Oura Ring Vs Apple Health – The Better Fitness Tracking App!

By Lokesh Jaral | Updated on March 22, 2024
Oura Ring Vs Apple Health

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Tap into the full potential of your fitness tracker with the help of the associated app. All users can compare the full potentials of Oura Ring vs Apple Health to choose the better fitness tracker. Stay with us to gain exclusive insights into the Oura Ring app and Apple Health app to find the better app with superior features.

Fitness tracking and health monitoring have become an integral part of people’s daily routines. While fitness trackers like Oura Ring and Apple Watch help users monitor their vitals, their affiliated apps – the Oura Ring app and Apple Health app, offer a secure space to access real-time information about their health. To find the better app for fitness tracking, thousands of users are searching for Oura app vs Apple Health app.

A detailed analysis of Oura Ring vs Apple Health shows that both fitness trackers have their unique set of features that are highly accurate. However, the Oura app offers a much more user-friendly interface with detailed insights. 

Manage your health and lifestyle with the best smart ring for fitness tracking or the most popular smartwatch. Put all your health and accuracy concerns to rest, and explore Oura Ring vs Apple Health features, insights, cost, and more with us.

Oura Ring Vs Apple Health

Fitness trackers are designed to monitor the health of the users, and the affiliated apps help to keep the data organized. While the Apple Watch has a small OLED display screen that makes it difficult for users to read the detailed information, the Oura Ring does not even have one. All users will have to rely completely on the Oura Ring app or Apple Health app for information on their health insights to know what the Apple Watch and Oura Ring tracks

Let us get right to it and make a comparative study on the Oura app vs Apple Health app to determine the better app.

Oura Ring Vs Apple Health – Features

The primary factor that encourages users to choose one particular fitness tracker over another is the unique set of features and innovative technology it has to offer. Most fitness enthusiasts, explore in detail the Oura Ring vs Apple Watch accuracy of the metrics generated and understand the features it has to offer, before trusting their health and wellness to the new tech.

Oura Ring App

Advanced sleep monitoring and measuring of body signals is now possible with the Oura Ring. The Oura app is designed to collect vital information about the wearer and generate data based on their activity, readiness, sleep, and many more unique features as follows:

1. Sleep Quality

Oura Ring tracks sleep quality and helps users manage their sleep cycle trends with the help of research-grade sensors that are comfortably packed in the smart ring. It displays the Sleep Score based on personalized real-time data of the user and further offers bedtime guidance to improve sleep quality.

2. Daytime Stress 

Measures the heart rate, heart rate variability, motion, and temperature to generate real-time insights into the physiological stress of the user. Oura Ring stress tracking is one of the highly advanced techs that is available among all fitness trackers. 

3. Reflections

Users can record their mood along with a brief review of their day by voice recording or typing a note with Reflections, a journaling tool.

4. Oura Experiments

Oura users can participate in self-driven tests to help discover how their habits have a direct impact on their biosignals which Oura measures from their body.

5. Oura Insight Messages

Oura displays simple guidance tips such as Insight messages, displayed on the Home tab of the Oura App, that are designed to highlight the notable patterns in the wearer’s data.

6. Heart Rate Graph

The Oura app displays color-coded visualizations of the wearer’s sleeping, workout, and daytime heart rates, along with the periods of Restorative Time.

7. Restorative Time

Visualize your body and mind with Restorative Time, a self-care and stress management tool from Oura, and relax through the day.

8. Live Heart Rate

Users can capture real-time heart rate with Oura’s leading feature – Live Heart Rate, which is available for Oura Ring Gen 3.

9. Oura Stickers

Oura users can build personalized Oura highlights and share them with their friends and followers with Oura Stickers, which is an extension of the Social Sharing feature that is available to all Android and iOS device users.

10. Oura Reports

Oura users can see weekly, monthly, quarterly, anniversary, and yearly reports of their Activity, Sleep, and Readiness Scores. They can further share Oura Data with doctors to get professional guidance on their health and wellness. 

Apple Health App

The Apple Health app has been created to organize important health information and gain easy access in a centralized and secure space. Users can get new insights into their mental health and vision that can be viewed from iPhone and iPad. The Health app stores all the vital information of health records, activity, sleep, medication, and labs. All data are encrypted and are set to protect the privacy of the user.

