How Is The Evie Ring Different From Other Smart Rings?

By Smriti Razdan | Updated on May 3, 2024
How Is The Evie Ring Different From Other Smart Rings?

Smriti is a true tech aficionado and WearableXP’s resident review specialist. Her approach to technology is anything but ordinary. After years of research and expertise...Read more

Starting from Mclear who launched the first ever smart ring in 2016, the race has now reached to Movano, who is claiming talls with its new Evie ring. We all know that Mclear NFC enabled smart ring was limited to contactless payments, gate access and gadget access only, whereas Evie ring is different from it with multiple features included but how is the Evie ring different from other smart rings like Oura, Iris and many others available.

Is there really something new or never seen before? Every geek is curious about this and all those who rely on such gadgets are showing much interest in this conversation. The Evie smart ring is launched, but deliveries are yet to start, this is what, not allowing people to settle down their questions, it’s not available to test, once launched anticipations, speculations and rumors will part their paths for sure, till then, let’s wait!!

With features ranging from monitoring health metrics like, Heart rate, heart rate variability, SPO2, respiration rate, temperature, steps, activity, calories, burned, sleep, sleep stages, and menstrual cycle tracking also, Evie ring has barged into the smart rings market quite loudly, but wait a minute, isn’t this already available in rings like Oura and others, what’s the difference then, why is it’s noise everywhere around that The Evie ring is different from other smart rings and it will be one of its kind. Our research team have pulled out something from you to know, have a glance below!!

Factors Setting The Evie Ring Different From Other Smart Rings

It was not easy for us to come out with something that really tells you something different, which we believe will make you believe that the Evie ring could be different from other smart rings. We compared from roots to tap roots, from make quality to array of features included. The technologies working behind the different features, the precision in results, which depends upon the type and versatility of data metrics obtained, this further relies on type and number of sensors used, you can have an idea, how deep our research team have digged and the we filtered this carved clay, read below;

Open Flexible Design

It’s made of scratch proof liquid metal and the most unique and we can say the USP of the Evue smart ring is the award winning open design. As said by Movano’s chief of product and strategy Stacy Salvi “It’s slightly flexible. It actually flexes about 2 millimeters, so it’s really comfortable to put on and off,”. This really gives women the freedom to perform different chores of the day, when their knuckles sometimes slightly swell, there is no need to remove and keep away, the whole idea of wearing it will be lost otherwise.

First Medical Grade Health Tracker

The Evie smart ring is not just any other wearable tracking your bio-metrics. It’s the purpose driven healthcare solution, which implies that it’s not only here for some random collection of data relying on some averages. Its usage of advanced medical technologies like PPG and spectroscopy makes it a first ever medical grade health tracker or wearable, setting it as special and different from other smart rings.

Menstruation Cycle And Menopause Symptoms Analysis

We know that this has been already available in Oura and that too with 93-98% of accuracy. But in this era of technology and AI, the level of competition is seeing new levels. It has been claimed that it uses more than one factor for determining the period cycle, period estimation, ovulation estimation, symptom tracking and mood tracking. The Evie smart ring tracks sleep and analyse if there’s any interruption in sleep due to dip in progesterone. The progesterone levels are ascertained by skin temperature and user logged in information and data.

FDA Approval

Heart rate and SPO2(blood oxygen level) are also already available in other smart rings, so how come this feature makes the Evie ring different from other smart rings. It’s because they have applied for FDA approval, which implies that the Evie ring is embedded with some accurate sensors to collect data which is more close to precision and can be used clinically.

Cuffless Blood Pressure And Non-Invasive Blood Sugar Monitoring

When we say cuffless blood pressure, it seems ingenuine and unreliable, but yes it’s true. As we talked above, about the PPG technology, the Evie ring uses it to measure the user’s blood pressure without coiling the conventional cuff around the arm, till now it has been only calculated based on the heart rate, which is not always correct. For non-invasive blood sugar, the Evie ring comes with advanced optical sensors which uses near-infrared spectroscopy technology to measure the blood-sugar concentration. This really tells how different the Evie ring is from other smart rings, it’s just about knowing someone to make your mind, don’t rush.

Price Range

The Evie ring price starts from 260$ and goes up to 300$. It comes in gold, rose gold and silver finishes. Different styles and patterns definitely determine the price slab they are included in. The price however seems similar to other smart rings, which could never be an issue for use, if it’s’ really worth this or if it’s too cheap for great features mentioned above, wait till the deliveries start.


We are really not sure where will this fight for precision lead to. Every other day, a new such device is being launched with some amazing to absurd features and claims of more than 100% precision, and it’s really confusing on the consumer’s part to decide which maker to go with. 

Where as on on side many users around the world have benefitted from wearable devices which monitors their bio-metrics, on the parallel there have been equal or more reports of some disastrous experiences by users, which mainly happens due to inadequacy in using, too much reliability on technology or sub-standard products with low precision, the regional governing bodies for making of such devices which measures biometrics shall intervene when any new company claims something which could impact masses.


Who Invented Evie Ring?

The Evie ring has been invented by Movano Health. You can preorder it and deliveries will start in late January 2024. 

What Material Is The Evie Ring Made Of?

Evie ring is made up of multiple components, one among them is liquid metal, and Zirconium based alloy which contains 4-5 metals. It comes with scratch-resistant titanium coating, which makes it rigid and users can wear it all along the day without worrying.

How Much Does The Evie Ring Cost?

The price range for the Evie ring starts from 260$. It comes with complimentary sizing kit and sizes are available from 5-12 with gold, rose gold and silver finishes. You can preorder it on the official website of the Evie ring, deliveries will start from late January 2024.

Smriti is a true tech aficionado and WearableXP’s resident review specialist. Her approach to technology is anything but ordinary. After years of research and expertise in cutting-edge consumer technology, she is now exploring the world of smart wearables only to evaluate and bring her unique insights.

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