Oura Ring 4 Release Date | Know Insights Of New Oura Ring Gen 4!

By Lokesh Jaral | Updated on March 22, 2024
Oura Ring 4 Release Date

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Smart rings are mostly preferred by fitness enthusiasts due to their comfortable fit, and buying Oura Ring is on the top of their fitness trackers list. While the Oura Ring Gen3 has already impressed users with its features, mainly the sleep tracking, there are Oura Ring 4 rumors. People are looking for Oura Ring 4 release date. But is Oura coming out with a new ring? Let’s find out!

Oura Ring 3, the most popular smart ring, is already a powerful tech wearable. Oura Ring’s sleep tracking system, accuracy, stress, and other health parameters monitoring are praised by fitness enthusiasts and athletes who wear Oura Ring. But, getting a newer version is always welcomed, and various Oura Ring 4 rumors, including its features, price, and Oura Ring 4 release date Reddit discussions are already spread all over the internet and social platforms.  

The official Oura Ring 4 release date is still not known, but it is anticipated to be released in 2024.

Oura is always ready to launch new releases with advanced features and the latest updates, and this time it has acquired Proxy. Let’s see what Oura talked about in its latest official announcement of the acquisition of Proxy, and know is Oura coming out with a new ring or not? If yes, then know what are Oura’s words on new Oura Ring Gen 4 release date.

Will There Be Oura Ring Gen 4?

Oura has not officially revealed anything about its new ring. So, it can’t be said whether will there be a new Oura Ring Gen 4 in the near future or not.

What makes Oura Ring different from other smart rings is its advanced sleep tracking technology, overall health monitoring, accurate and scientifically validated data, and sleek design with a comfortable fit. After knowing the Oura Ring review from the famous athletes and celebrities who are seen wearing Oura Ring, the craze of getting an Oura Ring has increased. 

According to the stats available on the official Oura Ring website, more than 1 million rings are being sold. Fitness freaks have so much craze for upgrading their Oura Rings that they are looking to get some news on Oura Ring Gen4. But, what do you think? Is Oura coming out with a new ring?

As of now, no official news has been out from Oura stating that they are going to launch the next gen Oura Ring. Despite knowing this, people are trying to find out the official announcement stating the new Oura Ring release date USA. 

Oura Ring 4 Release Date (Expected)

The Oura Ring 4 expected release date has not been officially revealed by Oura, but according to Oura’s previous trends, it can be anticipated that they will launch a new Oura Ring Gen 4 in 2024.

It is anticipated that the next gen Oura Ring will be launched soon, in 2024. Wondering how people are sure about the Oura Ring 4 release date? Well, let us clear that people are not sure about the release date, but they are guessing the year of release of the new Oura Ring Gen 4 based on Oura’s previous releasing pattern for their rings. 

Oura Rings models, along with their release years, are mentioned in the table below:

Oura Ring ModelRelease Year
Oura Ring Gen12015
Oura Ring Gen22018
Oura Ring Gen32021

You can see from the table that between the release of the two Oura Ring generations, there is a gap of 3 years. So, it can be easily interpreted from this trend that the Oura Ring 4 will be released in 2024. Also, we all know that almost every new product is launched in USA first, so it is anticipated that the new Oura Ring release date USA will be earlier than the Oura Ring 4 release date globally or in other countries.  

Now comes another factor, price, which is mainly considered while making a decision on whether it is worth buying Oura Ring or not. Let’s see what news is spread about the Oura Ring 4 price.

What Will The Oura Ring Gen 4 Price?

The Oura Ring Gen 4 price is not officially revealed, just like its release date. But, the Oura Ring 4 Rumors have spread stating that the Oura Ring price will be somewhere similar to Oura Ring 3, i.e. from $299 USD to $349 USD.

The fitness enthusiasts who are looking forward to knowing the Oura Ring 4 release date are also talking about its price range on Oura Ring 4 Reddit and Quora discussions. 

As per the discussions, it is rumored that the Oura Ring 4 pricing will totally depend on the advanced features like digital payments that will be added in the ring other than those that are available on Gen 3 rings. Some people are also saying that the Oura Ring 4 pricing will range either between $299 USD and $349 USD, like Oura Ring Gen3, or will be a little higher.