Apple Watch users can enjoy the following features from the Health app:

1. Highlights

Apple Health app uses on-device machine learning to highlight the wearer’s vitals, steps, sleep, etc.

2. Trend Analysis

View real-time health metrics of heart rate, respiratory rate, and blood glucose changes over time, along with notifications when there is a change in the trend.

3. Mental Health

Apple Health users can reflect on their state of mind and help build emotional awareness and resilience with the help of Mental Health metrics.

4. Assessments

Users can understand their current risk of anxiety or depression by taking standardized mental health assessments that are often used by clinicians.

5. Medications

Apple Health users can receive due notifications to log their medications, supplements, and vitamins on their iPhone, iPad, or directly on their Apple Watch.

6. Sleep Insights

Users can gain deeper insights into their sleep in three stages – REM, Core, and Deep sleep, with the help of the sensors on the Apple Watch.

7. Screen Distance 

Apple Health users can control their myopia or nearsightedness, with the help of the screen distance feature, which uses a TrueDepth camera to identify the screen distance and screen time.

8. Share Health Data

Apple Health enables users to share any information that is stored in the app, and also invite loved ones to share their vitals. Moreover, users will have complete control of what they share and who they share it with.

9. Care Team

Users can share PDFs of health data, medication lists, cycle tracking, ECG waveforms, mental health assessments, and all other available records with their Care Team.

Oura Ring Vs Apple Health – Heart Rate Accuracy

Many fitness enthusiasts and users with health concerns make use of wearable techs to monitor their real-time vitals, especially to monitor the irregularities of their heart. They look for reviews to compare the features of Oura Ring vs Apple Watch heart rate accuracy before they make the decision to purchase the better gadget that meets their needs.

Oura Ring

Studies conducted by IOP Science to validate the accuracy of the Oura Ring’s quantification of the resting heart rate, and heart rate variability, conducted in 2020, on 49 healthy adults show that there exists a “very high agreement” between the Oura Ring and the Gold Standard, ECG measurement. The Oura Ring has almost perfect performance for resting heart rate (r² = 0.996) and an even higher heart rate variability accuracy of (r² = 0.980) as compared to a standard medical-grade ECG device.

Apple Health

A perfect fit is the most crucial element that determines the accuracy of the heart rate measurement on Apple Health. Ensure the Apple Watch fits snugly on the wrist for accurate readings. Studies conducted on a group of 50 post-operative cardiac surgery patients on Cleveland Clinic Main Campus were conducted between January to March 2019. Results of the Pilot Clinical Study demonstrated a correlation coefficient of 0.7 between all readings with the Apple Watch. The assessed heart rate was more accurate in patients with atrial fibrillation than others (rc = 0.86 for patients with AF vs rc = 0.64 for others).

Oura Ring Vs Apple Health – Sleep Accuracy

Monitoring sleep is one of the most prominent factors why people seek fitness trackers. It is absolutely essential to study the differences between Oura Ring vs Apple Watch accuracy, before choosing the better one for monitoring sleep.

Oura Ring

Research comparing the Oura sleep tracker with Polysomnography on 41 healthy adults has concluded that the Oura Ring has 96% sensitivity to detect sleep. The Oura Ring makes use of multiple sensors to track the users’ sleep, with a high potential of detecting it accurately. Moreover, 88% of Oura members have reported a significant improvement in their sleep quality, with the help of Oura Ring, which tracks all 4 stages of the wearer’s sleep – Deep sleep, REM sleep, Light sleep and Awake periods.

Apple Health

Apple Watch monitors three categories of sleep including – core, deep, and REM. However, users of Apple Watch have noticed that the Sleep metrics generated by Apple Health are vastly different when compared with the results of other fitness trackers like the Oura Ring. Thousands of concerned users have joined discussions on Reddit to debate on Oura Ring vs Apple Watch accuracy, looking for validated reports on the accuracy of the sleep data collected by the Apple Watch.

Oura Ring Vs Apple Health –  Insights

One of the major deciding factors while discussing the Oura Ring app vs Apple Health app is the access to personalized, exclusive insights into the fitness and wellbeing of the user. Let us now see the insights offered by the two apps.

Oura Ring

Oura offers simple guidance tips such as Oura Insights that are displayed on the Home tab of the Oura app. These insights are designed to highlight the notable patterns in the user’s data. All users will be able to view specific trends in their sleep stages, resting heart rate, or any unusual reading that signals deviations from their normal baseline. The Oura Insights display the wearer’s Activity, Readiness, and Sleep progress. It rewards users with high Insights Scores of 85 or higher with a crown icon.

