How To Size Oura Ring? All You Need To Know!

By Lokesh Jaral | Updated on March 22, 2024
How To Size Oura Ring?

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The Oura Rings are now dominating as the smart rings to track health and fitness. But how do we size Oura Ring perfectly? If you are also confused before investing in this smart ring, let us help you with Oura Ring Sizing. 

Now that Oura Ring is also on the verge of launching a smart ring for payment, people are now more into buying Oura Ring. However, how to size Oura Ring right is still a big deal. Hence, let’s share how you can use the Oura Ring Sizing kit and determine your Oura Ring size. 

To size Oura Ring perfectly, open the Oura Ring Sizing kit. Select your finger and confirm the orientation of the ring. Make sure that the ring fits perfectly. It is recommended to wear a ring-sizer for at least 24 hours. When you find the ideal ring size, go to and confirm the ring size by clicking on the “Confirm Your Size” option.

According to the Oura Ring sizing guide, you have to size Oura Ring perfectly or the sensors of this smart ring will fail to get accurate data. If you feel stuck between sizes, it is recommended by the experts to choose the smaller size for more accurate readings. Let’s go through this article and explore more about Oura Ring sizing. 

How To Determine Your Oura Ring Size?

The Oura Ring Sizing without a kit is just impossible. Oura Ring sizing kit comes with the Oura Ring purchase and is effective in determining your Oura Ring size. If you have received your Oura Ring sizing kit already, here is how to size Oura Ring perfectly:

Step 1: Open Oura Sizing Kit

You can get the Oura Ring sizing kit with the purchase. You can also get the Oura Ring Sizing kit for sale on different e-commerce sites. The sizing kit includes 8 plastic ring sizers from 6-13 sizes. Unlike regular rings, the Oura Rings do not offer any half sizes. The sizer rings are made of plastic and weigh less than the original ring.  

Step 2: Choose Your Finger

You can wear Oura Rings on any finger of your choice. However, for the optimal benefits of recording data, it is recommended to wear the Oura Ring on the index finger. If you don’t like wearing the Oura Ring on your index finger, the ring finger or the middle fingers are the best. 

Step 3: Confirm Ring Orientation

The plastic sizers come with sensor bumps too. You can find the sensor bumps inside the ring mold. These sensor bumps mimic the LED sensors that you can find in the original Oura Smart Ring. Adjusting the bumps, you should check the ring orientation, because without accurate orientation, the Oura Ring will fail to capture data. 

Step 4: Comfortable Fit

Make sure that the plastic ring you selected from the size kit fits you right. It should be tight and secure on your chosen finger. However, if your selected size is too tight and uncomfortable to wear for long hours, you have to choose the next higher size. 

Step 5: Check The Snugness

To check the snugness, wear the plastic mold and make a fist. If you can see a gap between your finger’s skin and the ring, then you will need a smaller size to fit accurately. 

Step 6: Wear For 24 Hours

When you are trying to size Oura Ring accurately, it is recommended to wear the plastic ring from the Oura size kit for more than 24 hours. You cannot rotate the ring anytime while going through daily chores. Wearing the plastic sizer all night will help you to understand if the ring will fit you throughout the day while being able to capture data perfectly all along. 

Step 7: Confirm Your Ring Size

Now that you have got your Oura Ring size accurately using the Oura Ring kit, let’s go to the Here you can confirm the ring size just by tapping on the “Confirm Your Size” button and update your order accordingly.                                                                                   

How To Size Oura Ring? Oura Ring Sizing Tips

Now that you know how to size Oura Ring, let us share some expert tips while choosing the ideal size for your Oura Ring. 

  1. We always recommend you to buy the Oura Ring Size Kit. Oura Ring Sizing without Kit could go wrong in every way. You can always get Oura Ring Sizing kit for sale, so there is no excuse for using Oura Ring Size Kit. 
  2. Pick your finger wisely. Always choose the one you can wear a ring on all day long, without removing/ According to Oura, an Index finger is the best to get the best reading from the sensors. However, you can choose any finger you want and use the Oura Ring Size Kit to get the perfect size.
  3. When wearing an Oura Ring, you do not need to remove the other rings that you usually wear. When trying plastic rings for sizing, you should not remove other rings likewise, because that is how you will be wearing it actually. 
  4. A sizer ring should be worn all day long. This is because our finger size changes throughout the day. For instance, in the morning the finger size is mostly longer than the other time of the day. 
  5. While trying a sizer ring, go through all your tasks as you always do. For instance, sleeping, taking a bath, washing dishes, cooking, and training. Driving and more. 
  6. As per Oura Ring review, the battery life of Oura Ring is 7 days maximum. It means, you do not need to remove the ring within 7 days. Wear the plastic sizer ring long enough to ensure that you can wear the Oura Ring for longer hours too. 
  7. When trying sizer rings, make sure that the sensor bumps are at the palm side of the finger, just like the original ring. 

