Samsung Galaxy Smart Ring Release Date

By Lokesh Jaral | Updated on March 22, 2024
Samsung Galaxy Smart Ring Release Date

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CES 2024 is approaching, and more efforts are observed to fan the rumored coals of the Samsung Galaxy smart ring release date. Speculations, anticipations, and rumors have set the flames high, and why not, when Samsung itself registered for a trademark in February 2023, Samsung Curio. Tech geeks are restless when there’s only a week left in the Customer Electronic Show(CES) set to take place in Las Vegas from 9-12 January 2024 and where Samsung is the leading exhibitor in the list of 24.

Samsung Curio, yes, you read it right even the first time also, this is expected to be the name of the Samsung Galaxy Smart ring, which is speculated to be arriving by the end of this year to give a tough competition to the so far ruler Oura Ring 3. Oura Ring 3 has undoubtedly set a trend in the smart ring industry, which is definitely going to last longer and if there is any new name coming in it’s way, then Oura Ring is believed to have already to have developed Oura Ring 4, which they could come with to encounter Samsung Galaxy Smart ring or Samsung Curio.

The Samsung Galaxy smart ring release date has not been revealed yet, but there are lots of rumors. However, as per the reports from Naver, the Samsung Galaxy Ring expected release date would be either in the last quarter of 2024 or by the first quarter of 2025.

On the other hand, where only a month ago, Movano Health released their Evie Smart ring, with some features that are not yet seen or available. It is equipped with some unconventional sensors and advanced technologies like photoplethysmography (PPG). With their strong endeavors to touch the 100% accuracy and convenient measurement of the biometrics like cuffless blood pressure and non-invasive blood sugar monitoring they have set the market on high expectations, let’s wait till late January, when Evie Ring deliveries will actually start.

Is Samsung Coming Out With A Smart Ring?

With their already blazing devices and their expected new versions and variants, the Samsung Galaxy smart ring release date is the question doing rounds in every tech geek’s head. There are experts who are predicting that Samsung is all set to launch the Samsung Galaxy smart ring in the upcoming CES event, whereas there is another set of experts predicting that Samsung will be launching their smart ring in the Samsung Unpacked event for Galaxy S24, happening on January 17 in San Jose, US.

If reports are to be believed by the Korean Reporter, The Elec, Samsung will be launching the Galaxy smart ring alongside Galaxy S24, Z Flip6, and Z fold 6. These reports make more sense when we talk about the official confirmations, because they belong to the same region as Samsung, and also Korean search Engine Naver has also hinted about something similar like this, it’s only a matter of a couple of months, let’s wait.

Samsung Galaxy Ring Expected Release Date

When Movano Health CEO John Mastrototaro said in an interview that their Evie Ring is the first medically graded wearable device and they have also applied for the FDA approval for some of their features, then it’s more than obvious that Samsung will encounter its most likely competitors with full preparation and never skip any factor or overlook any crucial settlement. In order to do so, Samsung reportedly has applied for medical approval for its features also. The application could take 10-12 months, and this factor could definitely stretch the timeline for the release even further.

Parallely, who knows if they have already attained the approvals and are now only holding the Samsung Galaxy release date to set the rumors even on some more height and create hype over the social media, this is unpaid advertisement and it’s efficient and effective always. Reports from Naver have also signaled that something in the last quarter of 2024 could happen, which could bring out the Samsung Galaxy smart ring. It’s also reported by the same source that the release date could also be lingered on till first quarter of 2025.

Should You Wait For The Samsung Galaxy Ring?

We would instead ask you, why you should not. It’s Samsung afterall, which is ruling most of the segment of tech-devices industry so far. It’s worth waiting for something which has been promised from someone who always fulfills their promise and sometimes even gives you more than expected and hardly disappoint you. 

It was only Jobs, who built Apple computers, and always have innovative and creative ways to bring out something new to show to the world, it was only him who came up with the idea of events in tech industry and he himself always took the charge to narrate his narrative to the public, and never failed to materialise the same narrative and thoughts, packed in pocket sized devices for the people to use and remember his name always. Nowadays, when giants like Samsung are doing events and launching their products there, they are only following the footprints of the greats like Steve Jobs.

However, we shall not rush, and now, when we are nearing events like CES 2024 and Samsung Galaxy Unpacked event 2024, it’s just a matter of a couple of weeks before we get to see the most anticipated Samsung Galaxy smart ring. Samsung is all set to come up with variants of Galaxy S24, Z flip6 and Z fold6, who knows if they are going to put all rumors to rest and questions about Samsung Galaxy smart ring release date or if there will be a delay in the release.

So the Galaxy Ring just got teased?
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Oura, Iris, Circular, Evie, and now Samsung, the list is not going to stop anytime soon. When they have promised to build up their smart rings better than others, then we believe there will be some huge advancements in this industry soon, and this is definitely going to benefit the user. However, some might get confused because of multiple options available from various manufacturers, and that too with almost similar features and specifications.

Compare, research, study and analyse the options by yourself, your personal experience is never going to lie, then decide for which option you need to go with. It’s not about some other tech gadget you will be buying, this is something that is directly concerned with your health. When companies are making tall claims, you shall by yourself ascertain what holds the potential and of intensity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How Much Is The New Samsung Ring?

Samsung Galaxy smart ring is yet to be launched and there are only some rumors. If we talk about the price, it’s expected somewhere to be ranging from $280-$320, with more or less features like Oura Ring 3.

Q2. What Can Samsung Ring Do?

Samsung Ring if arrives will be the tough competition for Oura Ring 3. Experts have been suggesting that it will contain the same features as Oura ring 3, with some more advanced specifications to surprise the users with.

Q3. What Is The Next Samsung Event In 2024?

The next Samsung event will be about Galaxy S24, known as the Samsung Unpacked event. The event will take place in San Jose, US, on 17th of January 2024. There is also some news suggesting that Samsung Galaxy smart ring could be released at this event.

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