Samsung Smart Ring Rumors: What To Expect?

By Lokesh Jaral | Updated on May 17, 2024
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Samsung Galaxy Ring Rumors

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Everyone’s heard the rumors about Samsung Galaxy smart ring, with its glimpses in press briefings, but no one can really grasp it. 

Is the smart ring a ground-breaking health tracker that is about to take the tech market by storm or just a hyped-up wearable? Hold on, techies! The latest Samsung smart ring rumors will leave you gasping for air.

Samsung Smart Ring Rumors – Facts or Fiction?

Separating rumors from reality is my forte, and today, I’m delving into the pool of rumors about the highly anticipated Samsung smart ring to separate the facts from fiction. With little but no official information available, speculation runs wild. So, let’s sort through them and know what latest rumors are swirling around:

1. Samsung Galaxy Ring Release Date

The rumored release date for the Samsung smart ring is August 2024. 

However, this piece of information is more of a speculation than a rumor. According to a new report by the Korean newsletter, The Elec, the Samsung Galaxy smart ring is anticipated to be showcased at the upcoming Unpacked in July. So, you can expect the ring to slide through your finger in late July or early August. 

2. Samsung Galaxy Ring Pricing

The anticipated price of the Galaxy smart ring is between $250 and $350. 

When discussing with users the chances of buying this new ring, the one core factor most of them considered is its price range. So, Samsung needs to consider its potential competitors, who provide the rings at an overall base price ranging from $269 to $367.

3. Samsung Smart Ring Compatibility 

The Samsung smart ring is rumored to be compatible with Samsung Galaxy series phones only.

However, based on what Pak said during the Unpacked event, the company is working on making the ring compatible with other Android devices as well. However, no such confirmation has been made for iPhone users.

4. Samsung Smart Ring NFC Payments

Samsung ring is likely to incorporate NFC technology for cashless payments.

While Samsung has hinted at the possibility of making contactless payments with the Samsung smart ring, it has not provided any concrete details, but users are definitely considering this a decisive factor in buying the ring. So, if the Samsung ring comes with NFC technology, it is going to make a hit, as this is something that other smart rings don’t do.

5. Health Features

The Samsung Smart Ring is considered to be the first device to detect sleep apnea.

While Samsung will probably provide all the health-tracking features, the existing rings do at similar price points; detecting Health apnea is its unique and pioneered health-tracking feature. Besides this, the company is also thinking of releasing a health metric, “My Vitality Score,” to measure general metrics. 

6. Samsung Smart Ring Sizing Kit

Rumors suggest that Samsung might offer a free sizing kit similar to what other smart ring companies offer.

However, Samsung hasn’t yet shared any information regarding the sizing kits or how you will be able to choose the size for your ring. But I would say a pre-release sizing kit would eliminate the guesswork and frustration of ordering the wrong size ring.

7. Samsung Smart Ring Water Resistance Capacity

Galaxy Ring can withstand immersion in 1 meter of water for 30 minutes or longer.

However, the official water resistance rating remains unknown; the Samsung Galaxy Ring will probably be at least water-resistant for daily use. So, I would suggest you hold off on diving or swimming until after Samsung makes official announcements.

8. Samsung Smart Ring Subscription

Users are expecting the ring to come with a non-subscription model.

However, Samsung doesn’t offer a paid tier of its Samsung Health platform, which the Galaxy Ring will integrate into. I hope this doesn’t change when the ring comes out, just like Oura did. Also, when I asked some users why they were waiting for the ring to be launched when they had other alternatives, they highlighted the brand preference and for the ring to bear no subscription fees additionally, which they had to do for the Oura ring.

9. Samsung Smart Ring Media Control

Rumors suggest that Galaxy Ring will be able to support remote control of other devices.

Imagine how convenient it would be to switch between calls, change the music track, and adjust the volume, among other things, without having to tap on your phone or wireless earbuds every time you wish to access a message or change the music track. 

I would say this feature could be a revolutionary step that has the potential to make it a head-on competitor of Apple.

10. Samsung Smart Ring Integration

Rumor says that the Samsung Galaxy ring will be your personal dietician.

Although I don’t understand how this will work, it seems Samsung is entering the meal-planning market. Galaxy Ring will integrate with Samsung Food, a meal-planning app (earlier called Whisk) it acquired last year, to create meal plans using data obtained from the Galaxy Ring’s measurement.


While the rumors paint an intriguing picture, it is yet to be seen how many of the speculations and rumors remain true when the Samsung Galaxy smart ring comes out in its final form. 
To be honest, my expectations from this smart ring are so high. But I want to know about your expectations. What do you expect from this upcoming stylish smart ring? Tell me in the comments section below. Until then, stay tuned for further announcements.

Step into Lokesh's tech-style haven! As your guide in the world of smart rings, Lokesh infuses every byte with a touch of personal flair. Discover the perfect blend of innovation and elegance, where health tech meets sleek designs. Join Lokesh on this journey—your go-to companion for all things smart and stylish!

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