Samsung Galaxy Smart Ring Features & Functions

By Lokesh Jaral | Updated on March 22, 2024
Samsung Galaxy Smart Ring Features & Functions

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When Jeniffer Aniston and Kim Kardashian were spotted wearing Oura X Gucci rings, it didn’t seem like smart rings; it was just understood as another style piece added to their already huge style cluster ranging from LV to Balenciaga. When you think about the Samsung Galaxy smart ring features & function, try looking at the horizontal design of Oura X Gucci version, which requires a flexible battery, it’s that great and a strong competitor to Samsung.

It’s the amount of innovation and creativity that Oura has put in to craft the Oura smart ring that even appealed to Prince Harry, and when Prince Harry was first seen wearing an Oura Ring for the very first time, it was a huge and overnight change in the market size and customers’ demands for Oura. Talking about the competition, Samsung Galaxy smart ring release date is the news doing rounds since last many months, but what it brings with it, this remains to be unseen, there are only speculations and rumors observed so far.

Samsung Galaxy smart ring features & functions are not revealed, but it is expected that it will have advanced health And training metrics. Also, like other smart rings, we can expect this ring to have some common features like resting heart rate, heart rate variability, SpO2, skin temperature trends, respiration rate, sleep stages and duration, steps, calories burned, and a lot more.

When Smart rings like Evie and Oura are already there with almost similar features, what will be the Samsung Galaxy smart ring features & specifications is top curiosity among many top tech geeks. It’s only about the amount of precision, companies are trying to equip their smart ring with, so that there could be accurate results of users biometrics, parallelly there is also a race for medical grade approvals which enables the reports obtained from the smart rings, fit to be clinically accepted by doctors. 

What Does Samsung Galaxy Ring Do?

As we already said above that it’s not about the type and number of features smart rings are coming with; it’s about the precision this time and if doctors could rely on reports obtained from such devices and if Samsung understands this, then what does Samsung Galaxy Ring do, is definitely one of the most appealing question for most of the Oura users and may be for some of those who are yet to buy their first smart ring. 

We don’t think there will be much when it comes to measuring the biometrics like Sleep stages and duration, Resting heart rate, Heart rate variability, Blood oxygen saturation (SpO2), Respiration rate, Skin temperature trends, Steps, Active minutes, Calorie burn, and there is nothing new if Samsung Galaxy ring comes with above-listed features only. Again, it’s about how precisely the smart ring measures and provides reports to rely on. 

Movano Health CEO John Mastrototaro has already said in his interview about the precision their Evie Ring is equipped with to measure, period estimation, ovulation estimation, and fertile estimation, which Oura Ring is already doing quite well with accuracy ranging from 93-98%. Apart from some technologies, which are always prototypes and patented to the manufacturer, there is nothing much new Evie Ring is coming with.

If tech experts are to be believed, Samsung will exhibit Galaxy Smart ring in the upcoming CES 2024, or they are waiting for all other launches to settle down, not because they won’t be able to hog the limelight, it’s because they need to understand where could the innovation, creativity and understanding and analysis of human biometrics reach to, then equip their Smart ring with the technologies and features to encounter the same and then definitely Samsung Galaxy Smart ring release dates will be declared for you to pre-order and then you can surely own a smart ring from tech giant, Samsung.

Samsung Galaxy Smart Ring: Design And Possible Features

Design is definitely something which appeals to the buyer long before they come to know about the features and specifications. Making predictions about the Samsung Galaxy smart ring features, specifications, and design is something every tech geek is trying to do since Samsung registered for their trademark in February, Samsung Curio, which is also being expected as the name for the Samsung Galaxy smart ring. However, we have also collected some research, design, and working patterns of Samsung devices which measures biometrics and have found something; read below!

Advanced Health And Training Metrics

Samsung Galaxy smart ring has to be equipped with advanced features along with never seen technology before to withstand the rulers of industry like Oura and when Evie has also sent ripples long far for the world to know what they are coming with. 

Advanced health and training metrics are something which has always appealed to users because keeping fit is the new trend, and if you are spending some $260-$300, then it’s only worth that the bought device could really help you in providing insights about your body and what’s happening inside you, and really fulfill the purpose of you carrying it always with you.

Thin Design

Yes, people didn’t noticed for the first time when they spotted Kim Kardashian wearing an Oura, it’s that thin, stylish and goes with fashion of even Jeniffer Aniston. Many other noticeable celebrities have been seen wearing Oura Ring, the craze is huge. If your smart ring feels like a heavy piece of jewelry and you feel like sliding it away from your finger or only wearing it occasionally then the whole purpose of buying a smart ring is set to drain, design is really something which impacts the buyer’s design.

God knows what’s in the box, and if the Samsung Galaxy smart ring is expecting to set some new trend in the market, then they have to adopt a thin and sleek design so that the buyer doesn’t think twice about the weight, size, and finish. Evie Ring, on the other hand, has announced its open and flexible design of scratch proof liquid metal, which is also light-weight, sleek, thin and comes with multiple finishes and colors.

Other Expected Features

The most anticipated Samsung Galaxy smart is leading many trends on social media and in the tech industry. However, no Samsung Galaxy smart ring features are officially confirmed; our team of experts have formed a list of features which are highly expected based on the recent launches in the smart ring category and Samsung’s own wearables devices; read below;

  • Sleep stages and duration
  • Resting heart rate 
  • Heart rate variability 
  • Blood oxygen saturation (SpO2) 
  • Respiration rate 
  • Skin temperature trends
  • Steps
  • Active minutes
  • Calorie burn

It is to be noted that innovative and unconventionally designed smart rings from Oura are already equipped with more or less features like this only, it’s on Samsung now what different they come out with for their customers.

What Might The Samsung Galaxy Smart Ring Price Be?

Samsung Galaxy smart ring price has to be in competitive range, it’s because Samsung is coming few moments late in the market and if they don’t come with some very different or never seen technology before, then they must open the price range bracket from $280 and could take it up to $350, depending on the different styles, colors and finishes.

Evie Ring just very recently announced their price range opening from $260, and it’s definitely equipped with some features and technological specifications that were missing or less accurate in other smart rings. 

Galaxy Ring
byu/dahliamma insamsung


It’s a very different nature of the market at this point of time, understanding the users demand, incorporating them along with the appealing design and colors and at the same time if you are Samsung, you have to maintain the legacy also. Users are surely going to see some never seen pieces of technology, but the price range?

Tech experts don’t really believe that technology pieces could be really compared, it’s just what does the user need and how well the company understands the demand and if the product appeals to the user, then it is always worth it. On the other hand, tech giants will always come up with something to create fear and doubts in the user’s mind, this is only how they take a huge chunk of the market.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What Does An Android Smart Ring Do?

An Android smart ring can measure your health metrics without disrupting your day-to-day chores or asking you to perform something extra. 

Q2. What Are The Disadvantages Of Smart Rings?

Smart rings’ top disadvantage is the battery life as compared to the other wearable devices like smart watches. Some sub standard smart rings could also provide inaccurate results, which could be harmful for the user.

Q3. What Are The Components Of A Smart Ring?

Some of the basic and most useful components of smart ring are;
Battery mounting, FPCs mounting, PCBs mounting, Antenna mounting, Sensor mounting, Shielding and grounding, Covering.

Step into Lokesh's tech-style haven! As your guide in the world of smart rings, Lokesh infuses every byte with a touch of personal flair. Discover the perfect blend of innovation and elegance, where health tech meets sleek designs. Join Lokesh on this journey—your go-to companion for all things smart and stylish!

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