Athlytic Vs Oura – Which App Is Better? 

By Lokesh Jaral | Updated on March 22, 2024
Athlytic Vs Oura

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Athlytic App is the new buzz on the internet. The Athlytic app has already snatched the crown from the Apple Fitness app, and now Athlytic vs Oura is the new clash we are now witnessing. Why is this clash? You might be bewildered by learning the fact. 

Apple Watch users recently got an app update – Athlytic app. This fitness app is so good that many users are choosing Athlytic app over the Apple Fitness app. Moreover, the features of this app are influencing the Athlytic vs Oura controversy. 

The Athlytic vs Oura fight is becoming more intense as the Athlytic app is sharing features like recovery, exertion, target sleep, 24/7 health monitoring, workout logging, sleep monitoring, and tagging. The Oura Ring app offers the same insight, yet the monthly cost of this app is more than the Athlytic app monthly subscription. 

Yes, the Athlytic vs Oura cost is playing a greater role in the Athlytic vs Oura app fight. Both of these apps are compatible with iPhone devices and share a great deal of common features. So, which one is better in terms of winning the hearts of the users? Let us shed some light on the Athlytic and Oura apps. 

What Is The Craze About The Athlytic App?

People are now more concerned about health and fitness. When multiple smart rings and smartwatches are taking over the health and fitness market, claiming to offer the best insights on health and fitness metrics, individual apps are launching too, that can present more insightful data in a better way than the smart device’s apps. 

It may sound confusing, but the introduction of the Athlytic App for iOS devices showed that it is better than the Apple Fitness app. People are not only comparing Athlytic with the Apple Fitness app but the Athlytic vs Oura on Reddit is also storming. 

It is a fact that Athlytic and Oura apps are focused on health and fitness activities; however, Athlytic is an individual app developed for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watches, and the Oura app comes with the Oura Ring only. Both Athlytic and the Oura app are compatible with iOS, and on this ground, iOS users are fiercely comparing these two apps. 

Athlytic Vs Oura 

Whether it is Athlytic or Oura, both of these applications are dedicated to health a fitness. Athlytic – AI Fitness Coach, is designed for athletes. As claimed in this application, data insights represented in this app are focused on the athlete’s needs, hence more precise. Anyone using an Apple Watch can try this app. On the other hand, Oura Ring users can only try the Oura App, which is iPhone-compatible. 

Athlytic Vs Oura – How Does It Work? 

Athlytic App

Athlytic Vs Oura - How Does It Work?_Athlytic App

The Athlytic app does not collect data by itself. The Athlytic app uses data collected by Apple Watches. The Apple Watch users have to download the Athlytic app, and this app will have access to the data captured by the Apple Watch sensors. These collected data are further analyzed and presented by the Athlytic app. 

Oura App

Athlytic Vs Oura - How Does It Work?_Oura App

Unlike the Athlytic app, the Oura app collects data from the Oura Ring only, then accumulates the data collected by the ring, analyzes the data, and then presents it. The Oura Ring comes with multiple sensors, and as claimed, data collected by the Oura Ring is as good as the Apple Watches

Athlytic Vs Oura – App Interface

Athlytic App

The Athlytic App comes with a simple yet interactive surface. All data are represented in graphs and charts. Users can set individual fitness goals and a progress bar shows the achievement progress of the goal. As per the user reviews on the App Store, the Athlytic app interface helps to set better goals and reach them. 

According to a user- “The app gives such great insight on when to recover, when to keep pushing, how your workout affected your body that day, and what you should do to keep going based on the set training intensity you select.” 

Oura App

The Oura app also offers an interactive user surface. Navigating on this app is super easy. The homepage displays the most important information, like HR, sleep quality, and activity progress. Tap on any activity or health vitals, and you will get the details. However, to access every metric in detail, you have to get an Oura premium subscription

Athlytic Vs Oura – Features

Athlytic App

The Athlytic app displays all health vitals recorded by the Apple Watch. However, there is more to it. The Athlytic app offers recovery, exertion, target sleep, 24/7 health monitoring, workout logging, sleep monitoring, and more.

The recovery bars show how much your body has recovered by calculating the heart rate and variability resting heart rate. This metric also indicates if you are all set to work out for the next day or not. Cardiovascular load is calculated 24/7, and based on that, the Athlytic app suggests a Target Exertion range to stay in if you are training on that day, depending on your recovery score. 

Daily Recovery, Exertion, Sleep, and Sleep Debt are calculated, and a Target sleep is offered by the Athlytic app. HRV, Resting HR, Blood Oxygen, Respiratory Rate, and Wrist Temperature are monitored 24/7, and the user is notified if any abnormality is shown

With the Athlytic app, you can also track in-workout Effort Scores and Intensity Levels. Also, you can check in-workout Aerobic, Anaerobic analysis, and more! This app is also focused on Trends like Recovery vs Exertion analysis and coaching, Weekly Cardio Load, Energy consumption and Burned Heart Rate Recovery, and Cardio Fitness. 

