How To Read Oura Ring Data? Decode Oura Data!

By Lokesh Jaral | Updated on March 22, 2024
How To Read Oura Ring Data?

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Buy Oura Ring Gen 3 to take a look into your health and wellness. Get detailed Oura Ring insights and learn to read Oura Ring data for a better understanding of your health condition. Stay with us to know what makes the Oura Ring different by exploring the various insights, data, and personalized reports generated by it, and find out the best ways to decode Oura Data.

Oura Ring offers a microscopic view into the wearer’s health and provides Oura Ring insights and periodic Oura Ring reports. All such Oura Ring stats can be shared with doctors or any other healthcare professional. However, many Oura users find it difficult to read Oura Ring data and interpret it correctly to understand their current health metrics.

All Oura users can read Oura Ring data based on their personalized Oura Insights, Oura Reports, and Trends.

Oura scores the user based on their activities, readiness, and sleep. All information is displayed in easy-to-visualize graphs and charts to help users understand their Oura Ring Recovery and Activity patterns. Keep scrolling to read Oura Ring data easily and start interpreting it like a pro. 

How To Read Oura Ring Data?

Oura Ring is one of the best smart rings for health and fitness tracking. It is used by over a million dedicated users across the globe. It records the intricate details of the user’s vitals and displays the Oura Ring stats as graphs, charts, and reports for the users to read and interpret. It is highly recommended that all Oura users know how to read Oura Ring data and interpret it correctly so that they can understand their overall health. 

Most of Oura’s functionality can be summed up in three main categories that are available for all Oura users – 

  • Oura Insights
  • Oura Reports 
  • Oura Trends 

Let us see the easy ways to read Oura Ring data under each category. 

1. Read Oura Insights

Oura Insights are displayed right across the Home tab of the Oura App as insight messages which are simple guidance tips designed to highlight the notable patterns in the user’s data. All users will be able to read Oura Ring data on Insights to see a specific trend in their sleep staging or their resting heart rate graph and also easily notice unusual patterns or sudden deviations from their normal baseline of their Oura Ring Activity.

Users can just tap their Readiness, Activity Goal Progress, Sleep, or Bedtime Guidance card to view the entire insight message along with the associated graph. 

How To Read Oura Ring Data?_Read Oura Insights
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Activity Goal Progress

The Activity Score shows how much the user has moved their body during the day. They will be able to see a full picture of their movement trends throughout the day and also see if they were overly sedentary just at a glimpse of the Oura Ring Activity Score.

Readiness Insight 

Readiness score offers a holistic view of the user’s health, taking into account their recent activities, direct body signals from their RHR, HRV, and body temperature, and also their sleep patterns. All their factors can signal when the user’s body is under strain and help in stress tracking with Oura Ring.

Sleep Insight

Oura emphasizes the significance of good sleep and encourages users to get a good night’s sleep. It records sleep based on multiple factors, including the total sleep duration, restfulness, REM sleep, deep sleep, and latency. Furthermore, Oura offers various tools to investigate the user’s sleep patterns with additional sleep metrics on Total Sleep Time, Sleep Efficiency, Time in Bed, and the RHR that helps read Oura Ring data at a glance.

2. Read Oura Reports

How To Read Oura Ring Data?_Read Oura Reports

All Oura users can spot trends in their Oura Ring Recovery, Readiness, Activity Goal Progress, and Sleep Scores with the help of Oura Ring Reports. Users can see weekly, monthly, quarterly, anniversary, and yearly reports of their personal insights. 

Weekly & Monthly Oura Reports

All quick recaps of the user’s most recent scores are displayed as Oura weekly and monthly reports. These reports show the weekly average of the user’s  Readiness, Activity Goal Progress, and Sleep Scores, along with a trend chart including the contributors like the RHR, HRV, total sleep time, activity completion, etc. While the weekly report is displayed every Sunday, the monthly report appears at the beginning of every month.

