Oura Sues Ultrahuman – The Legal Battle Of The Rings!

By Lokesh Jaral | Updated on March 22, 2024
Oura Sues Ultrahuman

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Copyright infringement, scouting ex-employees, accessing confidential information, and more! Oura sues Ultrahuman, claiming that the latter has blatantly copied its ring design and accessed proprietary information. Who will win the legal battle of modern wearable techs? Stay with us for all the latest updates.

Oura’s lawsuit against Ultrahuman could result in the two health tech companies facing a lengthy court battle as the Finnish fitness tracker has sued one of its biggest rivals. The legal battle started in a Texas court in early September, with Oura filing a lawsuit against Ultrahuman for violating patent rights and accessing confidential information unethically. 

Is Oura’s lawsuit against Ultrahuman for patent and copyright infringement justified? Or is the pioneer of all smart rings trying to bluff? Let’s dive deeper to explore why Oura sues rival Ultrahuman, and the official statements made by the two companies.

Why Did Oura Sue Ultrahuman?

Oura sues rival Ultrahuman for copyright and patent infringement and claims that the latter has blatantly copied Oura’s technology.  

Oura Health Oy and Ouraring Inc., the Finnish creators of the Oura smart rings, have filed a legal complaint in the Texas court against Ultrahuman Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. and Ultrahuman Healthcare Ltd., from Bengaluru, India. The nature of the action of Oura’s lawsuit states that Ultrahuman has “willfully infringed” various patents and copyrights and has “blatantly copied Oura’s technology”.

Oura sues rival Ultrahuman based on allegations of the following grounds:

  1. Willful infringement of patent and copyrights
  2. Copying Oura’s technology
  3. Hiring former employees
  4. Soliciting current engineers from Oura
  5. Using primary investors to gain access to Oura’s confidential and proprietary information
  6. Wilful infringement of copyrighted social media content
  7. Wilful infringement of copyrighted user interface designs used in the Oura app
  8. Creation of imitation products with intentionally similar designs, structure, and functioning as found in the Oura Ring.

Further, Oura sues rival Ultrahuman Ring stating that the similarities in the product are not “mere coincidence”, and claims that the rival has gone as far to imate even the social media content, the Oura Ring images, promotional sales, and even the app interface designs. Hence, the Finnish company is seeking damages for “the amount to be proved at trial”.

When Did Oura Sue Ultrahuman?

Oura sues Ultrahuman to start a legal battle on September 1, 2023, on multiple counts of patent and copyright infringement. They have initiated legal proceedings based on information that Ultrahuman has reproduced and distributed infringing works since June 23, 2023, copying Oura’s 3D Ring image on June 26, 2023, and replicating the user interface design since July 2022. Oura sues rival Ultrahuman primarily on the grounds of these “infringing Ultrahuman works”, and requests compensation for the damages.

Furthermore, Oura sues Ultrahuman based on information that the latter has reproduced and distributed the “infringing Ultrahuman works” via inter alia, its Instagram account and the Ultrahuman social app, which is easily accessible to its target customers in the United States. So, in an attempt to curb Ultrahuman’s efforts to promote replicas of their smart ring, Oura sues Ultrahuman to stop further commercial gain enjoyed by them.


The very first lines in the battle for total dominance in the global smart ring market have now been drawn. Oura sues rival Ultrahuman on various counts of patent and copyright infringement, publicly labeling Ultrahuman Ring Air as a copycat. Oura spokesperson threw a curveball stating, “We will fiercely protect the innovative works of our team and defend against those looking for a shortcut”. 

Meanwhile, Ultrahuman founder and CEO, Mohit Kumar has hit a homerun posting on X (formerly Twitter) that “The company in question has sued many emerging companies in our space”, and “We will win this space and we will win this fairly”, painting us a clear picture of which “company” he is talking about.

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