Motorola Wearable Phone: The Future Wearable Wrist Phone Revealed!

By Shubham Attri | Updated on March 22, 2024
Motorola Wearable Phone

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Motorola has recently unveiled a revolutionary gadget that will change the way we see and use our smartphones. This groundbreaking move of Motorola, which combines AI technology with fashion, has created chaos in the smartphone market. Earlier, Motorola folding phone Razr was in the news, but with the announcement of the Motorola wearable phone, the world’s first-ever bendable wristwatch phone, the interest completely shifted.

It is not just a smartphone; it’s a blend of AI technology and design, which makes it a fashionable wrist phone. The new Motorola bending phone will elevate wearable technology to an entirely new level. Imagine you are wearing your smartphone on your wrist like a modern bracelet. Let’s explore this Motorola’s bendable wristwatch phone, a fantastic gadget!


  • Motorola’s bendable wristwatch phone was revealed on 24 October 2023 at the Lenovo Tech World’23 conference in Austin. The unique wearable phone can easily wrap on the user’s wrist like a band.
  • A blend of AI technology allows the device to change the wallpaper to match the outfit when worn on the wrist.
  • The FHD+ pOLED adaptive display allows the users to bend the phone in different shapes and use it in different forms. One form is a standalone form, where it can be bent to stand on the table without any support.
  • A flexible and adaptive display of 6.9 inches can change the size to 4.6 inches when used in standalone screen viewing mode.

New Motorola Wearable Phone With The Infusion Of AI Concept

On 24 October 2023, at Lenovo Tech World’23 conference, the parent company of Motorola, Motorola’s Innovation Research Lead, Lexi Valasek, highlighted their recent innovative work by presenting the new Motorola wearable phone that can wrap around your wrist just like an e-bracelet. 

Motorola has always been among the leaders in technical innovation in the flexible display, and this time, it has outperformed itself. Earlier, foldable phones were in the news, but now Motorola has shocked the world with its innovative research towards developing a wearable phone that can also be worn on the wrist and used as a wristwatch. The new Motorola bendable wristwatch phone is incorporated with the trending cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) technology, allowing the device to adapt and respond to your needs seamlessly.  

The adaptive FHD+ pOLED display of 6.9 inches can be shaped in any form that the user needs. There are a total of three forms or shapes of using Motorola’s bendable wristwatch phone, which are explained below:

  1. Users can wear the phone on their wrists and flaunt it. When the Motorola wearable phone is been used as a wristwatch phone, the AI technology works, and the wallpaper is personalized as per the user’s needs.
  2. Users can bend Motorola’s wearable phone and use it in self-standing mode, where they can enjoy watching movies, short videos, etc, without the need to hold the phone for a long time. In this form, the display size is reduced.
  3. Users can simply use it as an Android smartphone like other phones designed without any such bendable concept.

This AI technology incorporated in the device makes the Motorola phone wrist feature more enhanced as it can now study which color dress you are currently wearing and change the wallpaper color accordingly. You can simply add or take a photo of your outfit and wait for AI to generate personalized images for you that can be set as wallpaper to match your outfit. Isn’t it an amazing thing that simply makes our task of thinking about which smartwatch we should wear with this outfit easy? YES, now we can stay tension-free, and no need to have huge watch collections matching every dress! Know more about what this Motorola wearable phone gives as a smartwatch. 

Wearing Motorola Phone On Wrist

Wearing Motorola Phone On Wrist
Image Credits: Android Headlines

The unique wrist-worn design of this Motorola bending phone is what makes it stand alone in the race to implement innovative research ideas and bring up an outstanding device. Inspired by the iconic slap bracelet, the Motorola wearable phone wraps around your wrist, providing a classy and comfortable fit.

Soon after this big Motorola announcement, people started searching for the unique Motorola phone wrist, which will totally redefine their style statement and change their daily tech experience. You no longer have to worry about matching your watch with your outfit. Motorola’s wearable phone has solved your problem. The cutting-edge AI technology will change the display color or design according to your outfit.

Also, you no longer need to look for your smartphone in your pocket or bag; it will be right on your wrist. You can answer calls, send messages, capture photos and videos, and even keep an eye on your fitness and health. Whether you are running, working, or sitting idle, this wrist-worn device keeps you engaged and connected with just a flick of your wrist.

Motorola Bending Phone: Features And Specifications

Motorola Bending Phone - Features And Specifications
Image Credits: Yanko Design

Earlier, people thought this wearable phone would be the same as the Motorola folding phone, but as they came to know about the features and specifications of Motorola’s latest upcoming bendable wristwatch phone, they got the idea that they were totally wrong.

While planning to buy this stunning and the most advanced version of Motorola folding phone with wearable technology, you must know what features it is offering. Here are some features that are revealed as of now:

  1. Flexible pOLED Display: The flexible full HD+ pOLED display provides a full-screen experience when needed and retracts when it is not in use (when you are wearing it on your wrist). 
  2. AI Interface: The Motorola bending phone is a perfect application of the fashionable AI concept. The device changes the wallpaper color according to the color of your outfit. You can even take a shot of your outfit and generate multiple AI images that reflect your style.
  3. Usage Scenarios: You can use this wearable phone in three different ways – a simple Android phone, self-standing mode, and a wrist-worn accessory. When you bend the phone, it goes into self-standing mode, and the display size changes from 6.9 inches to 4.6 inches. When you bend the phone and keep it on a table, the display will automatically shift upwards to the visible screen. 

As you know that the phone cum smart wearable gadget is just unveiled, and is anticipated that Motorola wearable phone will be launched in 2024, its complete specifications are not known. We have gathered all the information available and listed them in a table. The exact specifications of the Motorola wearable phone can be seen in the table below:

Display Size6.9-inch 
Display TypeFHD+ pOLED Adaptive Display
Adjustable Display Size4.6-inch when the device is bended
Technology UsedCutting-edge AI technology

Motorola Wearable Phone: Price And Availability

Motorola Wearable Phone - Bending
Image Credits: Yahoo News

Motorola bending phone is not just a concept; Lexi Valasek demonstrated how one can use the phone in three different styles. However, she has not mentioned any date of its availability, but it is anticipated that it will be made available to the users in the near future.

For those who are looking for the Motorola wearable phone price, there is no information available about this. As only the teaser of the new bending phone is available on the internet, the official figure of the Motorola wearable phone price is not known. You have to sit back and wait for Motorola to announce the launch date and the price of its new wearable phone

Wrapping Up

Wearable technology has advanced dramatically with the release of the Motorola wearable phone. This device is a mixture of functionality and fashion, providing you with a wearable gadget that can be adjusted as per your needs. It is all ready to revolutionize the way we use our smartphones with its AI-driven interface, flexible pOLED display, and abundance of functions. The Motorola flexible phone name will also surprise the users.

As the teaser of Motorola’s flexible phone that can be worn like a bracelet is out, the world is excitedly waiting for its arrival in the market. Whether you are a tech enthusiast, fashionista, or just someone who desires the convenience of having a fully functional smartphone on your wrist, the Motorola bending phone promises to be a game changer. So, get ready to wrap this revolutionary device around your wrist and become a part of the future of wearable technology.

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