How To Use Oura Ring Data? Read & Share It Easily!

By Lokesh Jaral | Updated on March 22, 2024
How To Use Oura Ring Data?

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Social media is no longer the very first thing I check every morning. My daily morning routine is to use Oura Ring data to sneak a peak into my Oura Insights and see my Readiness Score before I even get out of bed. Keep scrolling to know how I do my Oura Ring data analysis and follow easy ways to export Oura Ring data for professional guidance.

My Oura Ring has been my personal fitness monitor for quite some time. It helps me navigate through all my doubts and insecurities about my health and fitness and pinpoints all the areas in my health and sleep that I should improve. This enables me to access personalized Oura Scores on a daily basis and also compare the progress of my fitness journey over a period of time.

You can use Oura Ring data to view Oura Insights, Oura Reports, and Oura Trends and share your Oura data with trusted health providers.

Oura Ring does a holistic analysis of your vitals and presents various reports, insights, and scores that might be quite overwhelming to understand. Fret not, and stay with me to know if you can use Oura Ring data without subscription and find out how to export Oura Ring data and put it to best use.

How To Use Oura Ring Data?

All Oura users can use Oura Ring data to see personalized insights of their Oura Scores, and export it or share it with their friends, family, doctors, etc.

My Oura Ring looks like a unique piece of fashion jewelry, hidden with sensors and LEDs that monitor my vitals 24/7. I was intrigued to check out this smart ring for myself when I found out that some of my favorite celebrities and athletes use Oura Ring to stay fit. However, I was awestruck by the amazing features and top-notch accuracy of the wearable tech. It has now become an integral part of my daily life, and I use Oura Ring data to monitor the changes in my health.

If you are a new Oura user trying to use Oura Ring data for the very first time, you might find it difficult to interpret the Oura Ring data analysis. Well, worry not, we have all been there. Oura Ring is loaded with abundant information and data that it could take some time for you to navigate smoothly through. Moreover, you can make use of the information that I have shared below to correctly understand and use your Oura Ring data.

Step 1: Access Oura Ring Data

Once you set up and sync Oura Ring with the Oura app, you can use Oura Ring data to monitor your health right from the app. All you have to do is just open the Oura app, and the very first data that you see on onboarding screens is the personalized information of your Readiness Score, Activity Score, and Sleep Score.

How To Use Oura Ring Data?_Access Oura Ring Data

1. The Home tab displays your Activity, Readiness, and Sleep cards, along with a 24-hour heart rate graph and the Oura Trends that are based on your focus area.

How To Use Oura Ring Data?_Access Oura Ring Data_Home Tab

2. Tap the icon at the bottom right corner of the screen to Record workout HR, Add a workout, Add a tag, start an Unguided session, or Log period start.

How To Use Oura Ring Data?_Access Oura Ring Data_Plus Icon

3. Press the Menu icon at the top left corner to view your Profile, check Oura Trends, access Reports, enable the Rest Mode, turn on Breathing regularity (SpO2), adjust Oura Settings, or get help from Oura Customer Service.

How To Use Oura Ring Data?_Access Oura Ring Data_Menu Icon

4. Use the Ring icon at the top right corner to check your Oura Ring battery life, manage Oura Ring Airplane mode, and view the Firmware version and ring details.

How To Use Oura Ring Data?_Access Oura Ring Data_Ring Icon

5. Use Activity, Readiness, and Sleep tabs at the bottom of the screen to view more details of these personalized Oura Scores and their contributors.

6. Tap ‘Explore’ at the bottom of the screen to access Oura’s media library to access educational videos, guided meditation content, and health and wellness advice.

Once you learn how to easily access all your personalized data you can learn more about how to read and use Oura Ring data to understand the progress in your health and fitness.

Step 2: Read Oura Ring Data

Once you access your Oura Ring data you will be awestruck by the number of graphs, charts, and all other kinds of pictorial representations to understand the progress of your physical fitness over time. Use Oura Ring data to optimize your performance and bio-hack your recovery to attain your fitness goals, and read Oura Ring data easily with the help of the information explained below:

1. Oura Insights

How To Use Oura Ring Data?_Read Oura Ring Data_Oura Insights

You can use Oura Insights on Oura’s Home tab to access your Activity Goal Progress, Readiness, and Sleep Scorecards. New Oura users should use the Oura Ring at least for one full night to be able to access the Oura Insights and use Oura Ring data. Moreover, you will not have access to these Oura Ring data without subscription. Nevertheless, users with an Oura membership can tap the related Oura Scorecards to see the entire insight message along with its associated graph. 

