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Is Circul+ Waterproof? – Know Your Circul

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The global leader in ring sensor technology, Bodimetrics, has equipped their Circul+ with advanced technology to be called it as the first and only ring Oximeter. Humans can’t imagine survival without water and wearing a Circul+, all day long, did Bodimetrics do something to serve this purpose, is Circul+ waterproof to withstand your daily chores. Its functioning is enhanced with sensors to provide accurate results, without considering the skin tone and skin color as any barrier, but is it waterproof?

Smart rings give best results when you wear them for sustained periods of time and this shall happen subsequently. It helps the device to understand the body metrics of the users, the routines and other cycles. They are smart rings and not some other piece of jewelry to be only worn while you visit ceremonies. Many manufacturers have equipped their rings to withstand heat, dust and water to some tendency, is Circul+ waterproof will be the primary concern addressed in this article.

Circul+ when launched really shook up the smart ring industry, it however is not well designed and aesthetics are not that appealing as compared to Oura and others, when it comes to serve the primary purpose, which is measuring user body metrics and providing the accurate results, it don’t let any other contender stand nearby. Many of the features you already know, but confirming is Circul+ waterproof is something which will enable you to use it more efficiently.

Is Circul+ Waterproof?

Circul+ is not waterproof but it’s IP65 water resistant. 

Here, IP65 water resistance means that Circul+ can withstand water jets from any direction. Circul+ shall not have impacts for 15 minutes, it is layered like this only, exceeding the time, the Circul+ ring could absorb some moisture to some thickness of layers beneath the Ingress layer. 

This also tells us that Circul+ is also workable while there are splashes on it, which is quite similar to water jets, the only difference is the pressure, which being IP65 rated is 6.3mm. Along with the resistance to water, IP65 also enables the Circul+ ring to survive and perform efficiently in dusty conditions or atmosphere where there is dust always available (construction sites). 

If you observe that your smart ring is quite damp after you have been in touch with water, you can immediately pat dry it with an alcohol cotton ball, as alcohol absorbs moisture. Showing some sunlight could also be helpful in such conditions. Make sure that you don’t expose it to much heat like room heaters, this could damage the outer layer and sensors could also malfunction.

What Is IP65 Circul+ Waterproof?

The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) has developed this Ingress Protection (IP) rating system to grade the resistance of fluids or dust. This rating system could be applied on electronic devices.The problem was recognised in early 1960’s and then a grade rating system was developed, so that the user could understand the potential of resistance to fluids and dust for the device they are using.

When we say Circul+ is IP65, this means that Circul+ ring is made to withstand water splashes or nozzle sprays from any direction and could not be harmed for 15 minutes of connection with water.

Can You Wear Circul+ in Shower?

No, you cannot wear Circul+ in shower.

As we mentioned above, Cirul + is supposed to be worn in for longer and continuous periods of time. If our day to day routines are not allowing us to do so, or Circul+ is not capable of taking the load, then the whole idea of wearing a smart ring is lost.

Circul+ is IP65, this gives you 15 minutes of time to wear it while you are in contact with water, it could be if you are bathing, swimming, washing clothes or any other task involving water.

If you know that you could spend some more time in the bathroom, then wearing your Circul+ ring is a bad idea, you shall put it aside and once you are done and out from the shower, you can again slide it on your finger. It’s just about understanding the potential and limitations of the devices we use and then using them accordingly, IP65 does gives an idea about the water and dust resistance capabilities of the device you use, try reading and understanding the manual when you first buy any such product, all manufacturers mention such details on the user manual for the user to know, understand and use the device accordingly.

Can You Wear Circul+ in Water?

No, you cannot wear Circul+ in water.

Smart rings shall not limit you to perform some certain tasks, it instead shall give you some more range to lead day to day business easily and efficiently. As many users and experts have given their reviews that Circul+ ring is quite bulgy and you can’t fold your finger, you are wearing it in this trait won’t allow you to do something which involves where you need to form a fist, like kneading dough.

It is not only about the shower, being a woman you sometimes do need to wash the dishes and Sunday is always kept for refreshing your wardrobe. These tasks are not something which you could always and only wind-up in 15 minutes, and to part ways with your health metrics companion Circul+ for a longer period of time is not a good idea.

This could impact the details which you expect your Circul+ ring to capture because once it left away, the operations will be on halt and this lag could also cause some inaccuracies in the final reports you get in your Circul+ application, it depends on the user, how they figure out some solution to encounter such issues, and with time get used to such limitations and use Circul+ ring accordingly.

Can You Wear Circul+ While Swimming?

No, you cannot wear Circul+ while swimming.

The best exercises ever advised are cycling and swimming, they would ask you to move all your limbs to perform them or you won’t be able to hold. Swimming often is adopted by many people who work for long days. A shower in an open pool is something which always refreshes your mind and soul. 

What if you are wearing Circul+ ring and thinking about some subsequent lapses of swimming, obviously you will forget the time count and if your Circul+ exceeds 15 minutes of contact with water then it could malfunction. If you are are very sure that your lapse won’t last more than 15 minutes then you may swim along with Circul+ ring in your hand, and if you don’t know how much time you love enjoying in the pool, avoid it. Moreover, IP 65 also says that, the garde it’s rated in makes it resistant from splashes and nozzle sprays and doesn’t really guide anything for the immersion, it’s better you slide it away from your finger while enjoying your swim session after the long day at work.


Showing resistance and holding tight is something that is always looked upon whenever we buy any new gadget. It’s not always feasible to put the device aside especially if you are wearing a smart ring and then perform your routine tasks, this is not why exactly you spent a huge chunk of your salary on them. 

Smart rings are supposed to accompany you while you are busy with yourself or even sleeping. The IP grade rating system classifies the devices and let the user know about the water and dust resistance capabilities the device is equipped with, so that they can use it efficiently.

Who have thought, some 20 years ago that electronic gadgets could withstand water, people were always concerned about their costly watches while they come in contact with water, now we can see the amount of development many electronic devices has shown, some watches are there which even if you bury in mud for 15-20 days and then take them out, they will be still working finely, without any harms caused.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Circul+ Ring Require A Subscription?

Circul+ ring works without any charges for subscription. The Circul+ application even includes a free cloud portal and dashboard for viewing your body metrics analysis and reports on PC.

Does Oura Monitor Blood Pressure?

Oura doesn’t come with any systems to monitor blood pressure, it however racks, user heart rate, tracks sleep and keeps a track of activities users get into.

Is There A Ring For Blood Pressure?

Movano Health has recently showcased their Evie ring in the ongoing CES 2024. Evie ring does come with technology for non-invasive blood pressure measuring, so Evie is the name for a ring for blood pressure.

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