Which Finger Is Best For Oura Ring?

By Lokesh Jaral | Updated on June 21, 2024
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An image showing person wearing a silver Oura Ring on their index finger: Which Finger Is Best For Oura Ring

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Initially, I was feeling a little lost about where to place my Oura ring. But thanks to the sizing kit and Oura’s help, I have evaluated and tested each finger of both hands to understand the perfect placement. 

While buying the ring, I was most concerned about which finger of which hand I should wear it to get apt scores. So, after careful consideration, I decided to wear it on the index finger of my left hand (non-dominated). By far, the ring has been treating me with good scores, and I haven’t come across any wear and tear. So, I guess this can be a generalized choice. 

What Does Oura Say About Ring’s Placement?

As per Oura, this is the information you should consider for a secure fit:

  • Best: Index Finger
  • Alternatives: Middle or Ring Finger (if comfortable and without large knuckles)
  • Not Recommended: Fingers with Large Knuckles

I was oblivious to the fact that some people have larger knuckles. I didn’t even know whether this was a thing until I researched about finding the best finger for the snugly fit. 

People, especially the ones with knuckles larger than the base of their fingers, can find what fits them the best. I guess fit and comfort are common with people with all types of fingers, bigger knuckles or not. But that’s not the case with everyone. So, I myself tried it out. 

What Did I Find?

When my colleague Smriti (I hope you remember her) and I decided to go for the Oura ring, the biggest question was how to find out its accurate placement. 

Since my non-dominated hand is the left one, I was more comfortable with putting it on my index finger; she, on the other hand, went for the middle finger of her dominant hand. But, the one thing that we both precisely considered while buying was that it didn’t leave any gaps or voids, and with regular use, it doesn’t rotate around our fingers too much.

Because as per Oura, your finger’s pad should constantly be in contact with the sensors on the inside of your Oura Ring. It should not feel overly tight when worn on a daily basis and be comfortable to wear for extended periods of time.

Comparison Between the Different Fingers 

From my personal experience, I would say what Oura says is right. Because now, after eight months of having the Oura ring, my ring is as new as gold, but Smriti’s ring has been tarnished in a few areas, and it seems a little older than it actually is. 

I think the logic behind this is — choosing to wear the ring on your dominant vs non-dominant hand. Since our dominant hand is more active, it may cause the ring to wear and tear early. A non-dominant hand keeps the ring secure for a longer period.

Also, sometimes, I wear it on the middle finger so I can move it to the right or left hand with weight fluctuations, and it seems to stay protected. I also keep switching it from my Right index finger during the day to my Left index finger while sleeping because my left-hand swells less for unknown reasons. This is a habit from when I had the Gen 2 ring. But keep in mind that on whatever finger you are placing it, the rim should be attached to the base of your skin. 

Since I switch the ring between my fingers a lot more than necessary, there are just minor differences between the stats (almost negligible) because I make sure that no spaces or gaps exist between the ring and the finger. 

On the other hand, Smriti doesn’t move her ring that much. She just switched from her middle finger to her index finger ring once, and I don’t recall her seeing any particular difference in stats.

Frequently Asked Questions

Wrap Up

So, if you ask me, I would suggest that you should go for the index finger (dominant or non-dominant) hand because other than the minor scratches and the small wear and tear, I didn’t find any effect on stats. But, of course, everyone has their own comfort, so you can choose between your index finger, middle and ring finger. It wouldn’t affect your scores if it is a secure fit. 

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