Effective Approach to Force Close the Oura App on iOS & Android

By Lokesh Jaral | Updated on May 30, 2024
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Force Close Oura App

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Are you having trouble with your Oura app? Maybe it’s frozen, unresponsive, Oura Ring is not connecting or just won’t close properly. This can be annoying, especially when you’re trying to track your sleep or activity. But don’t worry. I will show you how to force close the Oura app.

Forcing an app to close completely is like giving it a quick power nap. It not only clears minor glitches but also gets things working smoothly again. In the next section, I will show you exactly how to force close the Oura app, whether you’re using an iPhone or Android device. So keep reading!

Force Close Oura App On iPhone

Honestly, I deal with the Oura app glitches on my iPhone at least once a week. I’ve found that force closing is a handy fix for any app’s issues, not just Oura’s. I love it because it’s super easy and super effective. Here’s how you can do it too:

  1. Swipe up from the bottom of your iPhone screen and pause for a second. You’ll see all your running apps’ preview windows.
Force Close Oura App On iPhone - Swipe Up
  1. Swipe left or right until you find the Oura app’s preview screen.
  2. Swipe the Oura app card upwards to dismiss it from your screen, like tossing it off the top.
Force Close Oura App On iPhone - swipe Upwards
  1. Now, tap on the Oura app icon to open it again. It should work properly now!

Force Close Oura App On Android

Force closing, or as Android calls it, “Force Stop,” is a straightforward fix I’ve used a couple of times. The great news is, Android offers not just one, but two methods to do this:

Method 1: Via Settings

Navigate through your device Settings to locate the Oura App and force close it from there. While effective for troubleshooting issues like the Oura Ring not connecting to Android, this method may necessitate a few additional taps.

Method 2: Using the App Icon (Even Simpler!)

This is my personal favorite method because it’s super quick and requires minimal steps. Let’s learn this method, as it will get your Oura App back on track in a flash!

  1. Find the Oura app icon on your phone’s home screen or in the app drawer.
  2. Hold down the icon until a menu appears.
  3. Tap App Info (or the info icon with an “i” inside a circle).
Force Close Oura App - Tap On App Info
  1. Scroll down and tap Force Stop in the bottom left corner. Then, hit the OK button on the popup to confirm the action.
Force Close Oura App - Tap On Force Stop
Force Close Oura App - Tap Ok
  1. That’s it! Now, go back to your home screen or app drawer, tap the Oura app icon to reopen it, and everything should be smooth sailing from here!

Still struggling with that annoying app problem? I understand. Sometimes, I can’t get an app to work, even after trying the usual Force Close trick. When that happens, I give my phone a break. I turn it off for a few minutes, let it cool down, then turn it back on. Giving my device a little rest helps me get rid of the annoying temporary files that cause problems.

But if switching the phone off and on again doesn’t work, I have another solution. The Oura customer support team is fantastic. They’ve helped me many times and are always ready to assist. Just go to the Oura Support page, and you’ll find an AI assistant ready to help. 

If the AI assistant doesn’t do the trick, I recommend sending a message directly to the support team. You can do this by clicking the link that says “Click here to contact Oura support team” at the bottom of the help articles.

Is It Safe To Force Close Oura App? 

As I mentioned, I close the Oura app once a week. Like many of you, I close all apps to keep my phone optimized. The other day, I closed Oura while it was syncing. Later, I noticed my morning walk data was missing. 

I wondered if it’s safe to close the Oura app. Generally, it’s not risky. You don’t need to keep it running all the time. Just open it now and then to sync your data. However, if you’re syncing and force close it, your data might get stuck, and you might have to start over.

If you link Oura to other health apps like Google Health Connect or Apple Health, closing it might interrupt the connection. So, if you want smooth integration, let the sync finish before closing apps. 

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Wrap Up

And that’s a wrap! I’ve walked you through how to force quit the Oura App on both iPhones and Android devices. The Oura Ring is there for your health and fitness, offering valuable data to support your well-being. But, believe me, even champions need occasional care. When the Oura app starts acting up, I usually force-stop it, give it a little break, and then start it again. If you have any other tips that work, share them in the comments! See you in the next guide. Bye for now!

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