Moreover, the Athlytic app not only shows the sleep stages but also indicates a Restorative Sleep Analysis, Sleep Debt, Sleep Consistency, Sleep Latency and Efficiency, and Heart Rate Dip During Sleep. Also, you can check a detailed chart for HRV, HR, Respiratory Rate, and Blood Oxygen during your sleep

Oura App

The Oura app premium version comes with a detailed outline of every health metric. For instance, the general features include daytime stress, reflections, Oura experiments, Oura circles, Oura insight messages, heart rate graphs, live heart rate, restorative time, and tags

If you wish to learn how your body is recovering and your readiness for daily workouts, then should go through parameters like resilience, readiness score, readiness contributors, resting heart rate, respiratory rate, heart rate variability, body temperature, and overall readiness graphs

Like the Athlytic app, the Oura Ring app also offers details of sleep stages and more. The Sleep feature tab of the Oura app includes – Sleep Score, Sleep Stages, Sleep Contributors, Body Clock and Chronotype, Bedtime Guidance, Sleep Graphs, Nap Detection, Blood Oxygen Sensing (SpO2), Edit Bedtime and Wake-Up Time, and Restful Periods

The activity section of the Oura app covers Activity Score, Activity Contributors, Manually Add a Workout, Edit Activity Goal, Automatic Activity Detection, Daily Movement Graph, and Workout Heart Rate

Moreover, unlike the Athlytic app, the Oura App offers menstrual insights too, if Natural Cycles is integrated

Athlytic Vs Oura – Data Sync

Athlytic App

The fight Athlytic vs Oura on Reddit is not just a war of words, this controversy is torning smart device users apart. There are many people who rely on both Oura Ring and Apple Watch; however, with the Athlytic app integration, users are now in a dilemma as to whether they need the Oura Ring anymore or not. When it comes to data syncing, the Athlytic app works as an integrated app and always shows real-time data. There is no delay in data syncing complained by the users so far. 

Oura App

On the other hand, the Oura Ring app is synced with the Oura Ring frequently and automatically. However, the Oura Ring is connected to the mobile app via Bluetooth; hence, the connectivity strength could fluctuate for many reasons and can slow down the data syncing procedure. To sync Oura Ring with the app fast, you have to place the ring closely to the smartphone. 

Athlytic Vs Oura – Subscription Fees

Athlytic App

Athlytic vs Oura cost is another pressing concern as both apps offer almost similar features. The Athlytic app costs $3.99 per month. The yearly subscription costs $29.99. However, Athlytic subscribers can have a 1-week free trial before choosing a monthly or yearly app subscription.   

Oura App

The Oura app free version can be used, however, it lacks details of the information. The pro version of the Oura app is available free for one month [while buying the Oura Ring], after that the user has to pay $5.99 per month

Athlytic Vs Oura – Final Verdict

So far it has been noted that both Athlytic and Oura apps are competent. The key difference between these two apps is that the Oura app is dependent on the Oura Ring to collect data and the Athlytic app depends on Apple Watches to collect data. Any Apple Watch user regardless of the model is eligible to use the Athlytic app. Both of these apps offer similar features, but the Oura app subscription cost is higher than the Athlytic app. 

Henceforth, it is safe to say that, if you already own an Apple Watch, try the Athlytic app and you may not need to buy an Oura Ring anymore! However, if you consider that wearing a ring is more convenient than a wristwatch 24/7, then it is wise to go for the Oura Ring. 

AWU with Athlytic vs. Whoop vs. Oura
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Athlytic or Oura both apps are found competing head to head in terms of sharing information. Both of these apps have done a good job of sharing data in graphs and charts that are easy to understand. It is important to note that the Athlytic app is solely dependent on the data collected by the Apple Watch, and the Oura app is dependent on the Oura Ring. The reflection of the accuracy of the data is dependent on the respective devices. However, if you consider the cost, the Athlytic app is cheaper than the Oura app. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. What Is An Alternative To Athlytic?

Gyroscope, Emberify, and Sherbit are the worthy alternative to the Athlytic app. 

Q2. What Is The Recovery Score In Athlytic?

The recovery score in the Athlytic app indicates if the body is ready for a workout. To analyze recovery scores, the Athlytic app depends on heart rate variability and resting heart rate. 

Q3. Who Are The Competitors Of Oura And Whoop?

So far, the list of the Oura And Whoop competitors may include – Apple Watch, Fitbit, Garmin, RingConn, Evie Ring, and Ultrahuman Ring AIR. 

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