The Sleep and Readiness insight messages will be displayed as your “Themes of the day”. While Sleep insights are designed to extract core elements of your overnight sleep contributors and help reflect on the rest component, all Oura users can use Oura Ring data of their Readiness insights to display key elements that are crucial for recovery, activity, and even sleep metrics for the day. 

The Activity Goal Progress shows a quick glimpse of your daily activities and displays a full picture of your movement trends during the entire course of the day.

Your Activity Goal Progress, Readiness, and Sleep Score cards will be rated on a scale of 0 to 100 and can be interpreted as:

  • 85 to 100 – Optimal
  • 70 to 84 – Good
  • 60 to 69 – Fair
  • 0 to 59 – Pay Attention

I feel exceptionally fit and energetic when I  use Oura Ring data to see an Oura Score of 85 or higher. And, I take it as a personal cue to prioritize rest, sleep, and recovery when I get an Oura Score of 70 or lesser, and so should you.

2. Oura Ring Sleep Data

How To Use Oura Ring Data?_Read Oura Ring Data_Oura Ring Sleep Data
Image Credits: Self

One of the very first things that I monitor every day, as soon as I wake up, is the Oura Ring Sleep data. Oura Ring is one of the best smart rings for sleep tracking and is capable of accurately measuring the quality of sleep and changes in the sleep cycle trends with the help of research-grade sensors that operate with high accuracy and are comparable to the Gold Standard sleep lab testing.

You can use Oura Ring data to explore the following Sleep metrics:

  • Sleep Stages – Oura tracks all 4 sleep stages, including Deep Sleep, REM sleep, Light sleep, and Awake periods. 
  • Sleep Score – Use your Oura Sleep Score to know how well you have slept through the night. It is based on personalized real-time data points of total sleep, sleep timing, movements, REM sleep, Deep sleep, heart rate, HRV, and many more related metrics.
  • Bedtime Guidance – Get personalized guidance on how much sleep you need. Oura monitors your unique sleeping patterns and shares personalized reminders and guidance for you to get the best sleep. 
  • Tags and Insights – Add tags to record your activities that directly affect your sleep. This will help you to forgo that last cup of coffee or remind you to take a hot bath and make necessary changes to improve the quality of your sleep.
  • Nap detection – Oura will automatically detect and record your short naps. You can also add a nap on Oura to get credit for all your sleep.
  • Biofeedback & Sleep sound – Access the Oura library of bedtime stories and sleep sounds to calm your mind and fall asleep easily. 

While most fitness trackers use only a few body signals to monitor sleep, the Oura Ring tracks your sleep, making use of every metric to determine the sleep stages and the quality of your sleep. Further, you can use Oura Ring data to boost your immune system, manage your stress, and see visible changes in your overall health and fitness. 

3. Oura Ring Heart Rate Data

How To Use Oura Ring Data?_Read Oura Ring Data_Oura Ring Heart Rate Data

My Oura Ring monitors my Live Heart Rate and presents a 24-hour heart rate graph. This feature is available exclusively for Oura Ring Gen3 users and can be directly accessed from the Home tab of the Oura app. 

You can use Oura Ring data to see color-coded visualization of your workout, daytime, and sleeping heart rates, along with the periods of Restorative time in the same chart, along with the following data:

  • Heart Rate Trend Line – A 24-hour graph displaying the workout heart rate (orange), restorative time (green), and sleep or resting heart rate (blue). A white trend line shows the average heart rate reading for a period of 24 hours.
  • Live Heart Rate – Your pulse will be displayed as beats per minute (BPM) right under the heart rate graph. You can tap the Heart icon near it to update your current pulse measurement.
  • Daytime Heart Rate Measurement – Oura uses the green LEDs on your Oura Ring to measure your daytime heart rate for one full minute, which is recorded every 5 minutes.
  • Workout Heart Rate – Oura captures your movements to record your heart rate during workout sessions. Oura will automatically capture accurate readings based on your movements.
  • Restorative Time – Oura monitors your heart rate even during the restful recovery period. This is used to measure your readiness quotient.

4. Oura Ring Heart Rate Variability Data

How To Use Oura Ring Data?_Read Oura Ring Data_Oura Ring Heart Rate Variability Data

Heart Rate Variability (HRV) is one of the most crucial factors that reflects your heart’s adaptability to different scenarios and also provides insights into the stress and overall well-being of the wearer. Oura Ring measures HRV and provides snapshots of how your body is balancing between your sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems.

