Motorola Wearable Phone Expected Price | Will The Price Be Affordable?  

By Shubham Attri | Updated on March 22, 2024
Motorola Wearable Phone Expected Price

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Motorola has proven once more that it is at the forefront of innovation by expanding the limits of what is feasible for mobile phones. Lexi Valasek, Motorola’s Innovation Research Lead, showcased its new flexible phone, the Motorola wearable phone. But what is the Motorola wearable phone price in USA and across the world?

Although the company has been making folding phones for a long time, the demonstration of the Motorola wearable phone has stunned people with its rare feature of wearing it on your wrist as an e-bangle. Designing such phones takes lots of time and effort, which can sometimes increase their price range. Dive deep with us to find out the Motorola wrist phone price range.     

Motorola Wearable Phone

At the Lenovo Tech World Conference 2023, Motorola demonstrated its new innovative smartphone, the concept of a bendable phone-smartwatch combination, which drew the crowd’s attention. 

Motorola bending phone is the only phone with advanced AI technology infused in it. Do you know that you can now change your wearable phone wallpaper according to your outfit? This is only possible because of the cutting-edge AI, as it can see your outfit and generate AI wallpapers as per your requirements.  

Another important feature that increases the Motorola wearable phone price is the way we can use it. The flexibility of the phone to bend the way we want is one of the most stunning Motorola flexible phone specifications and features. You can bend the phone to adjust its adaptive pOLED display from standard mode to self-standing mode or wrap it around your wrist. When the phone is locked, or the home screen is open, it shows the smartwatch details such as time and date. 

Even if we don’t consider the Motorola phone wrist feature, we have the flexing bending phone that bends outwards. It can be bended along its mid and two-thirds to use the Motorola flexible phone in a standalone mode and experience hands-free operation of the phone. The display size changes from 6.9 inches to 4.6 inches when we transform the phone from standard mode to self-standing mode. 

Although Motorola flexible phone release date has not been revealed yet, it is anticipated that it will be released soon as the model is already showcased at the Conference. However, another question arises: What is the Motorola wearable phone price? Let’s know about the details of the price range for this fascinating and unique Motorola bending phone cum wrist wearable.

Motorola Wearable Phone Price In USA

Motorola Wearable Phone Price In USA
Image Credits: Biztech Africa

Even though the Motorola wearable phone is creating a buzz in the tech world, everyone is wondering, “Is the Motorola wearable phone expected price in USA unlocked?” Unfortunately, Motorola has not yet officially revealed the expected price of the Motorola flexible phone. However, people are anticipating the price of the phone considering the price ranges of similar smartphones available in the market.

It is the first-ever flexible phone to be launched in the market by Motorola. It is incorporated with the advanced AI concept and can be used as a wrist-worn accessory, which made people think that its price range may be close to the prices of the foldable phones of Motorola’s competitive companies like Samsung and OnePlus. Looking at the prices of these folding phones, it is anticipated that the Motorola wearable phone price may range from 1500 USD to 2000 USD.

Because of its unique design and features, it wouldn’t be shocking if the Motorola flexible phone is priced in this range or perhaps a little bit more. But we must not forget that Motorola is known for offering competitive prices. Thus, there is a possibility that the company will surprise us with a more affordable option to reach a larger market.

Factors Affecting The Motorola Wearable Phone Price

The Motorola wearable phone price range is affected by the following factors:

  • Materials used
  • Flexible display
  • AI technology used
  • Processor and other high-end components

Considering all these factors, the expected Motorola wrist phone price is still a mystery, and tech enthusiasts everywhere are eagerly awaiting the official announcement about the Motorola flexible phone name, release date, and expected price.

Wrapping Up

Motorola wearable phone is an exciting development in the world of wearables and can be viewed as an Android phone with a design that can be changed to wristwear. As we are waiting for the official release of the Motorola wearable phone expected price, Motorola is on the verge of completely changing the we use our smartphones. 

A remarkable advancement in mobile technology may be seen in the Motorola bending phone, which combines style and technology as a wrist-worn gadget. So, get ready for a new era in wearable technology, where your smartphone becomes a seamless extension of your fashion sense, lifestyle, and functionality rather than just a device.

Feature Image Credits: Mashable

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