Is Evie Ring Worth It?

By Smriti Razdan | Updated on May 3, 2024
Is Evie Ring Worth It?

Smriti is a true tech aficionado and WearableXP’s resident review specialist. Her approach to technology is anything but ordinary. After years of research and expertise...Read more

Do you know Evie, my Editor asked, No, I replied buried in my Laptop screen, I raised my eyebrows to look at him and here he was with a sarcastic grin. Ok, is she someone newly hired, Ooh, the great singer Evie, the grin stayed the same, I rushed to the research team and yelled, who is Evie, it’s a ring, three voices simultaneously came from behind the giant monitor screens, Evie Ring, I said to myself, isn’t Fitbit and Oura doing the enough, I pulled myself to research to know is Evie ring worth this hype around, read below what did I find.

Claiming the Evie ring as the first medical grade wearable, medical device company Movano health has everything to tell you about their new launch made on Nov 20, 2023. It’s now available on their official website for a price ranging from 260-300$. Movano health, formed in 2018 has been in news since then and as their appealing tagline goes “at the intersection of medical and consumer devices”, It’s worth mentioning here that this new wearable is not only fashion oriented but also comes with features which has been customised and curated as per the surveys conducted by the CEO John Mastrototaro himself, who has a doctorate in biomedical-engineering and has spent about 35 years in the same field.

The surveys included more than 1000 womens, aged between 30-75 and their biometric analysis has been kept in mind while diligently curating this women-oriented wearable. Why it is women oriented, come, you ‘ll be surprised while you read, and with this price, you won’t ever think, if Evie ring is worth it.

Do You Know Evie?

Of course not, at the first time when my ears encountered this name. Though, I have to write for my dear readers to make them know more about this, I must spend some good amount of time knowing about the Evie ring, now I am here with the best of information to help you understand this newly launched wearable, and help you come out of the dilemma of, Is Evie ring worth it?

Evie ring sounds the same like Oura and Fitbit, who has been almost ruling this wearables industry since their launch. They have been limited to accessing other gadgets primarily and recording bio-metrics, but Movano health has gone many steps ahead with its smallest ever patented radio-frequency enabled sensor for blood pressure and glucose monitoring. You know what this mean, this means that there won’t be any score or results based on your daily averages of bio-metrics analysis, the data interpreted would be real and reliable. 

When we above said that it’s women oriented, it’s because it monitors the menstrual cycle and provides results with minute details included, like period estimation, optimum ovulation estimation, symptom and mood tracking. Evie ring combines health and wellness metrics including heart rate, heart rate variability, oxygen saturation, sleep patterns and vitals, active minutes, and calories burned to reveal a clear and comprehensive picture of the user’s health. Above all it’s USP and unmatchable cuffless blood pressure and non-invasive blood sugar monitoring is something really impressive and unheard of before.

Price – Is Evie Ring Worth It?

With Scratch resistant liquid metal, open flexible design with sizes available from 5-12 along with a complimentary sizing kit and 5+ days of battery life, a wearable with features and unmatchable accuracy along with approval from FDA, I don’t think 260-300$ is a pricey range if you consider your health and not only flashy design like others. It really does help women in coping up with insomnia and depressive symptoms while they are near menopause and if there’s any irregularity in the menstrual cycle, users will be provided with reports to back the reason behind their bodies responding unexpectedly.

Switching To Evie Ring

With the anticipation of an Apple ring, Oura and Fitbit has set the market for the trend to last even longer now. Wearables have set a trend which is not only looking and asking for fashion exquisite but it shall at the same time be expected to provide biometrics results accurately that could be relied upon. This is not a challenge for the makers, this is just understanding of the demand, adding more layers and curating the product accordingly, which Evie ring has the smartness to align with.

As deliveries for the Evie ring will start in January 2024, and then only after the reviews from the users and experts, it could be really believed what Movano has been claiming. It’s okay to make noise at the time of your arrival, but to last the impact, you are required to last longer and sustain. Many other smart ring options are available but Evie ring does come with some great features which definitely holds the potential to appeal to the masses. People who have been using smart rings and are thinking about a change along with a deep thought of Is Evie ring worth it, shall stay clingy to their introspection and wait till the launch and then form a decision.


Wearables technology has set a trend to know more about your bio-metrics and take respective measures to improve and stay healthy, but at the same time inaccurate and loosely based reports from such devices can also lead you to take unwise decisions leading to fatal circumstances. Using such technology shall be accompanied with wisdom always. 

Few understand that fashion is not about compromising and interrupting the body and its natural behavioral routines and cycles. With Bluetooth earphones plugged in all the time, we are somehow blocking some natural cavities in our bodies, it’s not about flashing it to others that you own them, it’s there for when exactly and only you need them.


Who is Evie Ring Competitors?

Movano’s Evie ring most closest rival competitor is Oura ring, which also provides the accurate readings of biometrics, with an appealing design it comes in many sizes and finishes.

Does Evie ring track steps?

Yes, Evie ring does track steps along other biometrics like heart rate, heart rate variability, oxygen saturation, sleep patterns and vitals, active minutes, and calories burned.

How Much Will Evie Ring Cost?

The price range will start from 260$ with no subscription fees. The prices may vary with respect to the models, styles and designs.

Image Credits: Movano Health

Smriti is a true tech aficionado and WearableXP’s resident review specialist. Her approach to technology is anything but ordinary. After years of research and expertise in cutting-edge consumer technology, she is now exploring the world of smart wearables only to evaluate and bring her unique insights.

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