Does RingConn Track Natural Cycles? Let’s Find Out!

By Smriti Razdan | Updated on May 21, 2024
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Does Ringconn Tracks Natural Cycle

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The first thing that I look for in smart wearables is their ability to track menstrual cycles and provide meaningful insights. When RingConn announced its smart ring in 2024, it became everyone’s favorite for its versatile health-tracking features that includes menstrual cycles as well. 

But does RingConn also track and sync with the Natural cycles app? Let’s find out!

Does RingConn Track Natural Cycles? 

Well, as of my knowledge, no official sources can confirm RingConn tracking Natural Cycles. So, no, RingConn does not track Natural Cycles.

If you’re confused between Natural Cycles & menstrual cycles, I’ve mentioned a handful of times that Natural Cycles here does not refer to your menstrual cycles.

Natural Cycles is the only FDA-approved birth-control app that measures your body temperature to monitor your fertility status.  

Does RingConn Track Your Menstrual Cycles?

Based on my research, RingConn does not support any sensors that can help track your menstrual cycles. However, at the CES 2024, RingConn made highlights and impressed the masses with its vision to broaden the features’ spectrum in the upcoming year. 

RingConn developers have made progress with developing their latest features, including menstrual cycle tracking and Obstructive Sleep Apnea Hypopnea Syndrome (OSAHS). RingConn has applied for FDA clearance on the ring’s oximeter and OSAHS monitoring feature. I believe it will take the developers some time, or a year, to get the approval for these features. 

What Other Smart Wearables Work With Natural Cycles? 

RingConn’s smart ring does not sync with Natural Cycles, but there are other smart wearables that you can sync with Natural Cycles. 

Currently, the Natural Cycles birth-control app works only with the Oura Ring and Apple Watch Series 8 and higher, like Series 9, Ultra, and Ultra 2, since they all have temperature-sensing features. 

To check your fertility status on Natural Cycles using the Oura Ring or Apple Watch, you must sleep with your wearable on and sync it to the Natural Cycles app in the morning. 

Benefits of Using NC with Oura Ring Benefits of Using NC with Apple Watch
Get exclusive discount codes  Fast shipping
Seamless measures temperature overnight Measure temperature seamlessly overnight
Frequent charging not required  Zero membership fee 

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Wrapping Up

Unfortunately, you cannot track your fertility status using the Natural Cycles app with RingConn. 

However, I think that the developers are working every day to bridge the gap between the menstrual cycle tracking and the smart wearable. It is reported that the oximeter and OSAHS monitoring feature will be rolled out for beta testing in Q1/Q2 of 2024. 

Smriti is a true tech aficionado and WearableXP’s resident review specialist. Her approach to technology is anything but ordinary. After years of research and expertise in cutting-edge consumer technology, she is now exploring the world of smart wearables only to evaluate and bring her unique insights.

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