tips to charge Oura Ring to protect your Oura Ring and the charger. 

Tips To Charge Oura Ring

Oura Ring users can take some extra measures to protect the device and avoid Oura Ring battery replacement issues that are bound to occur later on. Ensure that you follow the Oura Ring charging tips given below:

  1. Use only the official wireless Oura charger that is included in the Oura Ring set.
  2. It is recommended that you charge at room temperature.
  3. Use charger power cord/voltage – USB Type-C connector; ISB nominal 5V.
  4. The USB charging power cord is to be supplied by an external 5Vdc supply, which complies with the IEC 62368-1 standard. 
  5. The power available to the charger must not exceed 15W after 3 seconds to prevent battery degradation. 
  6. The charger is intended for indoor use only.
  7. The charger is not water resistant. So, do not use the charger in bathrooms or in any humid environments.

How To Charge Oura Ring?

How To Charge Oura Ring?
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You can charge Oura Ring by placing your ring on the charging dock > Plug the charger into a power source > pulsing white LED light > LED turns green.

Step 1 – Place the Oura Ring on the charging dock.

Step 2 – Connect the USB cable to the charging dock.

Step 3 – Plug the charging dock into a power source like a USB wall plug, power brick, or a laptop. 

Step 4 – The LED light will start pulsing white, indicating that the ring is charging.

Step 5 – Wait for the LED light to turn green, indicating that the Oura Ring has been fully charged.

Note: All users will receive a push notification when the charging is complete, on the Oura app.

How To Charge Oura Ring Without Charger?

You cannot charge Oura Ring without a charger. It is highly recommended that all Oura Ring users make use of the official Oura Ring charger that they get along with their smart ring at the time of purchase. Users who try to charge Oura Ring without charger should be aware that making use of an unofficial, external charger will turn the Oura warranty void. 

How Long Does It Take To Charge Oura Ring?

Oura Ring takes between 20 to 80 minutes to be fully charged. This depends on the existing battery levels, and the features used for monitoring by the user. A fully charged Oura Ring can last for up to 7 days. 

Furthermore, the battery life and longevity of the ring vary depending on the age of the ring and how often the wearer uses certain features like the workout heart rate, blood oxygen sensing, and the Explore tab. Just like any other rechargeable battery, the Oura Ring’s battery capacity and performance are expected to decline with time.

How Long To Charge Oura Ring First Time?

New Oura Ring users, who charge Oura Ring the first time should charge the device for at least 60 to 80 minutes. Users who unbox the Oura Ring are suggested to charge Oura Ring first time for about an hour, depending on the battery life of the ring. Wait for the LED indicator on the charging dock to turn green before you turn off the charger. 

So when do you charge your ring?
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Wrap Up

Charging the Oura Ring plays an integral part in determining the overall functionality of the device. We hope that you now understand how often to charge Oura Ring and follow the tips and tricks given in this article to maintain the battery life without having to worry about Oura Ring not charging issues. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How Often Should I Charge My Oura?

Oura Ring battery can last for up to 7 days. Maintain at least 30% battery life for uninterrupted monitoring of vitals.

Q2. Why Is My Oura Ring Dying So Fast?

The more functions your Oura Ring performs, the more battery it uses. Oura users who make use of the Live View feature often will notice that their battery runs out faster.

Q3. How Long Does Oura Ring Charge Last?

The Oura Ring charge lasts for up to 7 days.

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