How To Reset Oura Ring? Get Insights On Soft Vs Hard Reset!

By Lokesh Jaral | Updated on March 22, 2024
How To Reset Oura Ring?

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Thousands of Oura Ring users are bombarded with recurring technical glitches and performance issues. If you are one such user looking to fix Oura Ring not connecting issues, then it is time to Factory Reset Oura Ring. Fret no more. With our guidance, you will easily get your Oura Ring working flawlessly once again. 

Fitness trackers like Oura Rings are created to accompany the users 24/7, monitor their vitals, and generate live biometrics reports based on their heart rate, blood oxygen level, body temperature, sleeping patterns, etc. This is a continuous process that requires constant monitoring for complete results. Any technical glitch that triggers Oura Ring not charging or connecting issues can be fixed by a factory reset as the last resort. 

You can reset Oura Ring by opening the Oura Ring app and tapping on the Ring icon. Swipe left and scroll down to tap on Tools. Tap to initiate Factory Reset. 

You should know that resetting your Oura Ring will completely wipe out all your biometric data. Stay with us to find out the best way to Factory Reset Oura Ring without compromising any of your saved data.

How To Reset Oura Ring?

You can reset Oura Ring by opening the Oura Ring app on your smartphone and tapping the Ring icon > Swipe left > Tools > Factory Reset.

Overusing the Oura Ring for a long time results in the overloading of data that could result in performance issues. So, to maintain the fitness tracker at optimal performance and to fix technical malfunctions like Oura Ring not connecting issues, you might be pushed to perform a factory reset for your Oura Ring. 

Before you reset Oura Ring, you should be warned that hitting factory reset will erase all your biometric data and un-sync your devices, letting you start your fitness journey from scratch. Just ensure that you take these necessary precautionary steps before you Factory Reset Oura Ring.

  1. Ensure that you have good and stable network connectivity.
  2. Check if your Bluetooth connectivity is turned on and your Oura Ring is synced to your smartphone.
  3. Place your Oura Ring on the charger and wait until it is charged for at least 50%
  4. Bring your Oura Ring close to your smartphone and keep it close until the entire backup and reset process is completed.
  5. It is highly recommended that you back up all your biometric data before you reset Oura Ring. Open the Oura App and tap the Hamburger icon. Open Settings and tap to Back Up All Data.

Now that you have backed up all your Oura Ring data, you can go ahead and perform a factory reset by following the instructions illustrated below:

Step 1 – Open the Oura App and tap the Ring icon.

Step 2 – Swipe left from the Home tab.

Step 3 – Scroll down to find Tools.

Step 4 – Tap on Factory Reset.

Note: Keep your Oura Ring away from the charger and place it on a flat surface for at least 2 minutes without moving it.

Next, head over to Bluetooth Settings and remove Oura Ring from the list of connected devices.

Finally, once you have successfully Factory Reset Oura Ring, you will be able to see the “Connect your Oura Ring” message displayed on your screen. You can now proceed to re-sync all your personal data to the ring.

How To Reset Oura Ring Without App?

You cannot reset Oura Ring without the app. Unlike most other fitness trackers, the Oura Ring does not have a screen or a button for you to press and hold to turn the device on or off or to reset it. This lack of buttons and screens makes it difficult for users to perform many functions that are pretty obvious in other fitness trackers like smartwatches. 

All Oura Ring users will have to rely on their Oura Ring app, which is installed on their smartphones, to monitor metrics and fix performance issues by resetting the ring. However, the only official way to reset Oura Ring without app is to perform a soft reset of your Oura Ring. Stay with us to know how to easily soft reset Oura Ring in case of emergency, or when you cannot access your Oura App.

How To Soft Reset Oura Ring?

Users who do not have access to their smartphones to reset via the Oura App can soft reset Oura Ring instead. Although there is no option to soft reset Oura Ring on the app, official instructions given by the creators of the Oura Ring claim that you can follow the instructions illustrated below to easily reset Oura Ring by, 

Step 1 – Place your Oura Ring on the charger and turn it on.

Step 2 – Now, tap the charger firmly a few times on the table, using your finger to hold the ring in place.

Step 3 – Wait for a minute before you open the Oura App.

Performing a soft reset will restart your Oura Ring, without deleting any of your vital data from the ring’s memory. 

Wrap Up

Fitness trackers like Oura Rings are developed to monitor the user’s vitals 24/7 to generate accurate real-time metrics. The data generated proves to be valid and efficient only when they are collected for a prolonged period of time and saved duly. We hope that you can now reset Oura Ring without compromising your saved biometric data and also fix Oura Ring not charging or connecting issues so that it can monitor your biometrics once again.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What Is An Oura Soft Reset?

The soft reset on Oura Ring is used to reset the smart ring without deleting any of the user’s saved information or unpairing the device from the user’s smartphone.

Q2. What Is The Difference Between Hard Reset And Soft Reset?

The major difference between hard reset and soft reset is that performing a hard reset will delete all the saved information and un-pair synced devices, however, a soft reset will restart the device without compromising on any of the saved user data.

Q3. How Do I Restart My Oura Ring?

Keep your Oura Ring on the charger and tap the charger firmly on the table for a few times, ensuring that the ring is still in place. Wait for a minute until your Oura Ring restarts.

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