Apple Health

Apple made an official announcement on June 2023, that new health features that provide detailed insights into the wearer’s Mental health and Vision Health that are available in Watch OS 10, iOS 17, and iPadOS 17.

Research shows that understanding mental health, and reflecting on the mental state of mind helps build resilience and emotional awareness. With the Apple Health app, users will be able to view valuable insights to identify what factors contribute to their current state of mind.

Furthermore, the Apple Health app has a new Screen Distance feature that makes use of the TrueDepth camera, which is used for Face ID on iPhone and iPad, to remind users to increase the screen distance and help develop healthy viewing habits. The Vision Health feature proves to be very beneficial for kids with visibility issues caused by digital screen time.

Oura Ring Vs Apple Health – Reports

Changes in the wearer’s fitness and lifestyle over time can be easily viewed with the help of reports. It is one of the significant factors that drive discussions on the Oura Ring app vs Apple Health app. Let us see the reports generated by the Oura app and the Health app.

Oura Ring

The Oura reports are so accurate that they spot trends in the wearer’s Activity, Readiness, and Sleep Scores. Users will have complete control over the weekly, monthly, quarterly, anniversary, and yearly reports of their insights

Apple Health

Apple users can view all their fitness and health information in the Health app. The app records Health Trends, which enables users to keep track of their health data over a period of time. The Health app alerts the user on significant changes in their health data, and a Trend Line shows to what extent the metrics have changed. 

Oura Ring Vs Apple Health – Data Sharing

Another detrimental factor that pushes users to choose between the Oura Ring App or Apple Health App is the ability to share the data generated with others. 

Oura Ring

Oura offers various options to users for viewing, sharing, and exporting their data. All users can download their personal data in a JSON or CSV file via Oura on the Web, or make use of the Share Report option to share a PDF summary. This report will include a summary of the daily movement data, sleep patterns, and all other relevant data to be shared with their loved ones, or healthcare providers like therapists, physicians, nutritionists, trainers, etc. 

Apple Health

Apple allows users to share any data stored on the Health app with 5 individuals. The user has complete control over what data is shared, and who they share it with, and choose to stop sharing the personal health data at any given time. All users who use an iPhone with iOS 15 or newer, or an iPad with iPadOS 17 or later are eligible to share their health data.

Oura Ring Vs Apple Health – Membership Cost

Finally, one of the most influential factors that helps users make the final decision of choosing  Oura Ring App or Apple Health App is the membership cost.  

Oura Ring

Oura users can start their fitness journey with the Oura Ring, by opting to get an Oura membership that is free for a month. After the free trial period, users will have to pay an Oura membership fee of $5.99 per month, to access the in-depth analysis of the vitals. Moreover, details of the Activity, Readiness, and Sleep Score can be accessed only with the Oura membership.

Apple Health 

The Apple Health app is available free of cost to all users. All the personal data and insights collected by the Apple Health app are completely available for all. However, Apple Watch users who use the Apple Fitness+ app will have to pay a monthly subscription fee of $9.99 or $79.99 annually, which can be shared with 5 family members.

Wrap Up

Choosing the best fitness tracker to monitor your fitness and lifestyle, will be one of the most crucial decisions you make in your fitness journey. And, the affiliated app goes hand in hand with the device, ensuring that your health and wellness in monitored at all times. We hope that with the help of the information given in this article, you are now able to make up your mind and decide your verdict on Oura Ring vs Apple Health, the better app for health monitoring. Moreover, you can also connect Oura Ring to Apple Watch and compare the metrics generated for yourself.

Frequently Asked Question

Q1. Is Apple Watch Better Than Oura Ring?

The Apple Watch is considered to be better than the Oura Ring for its stylish designs, and unique features.

Q2. Does Oura Work With Apple Health?

Yes, the Oura App can be connected to Apple Health. Users can sync the apps and share the data collected by them.

Q3. Can Oura Ring Detect Snoring?

Yes, the Oura Ring has a microphone and a heart rate monitor that can detect snoring.

Q4. Is Oura Ring Worth It? 

Yes, the Oura Ring is worth it for its multiple health features that help to make life-altering decisions.

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