Ordering An Oura Ring Size Kit

It is super simple to size Oura Ring with an Oura Ring Size Kit. But if you are wondering how to get Oura Ring Size Kit. All you need to do is request Oura to send you a Free Sizing Kit, as you have ordered an Oura Ring and are willing to find the right size. 

The company will ship the sizer kit first. You can try the sizer kit and as discussed above, find the size that fits you best. Then, visit the site and confirm your ring size. You don’t need to return the Oura Ring Size Kit. You can keep the sizer kit or pass on to someone who is interested in buying an Oura Ring too. 

3D Print the Sizing Kit

On the other hand, if you are familiar with 3D printing, you can print your ring size using a 3D printer. This is one trend going viral. However, according to the experts using a 3D-printed sizer won’t give the same feel. To get a perfect 3D printed sizer, you have to download the ‘Oura Ring 3D Printing files’ from its official site. The file format is .stl and there are different files dedicated to different ring sizes. Also, high-quality material is recommended to get the best result. 

What If You Are Stuck Between Sizes?

Let’s say in the quest to size Oura ring with the Oura Ring Size Kit, you are stuck between two sizes. What to do? According to Oura guidelines, you have to choose the smaller one. But why? Here are a few reasons behind recommending the smaller size: 

Accuracy: When you are wearing an Oura ring, it’s all about accuracy. If your smart ring sensors are not picking accurate data, it’s good for nothing. Always try a smaller ring that will be secured on your finger [not too tight], and the sensors can pick accurate data. 

Materials: The ring sizers offered by Oura are made of plastic. Hence, it is stickier in nature. If you are stuck between two sizes, go for the smaller one because the original ring has a titanium body and is smoother than the sizer ring. 

Oura Ring Size Table

Now you know how to size Oura ring with Oura Ring Size Kit, it’s time to explore all the sizes that Oura smart rings come in:

Oura Ring Gen 2 Size Information

Ring thickness: ~2.9 mm

Ring height: ~7.9 mm

Size (US)Diameter (Side-to-Side)Diameter (Top-to-Bump)
616.8 mm15.2 mm
717.6 mm16.0 mm
818.4 mm16.8 mm
919.3 mm17.6 mm
1020.0 mm18.4 mm
1120.8 mm19.2 mm
1221.6 mm20.0 mm
1322.6 mm20.8 mm

Oura Ring Gen 3 Size Information

Ring thickness: ~2.9 mm

Ring height: ~7.9 mm

Size (US)Diameter (Side-to-Side)Diameter (Top-to-Bump)
616.9 mm15.2 mm
717.7 mm16.0 mm
818.5 mm16.8 mm
919.3 mm17.7 mm
1020.1 mm18.5 mm
1120.9 mm19.3 mm
1221.7 mm20.0 mm
1322.6 mm20.9 mm

“Virtual” sizing kit with measurements
byu/ninjazzy inouraring


Whether it is Oura sizer kit or 3D printing, it is super easy to size Oura Ring accurately if you follow the guidelines we have shared in this article. Follow the guidelines and measure Oura Ring size accurately. When trying the sizer kit, you should emphasize the phrase ‘accurate’ and do not take any guideline lightly. If your Oura Ring does not fit well, it will never get health and wellness records accurately, which is the sole purpose of this ring. Got a question? Drop it in the comment section. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. Are Oura Ring Sizes Standard?

Q2. Which Finger Is Most Accurate For Oura Ring?

The index finger is the most accurate for the Oura Ring. 

Q3. How To Do Oura Ring Sizing Without Kit?

You can do Oura Ring Sizing Without Kit only if you have access to a 3D printer and can 3D print your ring size using the ‘Oura Ring 3D Printing files’ from its official site. 

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