PogoCam Wearable Camera Review | The Best Way To Capture Your Life On The Go!

By Shubham Attri | Updated on March 22, 2024
PogoCam Wearable Camera Review

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In the era of social media, everyone is searching for unique and captivating methods for capturing moments of their lives. This is where the wearable PogoCam camera is helpful. According to the PogoTec PogoCam wearable camera reviews, you can document your travels directly with the help of this little camera that clips onto your glasses.

For content creators, the Pogo camera is an excellent tool for making creative and engaging videos for their audience. But what does the PogoCam wearable camera review YouTube, Amazon, and other platforms say about this unique gadget? Have a look at what makes the PogoTec PogoCam special and know the user reviews. 

PogoCam Wearable Camera Review

While going through the PogoCam wearable camera review YouTube videos and the product reviews on various e-commerce sites, it has been seen that users have overwhelmingly left good reviews for the PogoCam. 

The users highly praise its compact size, lightweight construction, and ease of use. Some adore its ability to capture images and videos, as well as its integrated smart case that stores your media and charges the camera.

Here is what PogoCam users say about this wearable camera:

  • Despite being compact and light, it produces excellent images and videos. 
  • People adore that all they have to do is attach it to their glasses and begin recording.
  • PogoCam has changed the game for content creators. They can obtain interesting and distinctive footage with it that they couldn’t get with any other camera.
  • Travelers say that the PogoCam has been an excellent gadget for recording their travel experiences, and it’s really simple to use the PogoCam.

Currently, the PogoCam app for Android and iPhone is not available; once it’s available, the user experience will be enhanced. To know more about why people gave these PogoCam wearable camera reviews, you can go through its features, specifications, and applications mentioned in this article.

What Makes PogoCam Wearable Camera Special?

The PogoCam is ideal for recording both routine and more intense events, such as travel and sports. The PogoCam wearable camera is unique for a few reasons. 

The PogoCam wearable camera is unique for a few reasons. Firstly, it’s convenient to wear and take around due to its tiny size and lightweight design. Secondly, it’s also quite simple to use. Just clip it onto your glasses and push a button to begin recording. Lastly, in addition to the camera, the PogoCam has an inbuilt smart case that charges the camera and stores your media.

The PogoCam app Android and iPhone is going to be launched soon. Before you get the apps, you need to know the features of the PogoCam wearable camera, which are mentioned below:

  • You can attach a magnetic PogoCam to your regular spectacles. 
  • Safety Ring is available for preventing accidental detachment and loss.
  • The camera records HD video clips and pictures that can be transferred to the smart case that comes with it.
  • The smart case has storage for holding photos and videos.
  • You can transfer pics without wire from the smart case using the PogoCam app for iPhone and Android, which will be available soon.
  • Using a USB cable for fast download of videos on your PC is recommended.
  • The PogoTec PogoCam media files can be shared on all social media platforms.

PogoCam Wearable Camera: Specifications

You can find all the specifications of the PogoCam wearable camera here in the table given below:

Camera size42.8 x 12.5 x 10.9 mm
Camera weight< 6 gm
Camera quality5 MP
Diagonal field of view: 74°
Horizontal field of view: 60°
720p HD video (at 30 FPS)
Audio sound in videosYes
Storage before transferring100 photos or six 30-second videos
Smart case storage16000 photos or 180 30-second HD video clips
Battery life20 days
Charging time33 minutes to full charge
Charge in a smart caseUp to 3 times
In the boxPogoCam
PogoLoop in 3 sizes
Safety Ring of 3 sizes
Smart case
USB-C charging cable
Cloth for cleaning the lens
Guidelines booklet

PogoCam Wearable Camera: Applications

The PogoTec PogoCam is a versatile camera that can be used for different purposes. Here are some of the examples:

  • Everyday activities: Take photos of your routine activities, including making dinner, playing with your children, or taking your dog for a walk.
  • Sports: Document your experiences riding a bike, surfing, snowboarding, or skiing. 
  • Travel: Take pictures of locations that are hard to get to with a conventional camera and record your adventures from an unusual angle.
  • Content creation: Create unique and engaging videos for your website, social media followers, or YouTube channel. 
  • Vlogging: Record videos of your life events and share them with the world using the PogoCam.

Wrapping Up

The PogoCam is an ideal option for anyone seeking a user-friendly wearable camera that produces high-quality images and videos and can be used to record moments of your life in one go. In the PogoCam wearable camera reviews, users mentioned that with its many capabilities, small size, light weight, and ease of use, this device is ideal for travel, extreme sports, daily activities, and content creation. So, buy your PogoTec PogoCam and build memories by capturing your special moments.

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