How To Sync Oura Ring With Cloud?

How To Sync Oura Ring With Cloud? Save Your Oura Metrics!

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Add an extra layer of protection to your valuable Oura data. All you have to do is sync Oura Ring with Cloud to view the long-term health patterns of your personalized health metrics collected by your Oura Ring. Scroll on to find out how to gain access to the Oura Cloud with Oura on the Web.

Oura Ring tracks the user’s vitals around the clock to present personalized insights into their health and fitness. All the Oura data is connected to the user’s Oura account and periodically synced with Oura on the Web. This ensures the app data is preserved if the Oura Ring is lost or stolen. You can overcome such mishaps and transfer Oura Ring to new phone by syncing your Oura Ring with Cloud.

You can sync Oura Ring with Cloud by opening and entering your Oura account credentials. Tap to sign in to your account to sync your Oura data with the Cloud automatically.

Users can read Oura data to detect the physiological changes in their vitals, including body temperature, heart rate, movements, etc. Stay with us to find out the easiest way to sync Oura Ring with Cloud on iOS and Android devices to protect your personalized data.

Does Oura Ring Sync Automatically With Cloud?

Yes, Oura Ring syncs automatically with the Cloud. 

All Oura users who connect Oura Ring to Bluetooth can automatically sync Oura Ring with Cloud, called Oura on the Web. This Oura Cloud is a very useful tool that helps users find long-term health patterns and know how any two of the Oura data points compare with each other.

The Oura on the Web dashboard enables users to view their Readiness, Activity, and Sleep data using a simple interface. This allows users to take a quick glimpse of their lowest resting heart rate, activity, total sleep, and their changes over time. Moreover, they can share Oura data with doctors, physicians, therapists, or any other medical practitioners to seek professional guidance. 

How To Sync Oura Ring With Cloud On Android Or iOS?

To sync Oura Ring with Cloud on Android and iOS devices, Open > Enter your Oura account credentials > Tap to sign in to your Oura account.

Oura has a complete track record of the wearer’s real-time health metrics, sleep quality, and even lifestyle choices, which are extremely personal to every user. Oura understands the sensitive nature of the data collected and hence follows a strict set of Privacy Policy. Oura protects the user’s data by uploading them in Oura on the Web, a tool to view long-term health patterns and compare Oura data points of the user.

Oura users who wish to gain access to Oura on the web can sync Oura Ring with Cloud on iOS and Android devices by following the instructions given below:

Note: Before you follow the instructions below, ensure that you have installed the Oura app and connected Oura Ring to iPhone or Android device to be able to access Oura on the Web.

Step 1 – Open the Oura Cloud or Oura on the Web.

Step 2 – Enter the email address registered with Oura.

How To Sync Oura Ring With Cloud On Android Or iOS?_Sign In On Oura On Web

Step 3 – Type in your password.

Step 4 – Tap to Sign in.

You will automatically be redirected to your Oura on the Web and have direct access to all your long-term Oura metrics. If you encounter any issues in syncing, you can contact Oura customer service for prompt assistance.

How To Use Oura On The Web?

Oura on the Web can be used as a tool for monitoring your long-term health patterns and to compare the Oura data points. It proves to be especially beneficial for users with chronic health conditions, people struggling with sleep difficulties, pregnant women, and fitness enthusiasts who prefer to have in-depth knowledge of their health.

Oura users who have followed the instructions above to sync Oura Ring to Cloud can have complete access to the following features in Oura on the Web:

1. Dashboard

Oura users can view their Activity, Readiness, and Sleep data with the help of a simple interface. Moreover, they will have access to look into how their lowest RHR, total sleep, and activity burn changes in the metrics over time.

2. Trends

Oura users can compare any two of their personalized Oura data points in Trends. Users can add one or multiple charts in Trends to view Oura metrics and compare the data. Moreover, they can then download or export these data for an even more personalized analysis. 

3. Guide

Oura on the Web offers a Guide with explanations of the user’s Oura metrics that are available in Trends. This Guide proves to be a very useful resource for a better understanding of the Activity, Sleep, and Readiness data points. 

Sync Oura Ring with Cloud and get deeper insights into your health with Oura on the Web, and understand your personalized metric a lot better. Furthermore, all users can easily transfer Oura Ring to new phone once they have created their Oura Account and save their data on Oura Cloud.

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Wrap Up

The Oura Web experience offers more tools for users to interact with their data. We hope you can now discover long-term patterns and understand your health metrics after you sync Oura Ring with Cloud. You will now be able to compare and correlate two different metrics, view your RHR and HRV in HD, perform an in-depth analysis of your Oura data, and many more personalized features. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How Do I Force My Oura Ring To Sync?

If your Oura Ring does not automatically sync, you can force close your Oura app and re-enable Bluetooth connection. Repair your Oura Ring to force the smart ring to sync.

Q2. How Often Does Oura Ring Sync?

The Oura Ring syncs with the Oura app on a daily basis.

Q3. Why Isn’t My Oura Updating?

If you have enabled Oura updating and yet your firmware has not been automatically updating, it might be due to a lack of sufficient charge in the Oura Ring, or the Airplane mode has been enabled.

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