What Does RingConn Track? New Oura Ring Competitor!

By Lokesh Jaral | Updated on March 22, 2024
What Does RingConn Track?

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RingConn – the cheapest smart ring available in the market is growing its fanbase fast! But, why is RingConn becoming so popular? What does RingConn track? If these questions are popping up in your head too, we have the answer for you!

RingConn smart ring highly resembles the Oura Ring in terms of features and functions. But, does RingConn track the same features as the Oura Ring? The controversy is coiling up on many social platforms. Let’s unwind the complicated thoughts here by simply comparing RingConn and Oura Ring features. 

RingConn tracks – sleep stages, Resting HR and HRV, SpO2 and temperature, robust activities, and stress. Moreover, RingConn offers a personalized data analysis that helps to track fitness easily and help to reach fitness goals. 

RingConn is the new Oura Ring alternative that is surely catching more attention after receiving the Good Design Awards 2023. But, does RingConn track features as accurately as the Oura Ring? Can we share the RingConn data with doctors? We have a lot to find out! 

What Does RingConn Track?

Like Oura Ring, the RingConn smart ring is focused on tracking health and fitness vitals. Here is a list of the parameters RingConn is focused on:

  1. Sleep Stages 
  2. Resting HR and HRV
  3. SPO2 and Temperature
  4. Robust Activities 
  5. Stress

The RingConn Smart Ring comes with multiple sensors that help to track health vitals like Resting HR and HRV, SPO2, and skin temperature. Further analyzing these data, RingConn detects sleep stages as well as stress level accurately. 

However, this is just a shallow brief to learn “What does RingConn track?” Let’s start digging deep. 

1. Sleep Tracking

What Does RingConn Track?_Sleep Tracking

Open the RingConn application, and you will find the Sleep section, where your sleeping quality is rated 0-100 for every night. If you want to check detailed insights, you have to click on the ‘Sleep Score Factors’

How Does RingConn Ring Tracks Sleep?

The RingConn Ring tracks sleeping stages using skin temperature, SpO2, resting heart rate, and heart rate variables. Factors like resting heart rate and heart rate variables help to understand if your sleeping pattern was influenced by alcohol or excess food consumption. 

On the Other hand, using the SpO2 and skin temperature, RingConn determines when you were in deep sleep and when it was shallow or dozing. However, unlike the Oura Ring, RingConn cannot monitor movements during sleeping time. Also, RingConn cannot detect whether the user has sleep apnea or not

2. Resting HR And HRV 

What Does RingConn Track?_Resting HR And HRV

RingConn tracks Resting Heart Rate [HR] and Heart Rate Variables [HRV] simultaneously. The best thing about HR and HRV tracking is that it helps RingConn understand accurately how the body is falling asleep or reacting to any particular situation. 

How Does RingConn Ring Tracks HR and HRV?

RingConn comes with PPG and ECG sensors that are placed inside the ring. These sensors help to track the HR and HRV. As per the tech enthusiasts, data captured by the RingConn for HR and HRV are almost the same [read: accurate] as the data captured by the Oura Ring.

3. Blood Oxygen Level SpO2 And Temperature

What Does RingConn Track?_Blood Oxygen Level SpO2 And Temperature

Like Oura and the Evie Ring, RingConn is also focused on reading the SpO2 data and skin temperature. But, does RingConn track SpO2 and skin temperature as good as the Oura Ring? Yes, so far, comparative research by tech enthusiasts showed that the SpO2 reading and skin temperature reading by the RingConn is as good as the Oura Ring. It also implies that, based on these accurate data, RingConn is perfectly capable of tracking stress and sleep stages

How Does RingConn Ring Tracks Oxygen Level SpO2 And Temperature?

If your concern is, how does RingConn track SpO2 and skin temperature accurately, the answer is ‘advanced sensors’. RingConn has included multiple sensors inside the smart ring that can accurately track data, including SpO2 and skin temperature. 

4. Robust Activity Tracking

What Does RingConn Track?_Robust Activity Tracking

RingConn is popular for tracking robust activities. However, RingConn’s activity tracking and its presentation on the app are completely different from the Oura Ring’s app. If you open the RingConn’s application, you cannot find a scorecard for any individual activities. Even if you imported data from iHealth and GFit health apps, these data will be merged to give an overall impression. 

You will receive an overall score, and the more you move, your scores will increase. You can also find the number of steps taken and the number of calories burned. When you are not moving, those points are too placed on the graph. The best part is that you can move or delete those points, as RingConn offers the opportunity to edit the graph. 

How Does RingConn Ring Tracks Activities?

RingConn does not reveal who does RingConn track activities and calorie burns. However, it can be speculated that, like the Oura Ring, RingConn must calculate Metabolic Equivalents, or METs, to figure out the calorie burn. 

5. Stress Insights

What Does RingConn Track?_Stress Insights

Measuring stress insights is one of the key features of the Oura Ring. And, now RingConn is following the same queue! Using the RingConn app, now you can get your stress insights and work on your stress management. To some extent, stress is good for productivity; however, by tracking the data on RingConn you can calculate whether you have only ‘positive’ stresses or over-burning yourselves

The stress insights reading is calculated based on HRV [mainly] and other vitals. From the app, you can check all-day stress levels, stress ratio, and sleeping stress. If your score is normal to medium – you are okay! 

How Does RingConn Ring Tracks Stress Insights?

RingConn calculates the Stress insights by monitoring physiological markers like heart rate and skin temperature. Knowing your stress level can direct you to learn more about your mental well-being. For instance, the stress management graph can help you to determine which ‘daytime’ you were stressed more and you can address it quickly to achieve your health goal. 

Is RingConn Tracking Health And Fitness Data Better Than The Oura Ring?

Considering RingConn emulates the same features as the Oura Ring, it is obvious that users will be keen to know if RingConn is tracking health and Fitness data better than the Oura Ring. Well, considering the realm of the Oura Ring is bigger than the RingConn, it is expected that the Oura Ring is doing a better job than the RingConn. And this statement is completely right to some extent.

However, RingConn is tracking the health metrics that are proven as good as the Oura Ring. The accuracy of the data is tested by many users. Moreover, RingConn is offering the same features as the Oura Ring but at a lower price tag. The Oura Ring costs $299 [starting price], while a RingConn Smart Ring will cost you $279 only. If you are on a budget, RingConn is always the better option for you. 

One week with ringconn
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The Competition between the Oura Ring and the RingConn was too close, and the same is reflected in the RingConn features. RingConn tracks almost all health vitals and activities that are tracked by the Oura Ring. For instance, the RingConn smart ring can track sleep insights, HR, HRV, stress monitoring, calorie burn, and other activities. And now, as displayed in CES 2024, the RingConn smart ring is also capable of tracking menstrual cycle tracking and OSAHS (Obstructive Sleep Apnea Hypopnea Syndrome)

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. Does RingConn Measure Blood Pressure?

Yes, RingConn measures Blood Pressure. RingConn uses four temperature sensors to track how the user’s body is feeling and thus measure blood pressure accurately. 

Q2. How Accurate Is RingConn?

As data compared by tech enthusiasts and tech media, the data offered by the RingConn Smart Ring is as good as the Oura Ring. Also, it is found that the collected data are accurate enough to be accepted in healthcare. 

Q3. How Often Does RingConn Measure Heart Rate?

RingConn comes with an accurate PPG sensor that helps to read the heart rate of the users accurately. In fact, RingConn updates heart rate every 5 minutes, which is faster than many smart wearables available in the market. 

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