What Will Samsung Galaxy Ring Cost?

By Lokesh Jaral | Updated on May 17, 2024
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Samsung Ring Cost

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Fitness on a fingertip, but at what cost? While the sleek, stylish Samsung Galaxy ring promises health tracking in a stylish package, the secrecy about its price leaves potential buyers in suspense, wondering if the smart ring shines brighter on the finger or the bank statement. 

The exact cost of the Samsung Galaxy Ring remains under wraps, as the company’s lead, Pak, did not reveal anything about it during the Unpacked Event 2024. 

However, based on my research, here is what I concluded about the anticipated cost of the Samsung Galaxy ring and why I think so.

Reasons Why I Think How much Will the Galaxy Ring cost? 

I expect the Samsung Galaxy Ring to fall within the range of existing smart rings, likely between $250 and $350. Here’s why:

1. Competitors Pricing Benchmark

With other smart rings like Oura, Evie, and Ultrahuman already available at set prices in the market, Samsung must beat them with a price slash or at least not overbear them. Otherwise, why would a customer buy a ring at a higher cost if it works just as well as its competitors?

Here is a quick comparison table for you to analyze the price ranges the existing smart rings offer as a starting point:

Smart Rings Costs Range Monthly Subscription
Oura Ring $299 to $549 $5.99
Evie Ring $269 NA
Circular $282.58 to $367.90 (Pro 1) NA
Ultrahuman $349 NA

While these smart rings offer a baseline for the Galaxy ring, they have also set the bar for its price. So, the expected price of a Samsung smart ring might be somewhere between $250 to $350.

2. Market Positioning Strategy

While discussing with users on forums and searching different social media platforms, I have concluded that users are eagerly waiting for Samsung’s market positioning strategy. 

Some users consider the ring a Galaxy Watch without a screen for the same price as the 6 Classic, while others say Samsung is just trying to get a foot in by providing activity, nutrition, sleep, and stress metrics like the existing smart rings. 

It would be interesting to see how Samsung plays its card, providing unique features like NFC payments and the ability to control other devices in the Ring that could tempt users to switch from existing rings. Keeping this in view, Samsung might strategically price the Galaxy Ring to compete effectively with competitors at similar price points.

3. No Subscription on the Brand’s other devices

As Samsung smartwatches don’t have monthly subscriptions, users expect the Samsung Galaxy Ring, too will have no subscription charges. So, even advanced features can be accessed without paying extra money.

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Final Verdict

Here is everything about the expected cost of the Samsung Galaxy ring. Once Samsung unveils the official Samsung Galaxy ring release date, you’ll be in a better position to decide if the Galaxy Ring aligns with your budget and health tracking goals. Until then, keep a lookout for further announcements about how much will the Samsung Galaxy Ring cost.

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