A normal HRV will range from 20 to 200 milliseconds. This depends on your age, 5e*, genetics, and physical fitness. However, this differs for every user, so ensure that you compare the changes in your HRV to your personal baseline and not with others. The general rule shows that:

  • High HRV displays your “rest and digest” branch, with good recovery and general physical fitness. A higher average nighttime HRV measures are linked to better sleep quality.
  • Low HRV displays your “Fight or flight” brand that indicates stress, illness, and overtraining.

Moreover, you can use Oura Ring data  to access the following heart rate variability metrics on your Readiness tab:

  • Max HRV – Your highest HRV value that is captured during the entire night.
  • Average HRV – Your average HRV that is captured during the entire night.
  • Your HRV Trace – Your personal HRV value that is captured every five minutes during the entire night, displayed as a graph.

I prefer to use Oura Ring data that is available in the Explore tab that contains stories, and meditation sessions, which helps to regulate and manage my HRV and helps to block out confusing “noise” that could impact the data and make it challenging to interpret for Oura.

5. Oura Ring Body Temperature Data

Temperature is one of the core vital signs and acts as a key indicator of the status of your body. Oura understands the significance and accuracy of Oura Ring temperature data and measures your body temperature every minute, directly from your finger’s skin. The Oura Ring has a minimal profile when compared to most fitness trackers, as its NTC temperature sensor (negative temperature coefficient) is in close proximity to your skin.

You can use Oura Ring data to access Oura body temperature from the Readiness tab. It is advisable that you monitor your temperature fluctuations if it is higher than 0.5°C or 0.9°F. You should tune in to your body and find out if any of your temperature data is outside your norm. Moreover, you can use Oura Ring data to notice how the changes in your body temperature directly affect your recovery, strain, emerging illness, and even the phases of your menstrual cycle. 

Now that you know in detail how to read and use Oura Ring data, you might be looking for ways to share Oura Ring data with your friends and family or even with your doctor for professional guidance. Let us see the easiest way to share your Oura Ring data to flaunt your progress in achieving your fitness goals.

Step 3: Share Oura Ring Data

You can share Oura Ring data by opening the Oura app > Home tab > Hamburger icon > Reports > Share Reports > Select the data to share > Share externally as PDF > Choose Time range.

You can make the best use of your Oura Ring data when you share Oura data with doctors, nutritionists, physicians, therapists, trainers, etc. Oura allows all users to download their Oura data in a JSON or CSV file via Oura on the Web. You can also use the Share Report function to share a PDF file of your Oura data by following the instructions illustrated below:

Step 1 – Open the Oura app to access the Home tab.

Step 2 – Tap the Hamburger Menu icon.

Step 3 – Access Reports.

Step 4 – Select Share Report.

Step 5 – Choose the data that you want to share.

Step 6 – Tap to share it externally in a PDF format.

How To Use Oura Ring Data?_Share Oura Ring Data_Share

Step 7 – Choose the time range to share.

You can share the last 7 days, 30 days, or 90 days of your Oura Data which includes everything from your wake-up time, sleep trends, total sleep time, sleep stages, and daily movement with anyone. Moreover, you can get a downloadable or printable version of the Oura Report.

How do you use your Oura data?
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Wrap Up

I have tried out a number of different wearable techs, and nothing comes remotely close to the discreet and comfort found in the Oura Ring. It is undoubtedly one of the best gadgets for 24/7 holistic monitoring with research-grade accuracy. Although it might take some time for you to explore the multitude of features it has to offer and grasp the full extent of its functionality, I suggest that you take your time in exploring it and use Oura Ring data to understand your health and fitness a whole lot better.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How Do I Access My Oura Ring Data?

You can access your Oura Ring data by entering your Oura credentials to log in to your Oura on the Web and click to Sign in.

Q2. Can I Download Data From Oura Ring?

Yes, you can download data from your Oura Ring as a JSON or CSV file via Oura on the Web.

Q3. What Does Oura Do With My Data?

Oura records and monitors your data to create Oura Scores, Reports, Insights, Trends, etc. It does not rent or sell the personal information of the user and follows the Oura Ring data privacy policy that protects the wearer’s rights.

Q4. How Do I Share My Oura Ring Data With My Doctor?

You can share your Oura Ring data with your doctor, or any other healthcare professionals by opening the Oura app and tapping the Hamburger icon. Go to Reports and tap to Share Reports.

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