Quarterly & Yearly Oura Reports

All the greatest accomplishments of the user in the last 3 months are displayed as Quarterly reports, and the highlights of the last calendar year are showcased as yearly reports. These reports are personalized according to the user’s fitness journey and include the total steps, number of crowns, etc. 

The Oura Quarterly reports are displayed at the beginning of every quarter – January, April, July, and October. And the Yearly reports are available in December and can be accessed directly from the Oura Home tab for seven full days.

Anniversary Oura Report

Oura celebrates the user’s Oura membership anniversary with an Anniversary report that showcases the user’s unique personal trends. This report shows the contributors for the highest and lowest Oura scores and their improvement during the previous six months. All Oura users will be able to view their very first Anniversary report within six months of the start of their Oura membership and every six months thereafter.

3. Read Oura Trends

How To Read Oura Ring Data?_Read Oura Trends

All Oura users can easily read Oura Ring data with Oura Trends which displays all information as graphs and charts. This enables users to get a quick view of their fitness and encourages them to move forward to attain their fitness goals. Moreover, users can tap any of the trends displayed in the app to access the in-depth information categorized as daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly views.

Sleep Regularity In Trends

Oura continuously measures the bedtime and wakeup time to find the Sleep regularity patterns. All users will be able to find data visualizations of their sleep regularity patterns in the Trends section of the Oura app for every day, week, month, and year. Moreover, every Sleep Regularity trend chart will show the user’s bedtime, time asleep, and awake time.

Body Temperature Graph

Oura Ring Temperature data enables users to see the changes in their skin temperature as fluctuations from their personal baseline. The closer the temperature reading is to 0.0, the closer their current skin temperature is to their long-term average. Every date in the Trend view displays the weighted average of how the user’s body temperature varies from their baseline based on a 3-day window.  

How To Use Oura Ring Data?

Oura users who know how to read Oura Ring data can now use this Oura Ring data in multiple ways for exporting and sharing it. 

All users can export their Oura data in a JSON or CSV file via Oura on the Web. Moreover, they can make use of the Share Report function and share a PDF summary of their daily movement and sleep data with all their trusted physicians, nutritionists, trainers, therapists, and any other healthcare professionals.

Can You Share Oura Ring Data With Friends?

Yes, you can share all your Oura Ring data with your friends, family members, and any other healthcare professional by making use of the Oura Share Report feature that is available to all Gen2 and Gen3 Oura members. This feature enables users to download their daily movement and sleep records, which can be easily shared. 

All Oura users can share their Oura Ring data by following the instructions given below:

Step 1 – Open the Oura app and tap the Hamburger icon.

Step 2 – Select Reports.

Step 3 – Tap to Share Report.

Share Oura Ring Data With Friends

Step 4 – Find the Oura Report you wish to share with your friends.

Step 5 – Tap to share it externally in PDF format.

Oura users will be able to share the Oura Reports for the last 7 days, 30 days, or 90 days, to monitor their progress and identify their health patterns over time.

Analysing Oura Data
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Wrap Up

Understanding the insights generated by Oura Ring plays a significant role in the fitness journey of the user. Only when you know how to correctly read Oura Ring data and interpret the reports you will be able to make positive changes in your daily habits for an overall healthier lifestyle. Furthermore, the Oura app is one of the most user-friendly interfaces that enables you to easily access and understand all the data and reports that are displayed as charts and graphs. We hope that you can now read Oura Ring data like a pro and further share it with your healthcare professionals by following the instructions explained in this article.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How Do I Extract Data From Oura Ring?

To extract data from the Oura Ring, log in to Oura on the Web using your Oura credentials. Tap the Profile icon to select My Account. You can then Export data to share it in any available format. 

Q2. What To Do With Oura Ring Data?

All Oura users can use Oura on the Web to export the Oura data in a JSON or CSV format. They can also make use of the Share Report function on the Oura app to share a PDF summary of their reports.

Q3. How Do You Read Oura Body Temperature?

You can read your Oura Body temperature in two different views – the Daily view and the Trend view, which are available in the quadrant above the Readiness Score. 

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