How To Reboot Circul+ Ring

How To Reboot Circul+ Ring? Know The Process!

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The very first and the only ring Oximeter, the Circul+ ring is also the medically graded heart and blood oxygen wellness monitor which tracks number of body metrics. However, the confusion regarding the rebooting for this is still lingering and this piece will help you understand How to reboot Circul+ ring along with many other relatable information. Smart devices from time to time require rebooting which is an essential practice to help them breath and come out of the several relapse stages while they function for long hours.

A very advanced type of charging pattern for smart rings is enhanced within this ring, just plug in the USB to your Laptop and place the ring in the slot and magnets will hold the ring. Designed thoughtfully with spring enabled sides and comes in three different sizes, small, large and extra large, which covers every user requirements. The sensors sit at the belly portion of your finger, because it’s the spot where exactly the experts believe that most of the nerves get in touch with sensors, enabling them to provide more accurate results.

Circul+ ring trademark is that it can measure continuous blood oxygen level of the user without caring about the skin color. This was confirmed during COVID- pandemic that most of the pulse Oximeters are giving limited or inaccurate results for varying different skin colors. Rebooting is one of the most important things which helps our smart devices work efficiently for longer hours and provide desired results. This post will discuss the process to reboot Circul+ ring, the benefits of rebooting and other essentials concerned.

How To Reboot Circul+ Ring?

Rebooting your smart gadgets is necessary to keep them away from malfunctioning or providing inaccurate information. Same is for the Circul+ ring reboot which shall be done in regular intervals for long and healthy life of the ring. Reboot is the process to simply turn off the device and turn it back on. Most of the smart rings like Oura or Circular one require manual efforts to perform the reboot or restart, but as Circul+ is known for the best innovation, it does the reboot on its own, don’t worry you will receive a prior notification informing you and seeking your permission.

Circul+ ring reboot is quite simple as compared to other smart rings, however it also takes time to get successfully completed. Below we have explained the Circul+ ring reboot procedure in simple steps for you to understand and perform it easily;

  1. The green light indicator shows that your Circul+ ring is being charged and when it turns to solid green, it tells you that full charge is done. 
  1. Suddenly while wearing your ring, if you observe that same strong solid green light and a notification received, tells that your Circul+ ring reboot is about to happen.
  1. You shall then slide out your ring from your finger and put it away and shall not use it.
  1. Make sure that you are not charging the ring and it’s completely inoperational to avoid interferences in the rebooting process.
  1. The Circul+ ring reboot process takes about 12 hours to get completed, till then you can put it at some place less accessible to avoid unintended touches.
  1. After 12 hours, the green light must have gone, check if it’s still there and wait for some more time.
  1. When the green light has completely disappeared, you shall charge your Circul+ ring now for not more than 2 hours(as usual) and it shall start functioning back normally.
  1. Your Circul+ reboot is done successfully, it’s ready to use now!!

Does Reboot Circul+ Ring Clear Memory?

No, the rebooting of Circul+ ring doesn’t clear memory.

Many of our daily chores are performed by the help of many smart gadgets, we are relying on them in different ways. There is always a common problem about the basic understanding of the gadget being used, most of the users get confused by some technical terms and often do some unintended changes on their devices which later gives them troubles and disturbs the tasks for which they rely on that device.

Rebooting is the simple process to turn your device off and then turn it back on, it’s nowhere related to resetting any settings on any of your devices. Reboot is just another term used for restart, power cycle or soft reset, it simply means turning off and then on. It won’t change any of the settings set by you or by default and any of your data or memory whether it is cloud or local won’t be disturbed and will be completely safe. If you are performing a Circul+ ring reboot, just follow the procedure mentioned above rightly and you will be done and forget that reboot Circul+ ring clear memory, it can’t.

What Are The Benefits Of Rebooting Circul+ Ring?

Providing some amount of time to your Circul+ ring is always advisable, it does help clear the temporary memory and files which sometimes could give some load to perform tasks quickly. We will discuss some points mentioned below which are the prime benefits of rebooting Circul+ ring;

  • Temporary Memory Cleansing

Rebooting Circul+ ring, flushes down the temporary files and memory. These data packets stored, takes space without serving any purpose, once deleted, rebooting will save the space which would boost the RAM functioning and the speed of your ring will considerably increase. For high speed and performance, try adopting this practice whenever you observe a lag.

