How To Sync Oura Ring with iOS & Android Devices?

By Lokesh Jaral | Updated on July 2, 2024
Oura Ring Gen2: Sync Oura Ring with iOS & Android

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Oura! Oura! Oura! The only name I have been hearing these days. Anyone with an Oura ring wants to achieve that incredible 100 health score, just like me. Seems Impossible, Right? Well, it will be if you lose your hard-earned score. So, before anything, do learn How to Sync Oura Ring to iPhone and Android devices, so you never lose any of your data ever.

The Oura Ring is designed to integrate seamlessly with its accompanying app automatically. There is no touch display or start button to turn ON your Oura Ring. Whenever I wear it, it automatically starts functioning and syncing its data with the connected device. 

However, for first-time users, setup and pairing need to be done manually. Following that, the smart ring automatically detects the connected app and starts syncing your health data. From that point, your data can be synced automatically as well as manually, making your fitness journey even more informed and prepared. 

How To Manually Sync Oura Ring For the First Time: iPhone & Android?

As I mentioned above, syncing Oura Ring to your iPhone or Android device is an automatic process. But, when I synced my Oura Ring for the first time, I had to manually set up the app and manually sync the ring to the Oura App. Only when the sync was complete, I was able to access and use Oura Ring Data digitally.

If you are also syncing your ring for the first time, I recommend you ensure that you have stable and good Bluetooth connectivity and network connection for uninterrupted synchronization,

So, follow the instructions that I used to sync my Oura Ring with the app for the first time on my iOS device. Similar steps could be followed for Android as well. 

1) Charge The Oura Ring

When I was using my Oura Ring for the first time, I made sure that it was adequate. When the Oura Ring Gen 3 is sufficiently charged, the charger will display a blinking blue light indicating it is ready to be paired and connected.

From my observation, Oura Ring takes 80 minutes to fully charge for the first time. 

2) Set Up Oura App and Account

After charging, you need to download the Oura App and set up your Oura Account. Once your Oura account is set up, you will be redirected to the Oura app and asked to set up your Ring.

 3) Connect & Sync Your Oura Ring With App

1. Tap Continue> Enter the password & Sign In.

Set up email: Sync Oura Ring with iOS & Android

2. Tap on Begin> Continue.

Tap Continue: Sync Oura Ring with iOS & Android

3. Click on the Set up Ring Button and allow the nearby devices.


Tap Set Up Oura Ring: Sync Oura Ring with iOS & Android

4. Click on the Ring’s name on the screen.
5. A pop-up will appear. Accept the Pair request.
6. Your Oura Ring will be successfully paired.
7. Follow all the in-app instructions.
8. Enter your Date of Birth, Height, Weight, and other essential Information.
9. Tap on Done.
10. Personalize your experience by answering some questions.
11. Click on Continue.

4) Start Using The Ring

Your Oura App is now set up and synced with the Oura Ring.

Finally, your Oura smart ring is on and ready to be your silent health companion. As soon as your Account is logged In, your device will automatically start syncing. Wear your ring and see if the parameters such as sleep score, Readiness and Activity scores, heart rate, and temperature are changing or not.

Note: The Oura Ring app is supported on Android devices with Android 8.0 or higher and iOS devices with Apple iOS 15 or higher. Moreover, your device must support Bluetooth 4.0

PS—To keep my ring always on and working, I charge my Oura Ring often and not let the battery go beyond 30% for seamless use. 

How To Sync Oura Ring Automatically?

Once your Oura Ring is paired and connected successfully to a Smart device (Smartphone, Tablet, etc.), your device will automatically start syncing. From now onwards, your Ring will automatically Turn On every time you wear it on your finger and will start syncing its data and health metrics to its companion Oura App. 

Moreover, you can open the Oura app to check if the devices are synching automatically.

How To Check If Your Oura Ring Is Syncing Properly?

To prevent the loss of any collected information, I always make sure that the Oura Ring is actively syncing with its connected device.

That’s why once I charge my Oura Ring sufficiently, I wear it and open the Oura app to check if my device is automatically syncing. I also ensure that the ring is in close proximity to the device for precise analysis. 

But with this, there are two steps that I follow to check the automatic syncing of Oura Ring in 2 ways- 

  1. Uploading Sign

I noticed the ‘Uploading’ notification sign at the top of the Oura app as soon as you open it. It will only be visible for a few seconds until the synchronization is complete.

  1. Blue Loading Line

Another easy way I use to check if automatic synchronization is working is by looking at the blue loading line that runs across the screen as soon as you open the app. This blue loading line indicates that the devices are syncing.

How To Manually Sync Oura Ring?

Oura Ring is designed in a way that it automatically syncs with its connected device as soon as it is worn on the finger. 

But there is an option to manually sync Oura Ring to get a complete backup till the most recently collected information. I’ve mentioned the steps below that you can use to manually sync Oura Ring with the app. 

  1. Place your Oura Ring on the charger and charge until it reaches 50%.
  2. Open the Oura app and tap the Hamburger icon.
  3. Tap the Settings icon.
  4. Select Back up all data.
  5. Wait until the Sync is complete. (This process will upload all your data from the Oura mobile app into your Oura cloud account)
  6. Once the backup is over, take your Oura Ring off the charger and place it on a flat surface.
  7. Login to Cloud Account  to ensure new readings are visible:
  8. All your recent Ring data will be synced with the Oura Account.

Once syncing is complete, you should see the latest data displayed in the Oura app. You can check the last sync time to confirm that the sync was successful. To keep my data up-to-date, I sync my Oura Ring regularly. I prefer to sync typically in the morning, to review their sleep data and other health metrics from the previous day.

However, I did observe that when I took a break from wearing the Oura Ring and enabled power-saving mode, my Ring wouldn’t start syncing automatically; I  had to place the Oura Ring on its charger and follow the in-app instructions to sync and reconnect it with the Oura App. Similarly, after disabling airplane mode- you need to follow the same steps to start syncing the Ring as before.

Note:- For the initial sync and subsequent syncs, I ensure my Oura Ring is close to my device. This proximity helps in establishing a strong Bluetooth connection.

How To Fix Oura Ring Not Syncing Issue?

Even after following all the steps carefully that I mentioned above, your Oura Ring won’t sync. I can totally relate. In such situations, there are a few measures you can try-

  • Restarting your smartphone or tablet
  • Turning Bluetooth off and on
  • Reinstalling the Oura app. 
  • Ensure that your device’s operating system and the Oura app are both up to date. 
  • Another troubleshooting fix that worked for me was placing the ring on the charger and then trying to re-sync the ring.

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Wrapping Up

Syncing your Oura Ring with its companion app consistently allows you to track and manage your health data effectively. Regular syncing is crucial to get the most accurate and up-to-date insights from your Oura Ring. Though syncing Ring data with the app is an automatic process, you must back up the information at regular intervals to prevent any data loss. However, a manual setup and pairing are required for first-time users for the initial sync. 

Step into Lokesh's tech-style haven! As your guide in the world of smart rings, Lokesh infuses every byte with a touch of personal flair. Discover the perfect blend of innovation and elegance, where health tech meets sleek designs. Join Lokesh on this journey—your go-to companion for all things smart and stylish!

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