Is Ultrahuman Ring Waterproof or Water-Resistant?

By Lokesh Jaral | Updated on May 27, 2024
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Is Ultrahuman Ring Waterproof

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Imagine tracking your fitness goals while taking a shower or diving into the deep blue ocean. Well, smart rings like Ultrahuman promise to achieve this dream, but users want to know if they can handle the pressure. 

From my personal experience, the Ultrahuman AIR Ring certainly has a water resistance capacity, which permits me to wear it while showering or swimming. Because I have been using it for months, and nothing has happened to it until now. 

What Does Ultrahuman Say About Its Ring’s Water Resistance Capacity?

According to the official information by Ultrahuman Ring, the optimum temperature range for the Ultrahuman ring is -4°F -140°F, and it has a water-resisting capacity of up to 100 meters, almost similar to my Oura ring. This means I can wear it not only while showering or swimming but also while scuba diving and more.

However, I suggest you do not keep it submerged for longer than 10 hours at a time to preserve its best performance.

Here is a quick comparison table for you to easily understand if the ultrahuman ring is waterproof and if it can withstand the following water-based activities:

Water Based Activities Withstanding Ability of Ultrahuman Ring
Showers ✅ 
Swimming ✅ 
Washing Hands
Hot Saunas
Ice Baths
Scuba diving

My Personal Experience with Ultrahuman Ring 

I always forget to remove my accessories while taking a shower or a relaxing bath, so I have always wanted a smart ring with a good water resistance rating. Thanks to Ultrahuman, I have my best water-resistant fitness companion. Now, I can be relaxed and don’t suddenly make a hush-hush scene if I ever forget to remove it, even while wasing my hands. 

Furthermore, while doing my research for the ring, I found many “ring-bearers” were curious about swimming. Well, you’ll be happy to know the Ultrahuman Ring boasts a 330-foot water resistance rating, making it perfect for swimming laps! 

I even tested it in a sauna around 140°F (within its operational range of -4°F to 140°F) and saw no impact on functionality or battery life. However, prolonged heat exposure is a no-go. If your sauna gets hotter than 140°F, it’s best to leave the ring out. The same goes for ice baths – the ring can handle them as long as the water stays above -4°F (its operational low). 

However, the one thing that I haven’t tested is scuba diving. So, I can’t say much about that right now. But this is definitely on my to-do list. Hey! But, if you have done scuba diving wearing the ring, please share your experience with me. I might add your experience here. 

Ultrahuman Ring – Water Resistance Comparison

Now that you know about the Ultrahuman ring’s water resistance capacity. I did a side-by-side quick comparison table of the Ultrahuman Ring with other smart rings available in the market in terms of water resistance capability.

Smart Ring Waterproof/Water Resistance
Ultrahuman Ring Water resistant up to 100 m
Amazfit Helio Ring  Water resistant up to 100 m
Oura Ring Gen3 Water resistant up to 100 m
RingConn Water resistant up to 50 m
Luna Ring Water resistant up to 50 m
Evie Ring Water resistant up to 1m
McLEAR Ring Fully waterproof

Wrapping Up

While everybody is trying out different smart rings available in the market today, I wore my Ultrahuman ring while doing different water based activities and have stress tested it in hot saunas and ice baths. While nothing has impacted the functionality of the ring, the silver coating has been tarnished in some places. Other than that, my ring is as good as new. If you have any water-related experiences with the ring, please share them with me in the comments section below.

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