Which Finger To Wear The Prevention Circul+ Ring?

By Lokesh Jaral | Updated on March 22, 2024
Which Finger To Wear The Prevention Circul+ Ring

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Known for its ergonomic design, the Prevention Circul+ ring from Bodimetrics is the stand alone pulse Oximeter. The spring enabled design and elasticity of the sensors embedded along with the inner arch makes it easy for any finger to wear the Prevention Circul+ ring snugly preventing it from slipping or rotating. The aesthetics might not be that appealing but the ring does justify the purpose it claims, the FDA approval and clinical usage makes it stand quite away from beautiful ones like Evie and Oura ring 3.

The circul™ pro Ring is a small, wearable, non-invasive, wireless device that the user wears on one finger. The ring features an adjustable fit (by means of multiple ring sizes (S, L, XL) and a spring fit) for comfort and can be worn on any finger on either hand. This is exactly how FDA has described the Prevention Circul+ ring in the letter addressed to the Bodimetrics, in which they have given clearances for the approval. It’s not any other ordinary smart ring, it’s the first medical grade heart and blood oxygen wellness monitor to be used in clinics, it serves the purpose it’s developed for.

In this article we will clear all your doubts like which finger is good to wear the Prevention Circul+ ring along with other sizing, wearing and removing queries. If you are using a smart ring for the first time, come along and we will help you wear it properly to measure your health metrics efficiently.

Which Finger To Wear The Prevention Circul+ Ring?

Before you buy the Prevention Circul+ ring, make sure that you know your ring size by checking the sizing chart available on the official Bodimetrics website. There are however no strong suggestions for which finger to wear the Prevention Circul+ ring on, we however have curated some guidelines for you to help you ascertain the best finger for your newly bought the Prevention Circul+ ring, read below;

  • Bodimetrics suggest wearing the Prevention Circul+ ring on ring finger, index finger or on the middle finger to achieve the best snugly fit.
  • A snuggle fit won’t let the ring rotate easily, causing the poor sensor contact with your finger for the measurements.
  • A too tight fit could disturb the natural blood flow at that particular spot and this could impact the accuracy of measurements.
  • Bodimetrics suggest that while wearing the Prevention Circul+ smart ring, rotate the ring in the direction of the white arrow and let the sensor rest and come in complete touch of your finger’s belly.
  • It’s also advised to wear it on the third part of your knuckle for a proper fit and tightness. Bodimetrics also recommends checking the wearing methods mentioned in the manual. 

The Prevention Circul+ Ring Wearing And Accurate Positioning

The Prevention Circul+ ring doesn’t come with any sizing kit like the Oura ring. It has been designed with spring mechanism and three different sizes (small, large and extra large) makes it good to fit for every user.

We will help you with the wearing and removal methods. As the Bodimetrics says, too tight or too loose fit hinders the accuracy of measurements of the Prevention Circul+ ring, so to avoid both errors, read below to wear it rightly and tightly enough to sit on your finger and provide you accurate results.

Which Finger To Wear The Prevention Circul+ Ring

How To Wear The Prevention Circul+ Ring ?

  • The best advised finger to wear the Prevention Circul+ ring is any among the three middle fingers, but you can choose any other appropriate finger of your choice, where the ring is snugly and doesn’t move easily.
  • See where the square sensor on the ring is, and position it on the belly side of the finger and flat side will by default then face the palm of your hand.
  • Make sure that the Prevention Circul+ ring is not placed on the lines near your finger or not even on your knuckle.
  • The Lines could inhibit the measurement of metrics because of the difference in skin texture and placing the ring on the knuckle could cause you trouble while bending your finger.
  • Another additional suggestion is wearing your smart ring on the less used hand, for instance the left hand is less used for a right hand user. This will only make sure that ring is steady and isn’t giving you discomforts while washing clothes or other similar tasks.

How To Remove The Prevention Circul+ Ring ?

  • Hold your ring between your index finger and thumb of another hand.
  • Try rotating it carefully and check the fit, our fingers may sometimes swell in the evening or mornings. 
  • You can do this while sitting on your bed or on the sofa over your lap, to make sure that you don’t accidentally release it on the floor damaging its sensors.
  • Raise your hand and carefully slide the finger upwards to the tip of your finger and take it out from the hand.
  • If you are taking it out after a long time or after a training session, your fingers swell then, try using body lotion as lubricant to remove the Prevention Circul+ ring easily.
  • Place your ring under a drawer or at another safer place. 


Using smart gadgets smartly is very much required when they cost you huge amounts of money or more specially contains data about your health metrics. From wearing to removing to charging, you shall very diligently do that and follow the using instructions in the manual. This helps you maintain the smart device you use and expands their life span.

Step into Lokesh's tech-style haven! As your guide in the world of smart rings, Lokesh infuses every byte with a touch of personal flair. Discover the perfect blend of innovation and elegance, where health tech meets sleek designs. Join Lokesh on this journey—your go-to companion for all things smart and stylish!

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