How To Order Ultrahuman AIR Smart Ring?

By Lokesh Jaral | Updated on May 30, 2024
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The Ultrahuman Smart Ring is like a shiny new sports car. Everyone wants it, but going through the ordering process is like deciphering a complex owner’s manual. But fear not, fitness fellows! 

I have recently purchased the Ultrahuman AIR Titanium waterproof smart ring and in this article, I’ll be sharing my ordering experience with you all and I will also tell you how you can order this ring for yourself as well. 

Order the Ultrahuman Ring from the Official Website:

Step 1: Visit the official website of Ultrahuman and click on the “Buy Now” button on the top right corner of the screen.

Order Ultrahuman AIR Smart Ring - Click on Buy Now

Step 2: Now, select the ring color you want. You will have five options to choose from. 

Order Ultrahuman AIR Smart Ring - Select The Color

Step 3: After that, scroll down to find your ring size. 

Note: To find my perfect fit, I opted for the sizing kit, which was dispatched free of cost within 24 hours. However, if you already know your ring size, directly choose from available sizes.

Order Ultrahuman AIR Smart Ring - Select The Size

Step 4: Now, if you have any smart ring you want to trade in, choose the “Select a smart ring” option and choose the ring. You will get a certain credit amount according to the available options.

(I didn’t trade mine, so I clicked on the “No trade” option. However, I made sure to note that

Ultrahuman allows trade-in for Oura Ring Gen 2 and Gen 3 and Ultrahuman R1 and you  will get  the following credits:

Order Ultrahuman AIR Smart Ring - The Trade In Option

Step 5: You can personalize your ring by “Add Engravings.” It will cost you $39, and the engraved ring will take an extra 7-8 days to ship. 

However, if you don’t want to spend the extra cost like me, click on the “I don’t want the engraving.”

Order Ultrahuman AIR Smart Ring - Add Engravings

Step 6: Next, you must decide whether to add a coverage plan. Choose the option accordingly. 

(I added the coverage plan, which cost me $2.5 per month, billed annually. I would suggest you buy the coverage plan, as it will protect your smart ring.)

Order Ultrahuman AIR Smart Ring - The Coverage Plan

Step 7: Check the price of your Ultrahuman ring and click on the Add to Cart button.

Order Ultrahuman AIR Smart Ring - Add To Cart

Step 8: A page will appear containing the selected items in your bag. Scroll down and click on “Continue” to proceed to the payment and shipment page.

Note: Shipping fees and taxes are calculated at checkout.

Order Ultrahuman AIR Smart Ring - Click On Continue

Step 9: At last, enter your personal details and shipping address.

Order Ultrahuman AIR Smart Ring - Enter Details

Step 10: Now, choose the payment option, fill in all the necessary details, and click the Pay Now button at the bottom. 

Order Ultrahuman AIR Smart Ring - Make Payments

After I completed the payment, I received an email confirming the successful placement of my order for the smart ring, providing an expected date of delivery.

Note: You can order Ultrahuman Ring AIR from your home country because it now ships to all countries. The only thing you need to consider before placing an order is that, in certain areas, you have to pay extra customs duties and import fees on top of the cost of Ultrahuman Ring AIR. 

Apart from the official website, you can buy the Ultrahuman smart ring from Amazon and Walmart. While looking for the option to purchase it from Best Buy, I came to notice that it is not available at Best Buy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Wrapping Up

After confirming my size, it almost took 11 days to deliver the smart ring. So, you can assume the same shipping time according to your location. Meanwhile, if you run into any issues with the ordering process, get in touch with Ultrahuman’s customer care. 

They can respond to your questions on sizing, stock availability, and other matters. But, if you want to purchase it via some other way, verify the retailer’s legitimacy before making a purchase.


Step into Lokesh's tech-style haven! As your guide in the world of smart rings, Lokesh infuses every byte with a touch of personal flair. Discover the perfect blend of innovation and elegance, where health tech meets sleek designs. Join Lokesh on this journey—your go-to companion for all things smart and stylish!

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