How to Turn on Oura Ring: Start and Setup the Ring!

By Lokesh Jaral | Updated on May 21, 2024
How To Turn On Oura Ring?

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Congratulations on your new Oura Ring! Having fun? No! Is it because you still don’t know how to set it up? Don’t worry; follow my lead as I provide clear and crisp instructions on How to Turn on your Oura Ring.

I remember how I faced the same issue when I bought my Oura Ring. I had no idea how to set it up, how to sync it with the Oura App, and most importantly, how to turn On the Ring. There were no lights and definitely no buttons, but somehow, I figured out the way. 

But guess what? After the initial sync, things got even worse. Every time I wore it, I was confused.

Is it turned on? Is it currently tracking my vitals? But don’t worry- you won’t have to go through the same maze- I will tell you exactly if you can manually turn on the Oura ring and check whether the ring is working or not.  

How To Check If Your Oura Ring Is Turned On? 

Oura Ring, known for its sleek titanium body, provides a minimalist, evergreen, classic design that can blend into everyday life. That’s why there is no physical button or touch display to start your Oura Ring. 

When you wear it, it automatically turns on, and the sensor lights start blinking. This means your Oura Ring is turned On and is ready to transmit stats and information to its connected device. 

Further, to confirm if Oura Ring is turned on or not, open the Oura app and check:

  • Change in Oura Ring battery level
  • Change in heart rate

You can check the Oura Ring battery level and other tracked vitals, especially the heart rate, to confirm whether your Oura Ring is working properly or not.

But if you have somehow taken a break from wearing your Oura Ring and have enabled power-saving mode, your Ring won’t turn on automatically. 

In such a case, you can start using it again by simply placing the Oura Ring on its charger and following the in-app instructions to reconnect it with the Oura App.

However, this is only possible if you have set up and paired your Ring earlier. If you want to start or turn ON your newly bought Oura Ring for the first time, you have to install the Oura Ring app on your phone and place the ring on the charger for the initial Oura Ring setup. Seems difficult? Don’t worry; join me as I tell you How I set up my Oura Ring in detail steps.

How To Set Up Your Oura Ring  

Once you have purchased an Oura Ring, you must set up the official Oura app and pair the Ring with your primary device. As soon as your Oura Ring syncs with the app, it will transfer the stats and metrics to the connected digital device.

Once connected, as mentioned above, the Oura Ring will automatically Turn On whenever you wear it on your finger, and its sensors will start syncing their data to the Oura App.

To help you set up your Oura Rings for the very first time, I’ve mentioned all the steps below in detail-

1)  Charge The Oura Ring

  1. Unbox the ring and charger
  2. Plug the Oura Ring charger into a USB power source.
  3. Place your ring on the charger. 

I observed that my Oura Ring’s charging time for the first time was around 80 minutes. 

2) Pair With Bluetooth Of The Device

  1. Turn on the Bluetooth on your mobile phone.
  2. When the ring on the Charger gets sufficient charge, you will see a blinking blue light.
  3. The Ring is ready to be paired.

3) Set Up Oura App and Account

  1. Download the Oura App from the App Store (for iOS) or Google Play (for Android).
  2. Open the Oura app.
  3. Click on Start > enter email > Continue.
  4. Follow in-app instructions.
  5. Tap Send setup email
  6. Verify your Email and set your password.
  7. Fill out your Billing & Payment information for Membership (optional)  
  8. Your Oura Account will be set up.

 4) Connect Your Oura Ring With App

  1. Tap Return to the Oura App
  2. Tap Continue> Enter the password & Sign In
  3. Tap on Begin> Continue
  4. Click on Set up Ring Button and allow the nearby devices.
  5. Click on the Ring’s name on the screen.
  6. A pop-up will appear. Accept the Pair request.
  7. Your Oura Ring will be successfully paired.
  8. Follow all the in-app instructions.
  9. Enter your Date of Birth, Height, Weight, and other essential Information.
  10. Tap on Done.
  11. Personalize your experience by answering some questions.
  12. Click on Continue.

5) Start Using The Ring

Finally, your Oura smart ring is on and ready to be your silent health companion. As soon as your Account is logged In, your device will automatically start syncing. Wear your ring and see if the parameters such as sleep score, Readiness and Activity scores, heart rate, and temperature are changing or not.

PS—To keep your ring always on and working, it is recommended that you charge Oura Ring often and not let the battery go beyond 30% for seamless use. 

Meaning of Different Lights on Oura Ring Charger

While using or setting up an Oura Ring, the charger blinks with different-colored light sensors. Oura Ring charger could blink red, green, blue, or white light, depending on which you can tell the current status of your ring. Let’s learn which color represents what.

Color Light Meaning 
No Visible Light The charger is off or Idle
Slowly Pulsing White Light The Ring is charging
Solid White Light,Which turns off after a few seconds The charger was connected to power without a ring on
Solid Green Light The Ring is Fully Charged
Blinking Blue The Ring is ready to pair over Bluetooth
Solid Blue The Ring is Paired
Blinking Red There may be a problem with your Ring or Charger

Wrapping Up

I hope now you know exactly how to set up your Oura Ring. You just need to charge your ring, set up your Oura account, and pair the ring with the device. 

After this initial sync, you don’t need to press any button or connect any device; your Oura Ring will automatically turn on whenever you wear it. So, get your Oura Ring in working mode and unlock your AI Health Manual!

If you still have any doubts or questions, do let me know in the comment section below. We will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know my Oura Ring is working?

To check if the Oura Ring is working or not, open the Oura App and check the vital information or changes in the Oura Ring battery. If the data changes and alters accordingly, your Oura ring is working. If not, connect with the Oura Agents.

Is Oura Ring Always On?

Oura Ring is always turned on and starts tracking once the ring is on your finger.

Is Oura Ring supposed to light up?

Oura Ring blinks with different lights for different conditions. Do check the reason and meaning behind it.

Step into Lokesh's tech-style haven! As your guide in the world of smart rings, Lokesh infuses every byte with a touch of personal flair. Discover the perfect blend of innovation and elegance, where health tech meets sleek designs. Join Lokesh on this journey—your go-to companion for all things smart and stylish!

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