Amazfit Helio Ring Features And Specifications – Get Official Insights!

By Lokesh Jaral | Updated on March 22, 2024
Amazfit Helio Ring Features And Specifications

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The ultimate gadget that helps athletes ascend to excellence is finally here. Get ready to prime your body and mind to be the champion you truly are. Check out the official information on the Amazfit Helio Ring features and specifications for the best fitness tracking experience.

One of the latest additions to the smart wearable techs is the Amazfit Helio Ring.  Amazfit unveiled the launch of the new Helio Ring at the 2024 CES in Las Vegas. This has extensively captured the attention of fitness enthusiasts and athletes across the globe. They are eagerly waiting for the smart ring that has been exclusively designed for elite athletes to track and monitor their activities and vitals. 

Amazfit Helio Ring features and specifications include fitness tracking, health and stress monitoring, sleep tracking, Readiness Score, Zepp Wellness Coach, and Achievement prediction. 

The Amazfit Helio Ring has been crafted for elite athletes and is built to recognize optimal performance that is fueled by a quality recovery. Fitness trackers are built to accompany the wearer 24/7, so it is important to study the Amazfit Helio Ring features and specifications before you place your trust in the wearable tech. 

Amazfit Helio Ring Features And Specifications

The Amazfit Helio Ring has been exclusively engineered to keep track of the wearer’s activities, recovery, and sleep. It takes a holistic approach to health monitoring and monitors everything from the wearer’s training load to their sleep quality, also taking into consideration their mental side for the ultimate analysis and proper guidance.

The Amazfit Helio Ring is expected to be released only in March 2024. However, some of the latest Amazfit Helio Ring reviews clearly show that it is one of the smart rings like the Oura Ring with similar features and functionality. 

Before you hastily make up your mind, let us first explore the Amazfit Helio Ring features and specifications to help make informed decisions.

Amazfit Helio Ring Features

The Amazfit Helio Ring is loaded with tons of amazing features that are specially curated to monitor elite athletes. The developers of the smart ring clearly understand that competing at the highest levels of performance and accounting for every fraction of a second will make a significant difference in being victorious or settling to be the runner-up. So, the Amazfit Helio Ring features and specifications are designed to easily recognize optimum performance.

However, the Amazfit Helio Ring features are not limited only to activity or fitness tracking. It offers various unique and innovative features such as:

1. Fitness Tracking

One of the most popular Amazfit Helio Ring features is its accurate activity and fitness monitoring. It can be used as a training tool by elite athletes who are looking for a personal workout partner. The Amazfit Helio Ring will act like a sports scientist that carefully records all activities, including running, walking, cycling, HIIT, swimming, and all similar activities.

The Amazfit Helio Ring can even record the activities on the Treadmill mode via the Zepp app. Users can utilize the detailed information that is displayed on the Zepp app to review their performance data post-workout. Moreover, users can outperform their competitors by making use of the high-tech training assistant that makes use of curated fitness data like VO2 Max and training load, to determine the Training Effectiveness.

2. Health Monitoring

As a smart ring with cutting-edge technology, the Amazfit Helio Ring can precisely read the wearer’s pulse and can monitor their heart rate even more accurately. Moreover, it can monitor blood oxygen and stress levels. This will help all users to get a clearer picture of their physical and mental recovery. Moreover, all users will be able to view detailed weekly and monthly reports that are based on their sleep and health assessments with powerful insights.

3. Sleep Tracking

Amazfit Helio Ring features also include complete sleep monitoring, which tracks the wearer’s sleep quality, including their daytime naps. It also monitors their sleeping patterns (light, deep, and REM sleep stages), keeping track of even their sleep breathing quality. Moreover, all users can make use of customized sleep sounds that can be adjusted based on how their body responds to sleep.

4. Stress Monitoring

Apart from carefully tracking the stress levels, the Amazfit Helio Ring also continuously monitors the mental stress levels of the wearer. It has a built-in electrodermal activity sensor that can measure the skin and sweat responses of the wearer. It monitors the sweat from their hands to understand when they experience high levels of mental stress. Furthermore, all users can make use of the meditation and relaxation sounds to help improve their mental health.

5. Readiness Score

Athletes can now monitor their real-time health metrics after an intense workout session using the Amazfit Helio Ring. They can wear the smart ring through the night to monitor their vitals to present their personalized Readiness Score and health insights that are based on their current physician and mental health.

6. Zepp Wellness Coach

Another unique Amazfit Helio Ring feature is the Zepp Wellness Coach, which proactively analyses the wearer’s sleep and answers every wellness-related question using an AI chatbot. This will help all users recover smarter and achieve a lot more with the help of the Zepp Aura AI. The rest and wellness services will help all users recover easily. 

Furthermore, users can subscribe to the Zepp Fitness Membership to get detailed weekly and monthly fitness reports by accessing the sports-focused AI chatbot that is trained to answer every question like a personal trainer.

7. Achievement Prediction

The Zepp app is equipped to analyze all the previous data that are recorded, comparing it with the wearer’s current status of their physical fitness to generate accurate race predictions. These achievement predictions are designed especially for 3km, 5km, 10km, 2 miles, and 3 miles, as well as for the half and full marathon.

Comparing the features of the Amazfit Helio Ring with the Oura Ring, which is currently one of the most popular smart rings in the market, shows that both smart rings have similar health, fitness, and sleep monitoring features. However, to understand the Amazfit Helio Ring features and specifications completely, we should also explore the hardware components and product specifications of the new smart ring.

Amazfit Helio Ring Specifications

Amazfit Helio Ring Features And Specifications_Amazfit Helio Ring Specifications

The Amazfit Helio Ring has been forged with high-end durable titanium alloy. It is super slim and ultralightweight, making it one of the most comfortable smart rings to wear around the clock. 

The Amazfit Helio Ring’s specifications clearly display that it will be suitable for all kinds of athletes, including those who move fast and those who have to endure intense actions. It can be customized by athletes who wish to engrave a date or any motivational phrase that could motivate them to perform better.

Let us now check out the latest information on the Amazfit Helio Ring specifications:

  • Size – 10 and 12
  • Weight – 3.8 and 4g
  • Dimensions – 2.6mm thick
  • Battery life – up to 7 days
  • Water resistant – up to 100m

The Amazfit Helio Ring specifications show that it is exclusively designed by keeping in mind the athletes’ comfort. Although the Amazfit Helio Ring is not completely waterproof, it is water resistant with grade 10 ATM, which means that the smart ring can withstand up to 100 meters of water pressure. 

This ensures that the Amazfit Helio Ring can be worn by all users and not just the swimmers or athletes who are regularly involved in water-related activities. All users and athletes who look forward to hitting the shower, taking an ice bath, or going to a sauna can do so without having to worry about causing possible damage to the gadget.

We can clearly see from the Amazfit Helio Ring features and specifications that the device is filled with unique and innovative features to help all users to monitor their health and wellness accurately.


Enhance your fitness and health tracking with the right fitness tracker. All the Amazfit Helio Ring’s features and specifications look promising and are already highly popular among not just aspiring athletes but also fitness enthusiasts. All we need to do now is to wait for the official launch of the gadget to experience its wonders for ourselves.

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