But we all know that the pricing of any new wearable tech not only depends on features, the price of the other brand products with similar features also affects the pricing. So, keeping in mind all the factors, Oura has to play smart while deciding the Oura Ring 4 price.

Note: It is highly recommended that don’t trust these Oura Ring 4 Reddit discussions and wait for Oura to officially announce the Oura Ring Gen 4 price range.

Wondering, if only the Oura Ring 4 release date and pricing are not officially revealed, or Oura Ring 4 features and specifications are also not known. It’s time to know the detailed information available about Oura Ring Gen 4 expected features and specifications.

Oura Ring 4 Features (Expected)

According to Oura’s announcement to acquire Proxy, we can expect to see Oura Ring 4 with new features like payment, digital identification technology, security, and more, along with advanced research and development focused on previously available features. 

Oura, a leading brand in smart rings, was established focusing on innovation, and with time, they have not compromised with their strong research and development. They have also emphasized on protection of their intellectual property. Oura’s new move has shocked the fitness industry, and people are eagerly waiting to see new features in the upcoming Oura Gen 4 Ring. 

But, what’s the new move of Oura? Can we get an idea about the Oura Ring 4 expected features from it? 

Oura Acquires Proxy

In May 2023, Oura announced that they had acquired Proxy in an all-equity deal. Proxy is popular for its digital identity signal platform. This announcement shows that Oura is going to come up with a new ring and we can get an idea about its features from it. 

Oura SEO, Tom Hale, said that with their collaboration with the Proxy team, Oura strengthens its position, in health wearables and would help them in expanding their target audience. 

He announced their plan to incorporate digital identification technology into their current offerings of hardware and software. They are also planning to add new features in the areas mentioned below to increase their growth in the future:

  • Payment
  • Security
  • Identity
  • Access, and many more features

He also mentioned that this step of acquisition of Proxy is a big achievement, as they will now have a strong portfolio in the smart rings market.

Other than this, Oura is not going to take a chance with their research and development in some particular areas, such as

  • Sleep
  • Stress
  • Detection of illness
  • Women’s health
  • Reproductive health
  • Mental health

If we get all these features in the new Oura Gen 4 Ring, then it will be at the top list of the best smart rings for women. Also, the new Oura Ring Gen 4 will be added to the smart rings list for payments

Now we have got an idea about the expected features of Oura Ring 4, now, let’s dig deep to know if Oura has given any hint about the specifications they are adding to their new smart ring. 

Oura Ring 4 Specs

Currently, no official announcement of Oura Ring 4 has been out, so its difficult to say anything about its specifications. 

Despite no official news available, we can just speculate the Oura Ring 4 specs from the May 2023 announcement made by Oura. As per the news of Oura acquiring Proxy, Oura CEO himself mentioned that they will be working on new advanced features, so we can expect to see a big upgrade in the upcoming Oura Gen 4 Ring compared to the Oura Ring Gen3 Horizon and Heritage models.

We can now say that the healthcare industry is about to enter a new era when personalized and accurate health data can be continuously obtained by wearable tech gadgets. Oura Gen 4 Ring is going to be the best smart ring for women and people with health issues.

If you want to buy a ring then you must go through all the Oura Ring reviews. Also, instead of getting misguided by any of the Oura Ring 4 rumors available on the internet, wait for the official announcement from Oura to get all the latest updates on the Oura Ring 4 release date, price, and more details.


Oura being the leading smart rings brand, is focused on its mission, and its acquisition of Proxy will help it to open doors in the healthcare industry. We never know what such big companies are going to bring with their new product. Same is the case with the Oura; where some fitness freaks are on a hunt to know will there be an Oura Ring Gen 4, some are still scrolling through the Oura Ring Gen 4 release date Reddit discussions. If you are one of them, this article will surely help you to gather all the insights of Oura Ring Gen 4.

Note: All this information regarding the Oura Ring 4 release date, pricing, features, and specification is not official and is just anticipated from the previous trends. 

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