How We Review Products?

Wearable tech industry is evolving now more than ever. Every now and then there is a new smart ring on the market, yet another smartwear you can talk to. Since the product is comparatively new, only specialized experts in wearable technology can step in and help you with reviews and recommendations. And here enters WearableXP. 

Here at WearableXP, our mission is to empower your smartwear purchases with insightful, accurate, and cost-effective advice.

Our team comprises seasoned experts in specialized niches of wearable technology who are just as obsessed with smart wear as our audience. 

We are consumers first and reviewers second. We only recommend products that pass through our rigorous testing and performance criteria and, most importantly, are practical in use. Our recommendations are curated to improve your fitness and lifestyle. 

All articles published at WearableXP undergo multiple layers of checks, from writer to fact check to final editorial checks. Our Editorial Policy page explains our whole content process in detail. 

Our Objective Behind Product Reviewing

We review products at WearableXP, keeping our consumers in mind. Whether something is helpful in practical use, or is a product really worth your money, we really ponder upon these questions while reviewing. 

Reviewing takes its time and we do not believe in rushing this process. We know that committing time ensures that our reviews will be in-depth based on deep analysis and rigorous testing. Investing our time is extremely crucial for curating comprehensive and highly-researched reviews after truly understanding the wearable product. 

We only review products we have in hand. We purchase most of the products we review, and some are sent from manufacturers. We may also be invited on trips or to attend shows featuring smartwear tech. Irrespective of the source of the product, our opinion, assessment, our analysis remains unbiased. 

There’s a firm partition between organic and sponsored content at WearableXP. Financial incentives never influence our opinions and reviews. 

We conduct several meticulous tests with a special focus on objective measurement. Through testing, we collect data that helps us compare products that are similar to those previously tested. We understand that our reviews influence readers’ purchasing decisions, so we test our products with the attention and seriousness they deserve. 

We report on our website only after accurate testing and when we are confident about the product’s real-world use. 

Why Trust Us?

At WearableXP, we are all about Editorial Integrity. From day one, we have been transparent about our revenue sources and how we make money from advertisements. No other external factor, company, or brand we collaborate with impacts our reviews. 

Our content is 100% human-generated, and we do not use any AI tool for content generation. It is against our editorial policies to use AI tools for content generation, especially a product review. We only rely on expert human testing of products.  

In a nutshell, trust forms the bedrock of everything we do at WearableXP, and we plan to maintain this foundation for decades to come. 

Our Promise

  • We never publish paid reviews.
  • We choose products to review based on the latest advancements in wearable technology and what we believe our audience will be interested in.
  • We only tell our readers what we think, not what advertisers want us to believe. 
  • We are brutal with our reviews. If a product is ripping you off your money, we will tell you it’s a bad deal.
  • We use and test wearable products in real life and only write reviews after we are satisfied with the testing. 

If at any point you believe we are not keeping our promise, you can contact us, and we will do our best to make things right. 

Guidelines We Follow While Reviewing Any Product

When we are evaluating smart wear products, we see where the product currently stands in the market. How it compares to previous versions/models and how well the features justify the price. Along with telling you our honest and unbiased opinion, we also share the alternative products on the market that can do a similar job. 

Each product is different from the rest in its category in one way or another. And since there are multiple categories, product review processes might differ a little. However, the core review process for all products remains similar-

1. Set Up

We unbox the product and set it up like a regular consumer would. Connect it with a smartphone or other devices where possible and start its functionality. We make notes to compare this set up with that of other products. 

2. Design, Look & Feel

We wear the product, check its design, and look at it in real life. Sometimes, what we see in the pictures and what we hold in our hands are different, so we check whether the product and its colors are exactly as displayed and advertised. We also give attention to how the gadget feels after worn, whether it is comfortable or restrictive. 

3. Performance

When necessary, we use the product regularly for weeks or even months to test its performance over a variety of activities. We can only know which gadget is best for fitness enthusiasts and which is best for everyday use when we have used the gadget in both lifestyles. We check whether the data collected in the app or device is accurate and whether the device provides personalized analysis.  

4. Battery Life

We test how long one complete charge of the battery lasts. We understand that utilizing certain features might drain battery life much faster than the others. No one wants to charge their wearable device every day or even every week, so it is thoroughly checked under what circumstances the battery can last longer for optimum usage. 

5. Waterproof / Water Resistant

Unlike smartphones, wearable gadgets are worn on the body for longer periods of time, not to forget everywhere. We sleep, run, workout, shower, do household chores, wash dishes, or any other activity in our daily routine wearing our gadgets. They kind of need to be either water-resistant or waterproof. 

We check the device’s water penetration capabilities under various activities that require contact with water and other kinds of liquids. 

