Does Oura Ring Sync with Therabody?

By Lokesh Jaral | Updated on May 30, 2024
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Oura Sync With Therabody

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When I first started using Oura ring, I got pretty upset seeing my sleep score and health insights. But, once I added it to Therabody, I got actionable solutions that helped me improve my health and well-being. 

Although the Oura Ring app doesn’t connect directly with the Therabody app, it allows users to tag activities and events that might influence their sleep and recovery data. I will tell you how. 

How to Add Therabody on Oura App?

Well, many of my colleagues were initially confused about adding Therabody tags on the Oura app with syncing. I literally had to clear their doubts by actually showing them that we can only add the Therabody tags on the Oura app. The tags does not sync data, as happens in other Oura app integrations. Then only, they trusted me. 

So, to integrate the power of the Oura ring with the percussive therapy magic of Therabody.

You need to create the tag and add it to the Oura app. Here are the steps you need to follow. 

  1. Visit the home tab in your Oura Ring app and tap on the + icon.
  2. Once done, tap on “Add a Tag”.
Oura Ring Sync with Therabody-Choose a Tag
  1. Now, tap on “Create a Tag.”
Oura Ring Sync with Therabody- Create Therabody Tag
  1. After that, type “Therabody” and click on Done.
Oura Ring Sync with Therabody-Create Therabody Tag
  1. You can add the Start time and End Time of the event as per your need.
Oura Ring Sync with Therabody- Add Timings

Note: Every day, I have my Theragun sessions at a fixed time. So, I have turned on the toggle “Daily at this time” to remind me. You can also set a fixed time as per schedule and need. 

6. At last, Tap on Done.

You can add the record to your Oura Ring data by marking your Therabody sessions. It will help you track the effects of using Therabody on several Oura Ring measures, such as heart rate variability and sleep quality.

This integration has also allowed me to tag “Theragun” in the Oura app and specifically understand the impact of restoration activities through trends.

Why the Oura and Therabody Experience Has Declined for Me?

To be honest, I am quite disappointed with the Oura app because the features I used to get earlier are now somehow removed. Previously, whenever I used to have trouble sleeping I would just go to the Oura sleep routine that would walk me through the Theragun exercises I could do with the messenger. But now, it seems that the feature has vanished into the thin air.  

Also, previously, members of Oura, like me, had access to Therabody soundtracks for meditation, sleep, and breathwork, and there were eight soundtracks of Theramind Audio Therapy content, including the already available soundtracks. 

Oura Ring Sync with Therabody-Explore Page

But now it seems like they removed those eight audios and integrated that feature into the Explore tab, where you can get different audios and soundtracks for breathing, meditation, and sleep, all emerging under a single window. However, that could be preferable for some users but not for me. That’s why, after using it for a year and so, I am thinking of returning it.

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Wrap Up: 

Earlier, I could say that both the fitness enthusiast giants have done a marvelous job by striking partnerships to share content, tools, and data. But now, everything seems a blur. 

With the removal of the soundtracks and Oura’s sleep routine in the Therabody app, I am not even sure they have a standing partnership right now other than the tags. Even if they do, understanding how these tools will work together in the future to optimize health is something to think about. 

Are you having the same issue, or is it me alone? When did you last use the features that are removed now? Tell me in the comments section below.  

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