  • Resolving Software Glitches

Rebooting always helps in minimizing the glitches like slow performance and freezing issues. These problems mainly occur because of software glitches, which rebooting solves by restarting the software from beginning, giving it a fresh start to operate as expected.

  • Clear Connection For Internet And Bluetooth

It’s not only about Circul+ ring reboot, many of the other gadgets which we use are equipped with wi-fi and bluetooth, and they continuously search for available connections and try to connect. This continuous practice forms a large list of connections in the range of the device, this gives troubles when we try to connect to a particular device. This can be solved by clearing the list and then rebooting the device, in case of Circul+ reboot, you just simply turn off the ring and then turn it back on.

  • Immediately Solving Emergency Issues

If you have been using your Circul+ ring for a long time, you must have come across many issues. Lag in performance is the common concern reported by many users, this causes the slow functioning of the app to capture the data and compile reports for the user. If you also observe any such lag, try Circul+ reboot procedure steps given above and this will solve many such emergency issues ranging from sluggish performance to freezing of the application.

How To Reboot Circul+ Ring To Factory Settings?

As we discussed above, the main operations and functions of the rebooting process and we cleared that reboot Circul+ ring won’t do anything to the memory and to other settings (explained in detail in the next section). Factory settings or factory reset is setting up your Circul+ ring to the settings when your ring was delivered. All the settings and memory will be cleared and your Circul+ ring will set to complete fresh settings, be aware as it will reset all settings to default and memory will be erased.

Circul+ ring comes with a Circul+ application without any subscription charges or fees. The app’s UI is quite simple and easy to use like any other smart watch application you access. 

To reboot Circul+ ring to factory settings;

  1. Simply go to the settings tab and follow the instructions in the dropdown
  2. Hit the factory reset button to reboot Circul+ ring to factory settings, as we have mentioned before, this will erase all the data and restore the settings to the same when you purchased Circul+ ring.
  3. Make sure that you have transferred data from the application to your laptop. Later on, when the process is complete you can transfer the data back and set the Circul+ as per your requirements.

Know The Difference Between Reset And Reboot Circul+ Smart Ring!

Our experts team does believe that we shall provide our readers with a certain amount of bonus information, which is pertinent to their query. It’s just about understanding some basic technical terms before we start using some high-tech device and it’s not always that your grandpa who you gifted Circul+ ring this christmas is very well versed with the traits of technology and how to perform some troubleshooting.

This time we will help folks confused about common terms like reset and reboot. Difference between reset and Reboot Circul+ smart ring is something which enable you to operate your Circul+ ring efficiently and any risks of unintended changes could be avoided, read below;

When you turn off your device for the operating system to completely turn off and turn it back on.When you reset your device to the original or default settings when you bought it.
Could be done any time, particularly if the system is sluggish.Mainly done after the reinstallation of the operating system
Clears only temporary files, and data packets.Clear all the memory and data files and restore the system settings to fresh.
Performed for small issues and emergency problems.Performed for major issues and consistent problems, inhibiting proper operations.
No need to copy the data available on the device.Data on the device shall be copied to some other portable or non portable device.
No expert guidance needed.Expert guidance is always advised.


The global leader in ring sensor technology, Bodimetrics has definitely done something in the wearables category, particularly in the smart rings niche. They have enhanced the Circul+ ring with technology never seen before. They have mostly focused on the technical portion as compared to the design and aesthetics, the prices recently have been slashed with a whopping amount of $100 to give tough competition to the competitors, wait and watch what happens next.

Evie ring deliveries will start in the late January, we can then get to know about the tall claims made by the manufacturer Movano Health, but it’s appealing design and color options within a price range of $260 is a tough competition to Oura ring 3. It has been showcased in the CES 2024, as have hogged applause all over, how it functions and aligns with the user requirements will be the final and toughest test to pass.

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