6. Charging Speed

We like devices that charge quickly because, in this fast-paced world, no one has the time to wait for hours to get a device fully charged. It has become more of a necessity. We research and analyze what technology the adapter or the charger uses to charge. 

7. Ease of Usability

Many smart wear gadgets have an app that analyses and provides scores after collecting data. How easy and convenient it is to use the app and the gadget is a matter of user experience, and we are WearableXP give extra attention to providing clarity about it. 

Not everyone is a tech geek, and for a normal user, the ease with which the app’s functionality is understood contributes well to our opinion about the product.

8. Features

All wearable devices specialize in certain features. For example, Oura Ring specializes in sleep detection, and no one can beat Fitbit in recording accurate workouts. To verify what the company claims, we test the individual feature’s capability across a spectrum of devices with similar features. We do the same with other features as well. 

Moreover, checking all the hidden features and secret capabilities helps us determine whether a gadget is worth its price or not. 

9. Software Updates

We are really into software updates. Software updates on all gadgets with respective apps mean that the company is still working to improve its software, remove bugs, and actively listen to feedback from app users. 

Your Voice Matters! 

At WearableXP, we highly value our readers’ opinions. Our legacy encompasses building a strong community anyone can rely upon. Sometimes, our readers might have a different opinion about a product or a different experience from what we have had while reviewing it. We are open to communication and welcome readers’ feedback more than anything. It is what bridges the gap between us and them. 

When found valuable, we might even use our readers’ verified experiences as references in our research and form our opinions on them. 

Many of our readers might face multiple bugs, errors, or issues with their products. When this happens, we urge our readers to document their issues so that we can also verify them and report them in our articles and reviews. 

You can comment under our articles with errors, opinions, or any feedback. Please check our Comment Policy here

Who Reviews Our Products?

Each reviewer at WearableXP is an expert in the product they specialize in. Our team lives and breathes wearable technology with years of experience in the field. With a knack for reviewing and comparing products across a broad range of categories, our specialists provide a wider 

context in their in-depth articles. 

Lokesh Jaral

Our Smart Ring Expert, Lokesh Jaral, has been immersed in the technology field for more than a decade now. For the last six years, he has been keenly researching and getting hands-on experience in smart wear gadgets like smartwatches and smart rings. 

Lokesh is highly passionate about the emerging sector of Smart Rings, which has allowed him to personally review and use smart rings on a daily basis. He is highly impressed by Oura Gen3 and its sleep analysis. According to his analysis, no other smart wear has achieved this level of accuracy as of yet, but no other ring is as expensive as Oura either. He hopes there will be more economically convenient smartwear in the future.

Smriti Razdan

Smriti is a true tech aficionado and WearableXP’s resident review specialist. Her approach to technology is anything but ordinary. After years of research and expertise in cutting-edge consumer technology, she is now exploring the world of smart wearables only to evaluate and bring her unique insights. 

While Lokesh digs deep into smart rings with his expert analysis, there are some areas he simply just can’t step into, such as Women’s Health. Here’s where Smriti adds value to the team by bringing her fresh perspectives over technologies dedicated to Women, such as Evie smart ring. 

Known for her meticulous editorial checks and precise writing style, Smriti ensures each review at WearableXP meets the set high standards and are also super relevant to the readers.

Products We Review 

Smart Rings

We buy and test different types of smart rings to assess their functionality. Some rings specialize in fitness tracking and some in health metrics such as Heart Rate Variability and Sleep Analysis. We review each of them across a broader spectrum. 

Each review and comparison article is crafted to help our audience understand where each smart ring stands out and which one to invest in according to their needs. To date, we have reviewed Oura’s Gen3, Evie, Ultrahuman AIR, and RingConn on WearableXP. Other smart rings are also under review currently and will be published on WearableXP soon. 

What Our Ratings Mean? 

Our rating system at WearableXP scores products from 0 to 5 based on basic criteria, where 0 means the product isn’t any good and is a waste of money, and 5 means that the product is exceptional at every point. 

  • 5 Stars: The product is a win-win. Great value for money with no notable shortcomings. 
  • 4.5 Stars: The product is nearly flawless and delivers what it claims to be with negligible shortcomings. We highly recommend it. 
  • 4 Stars: A great product that is also worth your money but comes with certain noticeable issues or shortcomings. 
  • 3.5 Stars: A reliable product delivering considerable value but has quite visible flaws. Customers should really think it through before buying. 
  • 3 Stars: An average product has potential but significant drawbacks. We neither recommend nor suggest against it. 
  • 2.5 Stars & Below: Fundamentally defective; hardly meets any expectations. Many serious issues overshadow any positives. We strongly advise against purchasing this product.

There’s always room for improvement. We try to be as accurate, relevant, and helpful to our readers as possible. If you feel we can improve our Review process, email us at contact[at], and we will respond as soon as possible.