How To Logout Of Oura App? Answered!!! 

By Lokesh Jaral | Updated on March 22, 2024
How To Logout Of Oura App?

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Oura Ring is one of the finest, smartest rings when it comes to prioritizing health and fitness using fitness trackers. To use Oura Ring and get data insight, you have to log into the Oura app; but, can you logout of Oura app? 

Oura Ring users are getting curious about how to logout of Oura app; because you cannot simply find the ‘Logout’ option on the Oura app account. Then, how to signout of Oura app? Let us find the answer for you. 

There is simply no way to logout of Oura app. All you can do is, either forcefully close the app or cancel Oura membership. In short, if you no longer want to continue with the paid app, you should opt to cancel the Oura membership and use it for free. 

On the other hand, if you wish to switch devices to use the Oura app, you do not need to logout of Oura app. Simply close the app on your old device, disconnect the Bluetooth connection, and then log into the Oura app using your new device. 

How To Logout Of Oura App On iPhone?

Trying to find out how to logout of Oura app desperately? In this article, let us share a little secret with you – you cannot log out of the Oura app!

Yes, unfortunately, there is no direct log-out or sign-out option from the Oura app. What you can do is simply close the app forcefully and switch devices to log in again or just cancel your Oura subscription. 

However, canceling the subscription does not mean that your Oura account is logged out or it is deleted. No! Now, you can simply access the free Oura account with limited insights. 

How To Logout Of Oura App On Android?

As we have discussed already, you cannot signout of Oura app. But you can surely stop paying for the membership and access the free Oura app [if required] with limited features. You can also force-stop the app, delete it from your smartphone and never install it again if you think so! 

So, if you can’t log out, let us discuss the two options in detail here. 

Method 1: Close The App Forcefully 

Step 1: Close the Oura app forcefully from your current device.

Step 2: Disconnect the Bluetooth mode.

Step 3: Remove the Oura Ring Bluetooth from your smartphone. 

After that, you can choose to remove the app and never install it again [if you do not need any insights] or reinstall the Oura app on a new device and log into it without losing any data. 

Method 2: Cancel Oura Membership

If you no longer wish to continue with the Oura subscription, you can cancel the membership and continue using the Oura Ring free-version. Here is how to cancel Oura membership:

Step 1: Log into the Oura account.

Step 2: Open My account.

Step 3: Go to the Membership tab.

Cancel Oura Membership_Membership Tab
Image Credits: Oura Ring

Step 4: Tap on cancel membership at the bottom right corner of the screen. 

How can I switch accounts in the IOS Oura app?
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As you can find in this article, there is no easy way to logout of the Oura app. So, if you are no longer interested in using the Oura app prime features, just cancel the Oura membership following the method we have discussed in this article. Canceling membership will be effected after the completion of your purchased or paid membership terms. Also, you can resume your Oura membership any day by purchasing a membership. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How Do I Disconnect My Oura Ring From The App?

To disconnect the Oura Ring from the app, open your smartphone’s Bluetooth setting and remove your Oura Ring name from the Bluetooth list. 

Q2. How Do I Log Into Oura App?

To log into the Oura app, open >> Place your Email ID >> Submit >> Click on the confirmation email that you have received >> Click Login >> Follow onscreen instructions. 

Q3. How Do I Reset My Oura Ring App?

To reset your Oura Ring app, Open the Oura Ring Home Tab >> Tap the spinning ring in  >> Swipe left >> Tools >> Set up new ring >> Factory reset current ring.

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