How To Charge Prevention Circul + With Laptop USB

How To Charge Prevention Circul+ With Laptop USB? Its Easy!

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Prevention Circul+ measures your health metrics continuously for long hours and to perform aptly your ring must be charged, there are two ways to charge Prevention Circul+ and this article will inform you about how to charge Prevention Circul+ with laptop USB to keep it working for long hours to analyze and form reports and suggestions based on the data obtained.

Prevention Circul+ is a CES awardee for its efficiency to recognise the problem and form a solution, which pulse Oximeters were earlier failing to go along with. However, the design is quite bulgy, which has been a concern of many users, the problem for which it has provided the solution is something which makes it stand away from many other smart rings which are aesthetically appealing.

Please remember that if you charge Prevention Circul+ with Laptop USB, it wont give any harm to the battery and it will charge efficiently, to perform for the next many hours to come. Many new users also speculate that laptop won’t charge the Prevention Circul+ sufficiently and charging will be slow, it’s not the smartphone with a battery of size of your hand, it’s a smart ring, with a tiny battery with size of the tip of the matchstick, Laptop is sufficient to fill it’s appetite.

How To Charge Prevention Circul+ With Laptop USB?

You recently bought, Prevention Circul+ and It’s pretty obvious to ask questions like how to charge Prevention Circul+ with Laptop USB because you don’t want to harm your newly bought smart gadget. We understand the concern and we are here to help you with the same.

Before we proceed towards the procedure and steps to charge Prevention Circul+ with Laptop USB, make sure that you have the USB type A adapter with you, this comes with the ring itself and you don’t need to buy it separately.

Follow below steps mentioned to charge your newly bought Prevention Circul+ with Laptop USB;

  1. Place the ring into the USB type A charging platform, the magnets will hold it.
  1. Make sure that your Laptop is turned on, this will only provide current to the USB to charge your smart ring.
  1. If your Laptop is some new model and doesn’t come with a type A USB slot, then you need to buy a USB type A to C adapter and then plug it into the Laptop.
  1. Hold the ring and wait for the green light to flash, which indicates that the ring is being charged.
  1. Green light sometimes takes time to flash on, mostly when you are using the ring after a long time or you sometimes need to take it out and put back a few times to connect it properly.
  1. Prevention Circul+ ring takes about 2 hours to charge completely, the green light will turn to strong green light, indicating that the battery is fully charged.
  1. Plug out the ring at the same time when you see strong green light, leaving it over there only could cause reverse flow of current, which impacts the battery life and performance.

Prevention Circul+ Charging Time And Battery Life

It is always advised that whenever you buy any new gadget or something like that, you shall go through the manual provided. This just gives you an idea about the nature, limitations and other features of the device you bought recently.

Prevention Circul+ Charging Time : 2 Hours

Prevention Circul+ Battery Life : 16 Hours

Smart rings in itself is a new concept, many new users have damaged their smart rings by charging or using them in unadvised manners. Worry not, we are here to provide you answers for your questions like how to charge Prevention Circul+ with Laptop USB and help you use it efficiently, it’s always advised to seek an advice when you are not sure and specifically when it’s something costing you a huge amount, you just can’t do it otherwise.


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