How To Fix Prevention Circul+ Cannot Be Charged

How To Fix Prevention Circul+ Cannot Be Charged? DIY!

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Hand winding to mechanical to electronic to being smart, watches can now be charged. Technology shrunk again, Smart rings like Circul+ have really shook the market but it’s not error proof and we have been receiving queries about fixing Prevention Circul+ cannot be charged which forced our research team to come up and suggest some solutions.

Devices which work on batteries sometimes give issues about battery life, not being charged properly or sometimes that they simply cannot be charged. Many manufacturers emphasize on equipping their smart rings with advanced technology and sensors to measure the health metrics accurately and efficiently, this could impact the design to accommodate sufficiently good charging set up.

Smart rings like Prevention Circul+ contains quite small batteries, so are their connectors for charging, there are chances of blockages, loose connections or improper insertion, we shall know about the device we are using, worry not this article will make you aware about the most possible reasons which will enable you to fix Prevention Circul+ cannot be charged and then to be used efficiently.

How To Fix Prevention Circul+ Cannot Be Charged?

It’s trending on social media platforms and even our research team is buried under queries ranging from early battery draining and about total denial from the device telling them that Prevention Circul+ cannot be charged. This could impact the accurate measuring of a user’s health metrics, because when it’s being charged it won’t work and you have to keep your Prevention Circul+ ring aside, which is not a good idea.

We are here to save the purpose for which you bought the smart ring to accompany you always and ever, below we will discuss about the possible reasons causing the issue and How to fix Prevention Circul+ cannot be charged which we will make you know what to avoid and what practices you shall adopt further to get rid of such issues, while using your Prevention Circul+ for long time to come, read below;

Possible Reasons Why Prevention Circul+ Cannot Be Charged

Battery Severely Depleted

This is not in the case of Prevention Circul+ only, any electronic gadget which uses a chargeable battery can stop working when it’s been used for a long time. It’s because the battery is still in connection with the current distributors and this depletes the battery severely for long periods. This could also damage the battery if Prevention Circul+ is not being used for long periods.

How To Fix: 

Circul+ guide suggests that if you have not used your Prevention Circul+ ring for a longer period of time, plug it into charging and it could take 10-12 minutes for the green light to flash because of intense depletion.

If the green light didn’t come after even some 20 minutes, try repeating by reconnecting and still if nothing happens, then there are chances of battery damage which you can confirm by getting your Prevention Circul+ ring examined by an authorized service expert.

Ring Is Not Well Positioned On The Charger 

Prevention Circul+ ring is equipped with a charging platform, which holds the charging pin with magnets. Magnets sometimes loosen their grip over time or because of unintended touch, this could move the desired position of the ring with the charger.

How To Fix:

Try positioning the ring properly in the charger and make sure that it is well connected by waiting for the green light to come.

Make sure that the charging set up is away at some less used space to avoid any disturbances which cause intended movements.

Try checking the Prevention Circul+ ring charging by observing the green light blinking, it takes up to 2 hours to charge completely.

Insufficient Power Supply

Prevention Circul+ guide also suggests that its battery is not good to be charged with the current from a Laptop or power bank, these devices provide direct current (DC) which is insufficient and inapplicable and is the strong reason for Prevention Circul+ cannot be charged.

How To Fix:

To Fix Prevention Circul+ cannot be charged, try connecting it with the power adapter plugged into the power socket of 220-240V. 

This provides the applicable current to the Circul+ring to charge properly. Try checking the green light blinkings, which indicates that the charging is in progress, if such is not happening, proceed to the next fix mentioned ahead.

Charging Slot Oxidized

Devices like Prevention Circul+ are exposed to dust and water, which with time oxidizes the charging slot terminals and inhibits in the power supply and charging process. Oxidation could also happen because of continuous and long hours of usage in unfavorable conditions, read below the fix for this which will also fix Prevention Circul+ cannot be charged issue for you.

How To Fix:

Try cleaning the charging slot with an alcohol cotton ball, alcohol will clean the slot greatly along with soaking the moisture if there is any.

You can also use a common nail paint remover, which does this job efficiently, or if you can spare some drops from your bar cabin, the Prevention Circul+ ring won’t mind, don’t worry it won’t slur and still work properly.

Malfunctioned Power Adapters

The power adapter which you are using could be damaged or malfunctioned and is not supplying any current further. Power adapters get damaged when they are plugged in without any use or if the connection of the pins and socket is loose which breaks the supply causing the adapters ICs to blow up and die.

How To Fix:

You can confirm that the adapter is damaged, if there are smells of burning when you plug in the adapter in the power socket.

Try changing the power adapter but make sure that the power descriptions mentioned on it are the same as the genuine one. You can also order a new one from Bodimetrics official website.

Try checking your Prevention Circul+ charging slots also, if there is any dark mark, indicating extensive heating up.

Malfunctioned Power Sockets

Power sockets check, very firstly could fix the Prevention Circul+ cannot be charged problem quickly, why, because, most of the sockets at our homes or even in offices are malfunctioned because of several issues like extensive use, extensive heat, inadequate power supply, inadequate connections or damages in the wire setup inside.

How To Fix:

Try plugging the adapter in some other power socket.

Try checking if there are any burning smells, which indicates extensive heat inside causing wire and connection damage.

Try connecting some other device, to make sure, if the problem is in the device or socket.


Errors are bound to happen when we are using devices which rely on various factors to work properly. Understanding your device and knowing its traits can help you to a greater extent to fix small problems which are causing you trouble to use them efficiently, How to fix Prevention Circul+ cannot be charged is an article based on user queries and demands coming our way since long, we have been researching to come up with proper reasons along with the fixes for our readers to understand and quickly solve the charging issue.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can You Tell If A Ring Battery Is Bad?

You can simply know if a ring battery is bad;
-If its depleting quickly
-Charging to full but not returning to the same cycle.
-Irregular amounts of time taken to recharge and use.

Why Is My Circular Ring Not Charging?

There are several reasons why your Circular ring is not charging, ranging from loose power connections to malfunctioned adapters, oxidized charging slots to insufficient power supply, try reading the reasons along with fixes above.

What Is Circul+ Charging Time and Battery Life?

Circul+ take about 2 hours for a full charge, make sure that the green light is blinking indicating charging and it runs for about 16 hours of continuous monitoring

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