Oura Battery Life: Tips To Get The Most Out Of Oura Battery Life!

By Lokesh Jaral | Updated on March 22, 2024
Oura Battery Life

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Oura Ring is possibly the most widely adored smart ring among all the smart rings that are dedicated to health and fitness. The average Oura Battery life is 7 days, which is also commendable considering other smart rings come with an average 3 to 4 days battery life. 

However, on social media like Twitter and Reddit, people are raising questions about Oura Battery life. Surprisingly, it is found that some of the Oura Ring 3 users are facing this issue. If the issue occurs within the warranty period, then the device is replaceable. 

The Oura battery life is 7 days. But, if you find that your Oura Ring battery does not last that long, the issue is genuine, and if it happened within the warranty period, Oura will replace the device as promised. However, in many cases, it is found that people are reporting the issue after the warranty period, which is not acceptable. 

However, if you are using the Oura Ring following the guidelines provided by Oura, there are fewer chances of draining Oura Battery life quickly. In this article, let us guide you through all the safe practices to get the most out of Oura’s battery life and analyze which factors are reducing its battery life at the same time. 

Oura Battery Life And Charging Time

As we were talking about, Oura Battery life is longer than any competing smart rings on the market. As per the Oura review, the average battery life of Oura is even better than Ultrahuman

Oura Ring Battery Life

The Oura Ring has an inbuilt rechargeable battery, which has an impressive life span – an average of 5 to 7 days. The average battery life is of course dependent on the usage patterns followed by the users; however, it is never less than 5 days. In other words, once the Oura Ring is fully charged, you can wear this smart accessory for a long week without removing it! 

Oura Ring Charge Time

Charging Oura Rings is no hustle. The ring comes with a charging dock. All you need to do is to connect it to a USB power source. It will take around 20 to 80 minutes to charge the device fully [depending on the current battery level]. To charge the Oura Ring, you have to remove it from your finger. Hence, try to charge the ring in your leisure time or when you are not doing vigorous activities that need to be recorded for your health benefits. 

Tips To Get The Most Out Of Oura Battery Life 

As you can see people are now often facing Oura Battery life issues as they are not following proper guidelines to use the ring, let us share some convenient tips to get the most out of Oura Battery life: 

1. Adjust Airplane Mode

If you are looking forward to stretching the Oura Battery life, then the first thing you should do is activate the Airplane mode. Activating the Airplane mode in your Oura Ring will disconnect all Bluetooth connections between your ring and your phone and result in saving battery life. 

2. Update Firmware

Oura often comes up with firmware updates that help in optimizing the battery health. Always follow up for a firmware update and get maximum benefits from the latest updates and prolonged battery life. 

3. Fine-Tuning Vibration

Oura Ring offers vibration alerts for all notifications. Lowering the intensity or disabling the vibration alert for non-essential notifications will surely help to get better battery life for the Oura Ring. 

4. Avoid Extreme Temperatures

As per Oura guidelines exposing the Oura Ring to extreme temperatures for longer periods can severely damage the battery performance. So, if you are looking forward to increasing the Oura Battery life, then do not expose your ring to an excessively hot or cold environment. 

5. Close Background Apps

Running the Oura app in the background on your phone is eating your smart ring’s battery life. It’s true! Always close the Oura Ring app properly after using it on your phone. 

6. Enable Low Battery Notifications

If your Oura Ring’s battery is low and you forget to charge it on time, it will be dead and will fail to record your activity properly. To avoid it, you should enable low battery notification, so that you can be notified before the battery is severely drained out. Here is how to turn on the low-battery notification for Oura Ring: 

Open The Oura app > Go to the Menu > Tap on the Home button > Settings > Notifications > Enable Battery level notifications.

However, if you are in Airplane mode, then the battery health notification won’t work. 

7. Do Not Over-Charge 

Make sure you are not overcharging your battery. If you leave the Oura Ring on charging for a longer time than usual, it will substantially damage the battery life.  

8. Do Not Drain The Battery To 0%

Draining the Oura Battery life up to 0% can also affect the battery longevity. Always charge your Oura Ring when the battery life is below 20% and do not stretch it to 0%. 

9. Using Power Saving Mode To Store 

If you are planning not to use the Oura Ring for a long time, then it is recommended to store the device with power saving mode on. It will protect the battery life from deteriorating.

10. Use Your Ring With One Device

One ring, one account, one device – this is the simple rule of using an Oura ring according to the Oura guidelines. If your ring is collaborating with multiple devices breaking this simple rule, it will drain the battery life like anything. You may face more issues like missing data, and connectivity issues along with battery drainage. 

Why Is My Oura Ring Battery Draining So Fast?

If you are looking for some quick answers to figure out what is happening with your Oura Ring and its battery life, here are a few reasons why your Oura Ring battery life is draining so fast: 

  • Battery wear and tear: If you are overcharging the Oura Ring’s battery, or draining the battery up to 0%, then you are causing some physical damage to the battery, leading to the issue. In this case, you can go for Oura Ring battery replacement.
  • Continuous heart rate monitoring: If the heart monitor of the Oura Ring is always on and used to read your heart rate, it can drain the battery faster than usual. 
  • Software Bugs: Oura Ring’s software could be compromised with bugs. If your battery life is getting reduced due to a bug issue, then update the software now. 

Factors Affecting Oura Ring Battery Life

If you are using Oura Ring to monitor your all-day activity and wondering why battery life is lower than the average 5-7 days, then maybe you are over-using the product. Following are some of the factors that are identified to reduce battery life faster:

  • Active Monitoring Features: If you are running multiple active monitoring features, then it can affect Oura Ring’s battery life. 
  • HRV Tracking: HRV or Heart Rate Variability tracking is one of the most important features offered by Oura. However, using this feature for a long time can affect the Oura Battery life.
  • Sleep Tracking: Oura Ring is known for Sleep tracking, and this feature is widely used among Oura users. However, sleep tracking can eat your battery life faster than you can imagine. 
  • Bluetooth Connectivity: Oura Ring connects to the phone using Bluetooth. Using Bluetooth for a prolonged time can drain the battery life. As discussed above, you can try the Airplane mode instead. 

Does The Warranty Cover The Oura Ring Battery?

Yes, the warranty covers the Oura Ring battery. If you are facing the Oura Ring battery drainage issue, you can ask for a replacement within the warranty period. The company will receive the product and if they find the issue is genuine, then you can get the replacement. It’s easy!

Updated Real-World Oura Ring Battery Life (Gen 3). TL;DR – SpO2 seems to have impact (1 day), but overall battery life still 5+ days, which is pretty good.
byu/sweetros inouraring


Smart rings have become one of the most significant devices to carry all along apart from your Mobile phone! Smart rings like Oura are now reading more health and fitness parameters that are challenging smartwatch performances! It is easy to wear all day and even at night while sleeping! So, if you are looking for smart wearables to invest in 2023, the Oura Ring should be your priority. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. How Long To Charge Oura Ring For First Time?

If the battery is almost drained completely, then it takes 80 – 90 minutes to fully charge an Oura Ring. 

Q2. How To Charge Oura Ring Without Charger?

Q3. Is The Oura Ring Battery Replacement Available?

If the battery is damaged within the warranty period, then the Oura Ring will be replaced by the company. The ring comes with an inbuilt battery, hence you cannot replace the battery. 

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