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By Shubham Attri | Updated on March 22, 2024
Motorola Flexible Phone Name

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Being a smart wearable gadgets lover, you might have seen the teaser of Motorola’s flexible phone. Whereas Motorola is gearing up to launch the first-ever wearable phone, tech fans are already quite excited about the phone. But the question is: What is Motorola flexible phone name? What name will Motorola give to this innovative new wearable device? 

Users can not only enjoy using wearable Motorola phone with smartphone features. They can use it in self-standing mode and even wear it on their wrist like a bracelet. But what should we call it? Unlike any other fashion-technology enthusiasts, you might be curious to know the Motorola flexible phone name in USA and all over the world. 

Motorola Flexible Phone Name

Motorola flexible phone name has yet to be announced. Knowing the way one can experience using the innovative e-bangle smartphone, many rumors are spreading about Motorola flexible phone name.

One of the big questions asked on social media platforms like X and Reddit is about the name of the upcoming Motorola wearable phone. People in the USA are very keen to know the Motorola flexible phone name in USA. It’s expected that Motorola will come up with a completely new and unique name that will match the phone’s features and specifications.

This is not the only thing people are looking for. They are also curious to see if Motorola targets all the features that tech enthusiasts are waiting for. Only time will tell what the future holds for Motorola’s flexible phone. However, one thing is for sure: the phone will make a big splash when it is released next year.

Those who are unaware of the Motorola flexible phone specs and features can know that this phone is going to amaze you with its stunning features, including AI-generated wallpapers when worn on the wrist, the capability to be used as a wearable smartwatch, and self-standing mode. 

Motorola Flexible Phone Release Date 

Motorola Flexible Phone Release Date
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There is no official information available about the expected release date of the Motorola flexible phone. But, as per the rumors spread on the internet, it is anticipated to be released in early 2024. This shows that we can expect to hit the online stores and in markets in the first quarter of next year, i.e., 2024.

Motorola Flexible Phone Price 

The company has given no information about the expected Motorola flexible phone price. But seeing the features added to Motorola’s innovative wrist phone, people are discussing its price and guessing it would be somewhat near the cost of similar smartphones. The anticipated price range is 1500 USD to 2000 USD. 

As mentioned earlier, there is no official information about the Motorola wearable phone release date and price; it is advised not to trust the rumors and wait for Motorola to announce the insides of the phone officially.

Wrapping Up

Motorola flexible phone is going to be the most anticipated smartphone of 2024. The phone’s flexible 6.9-inch display makes it more durable and portable. Additionally, the wearable design of the phone and its ability to resize the display to 4.6 inches in self-standing mode make it more convenient to use. So, wait for more time to know the Motorola flexible phone name and other details.

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