Movano Evie Ring Review – Is Evie Ring Worth Buying?

By Smriti Razdan | Updated on May 3, 2024
Movano Evie Ring Review

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Movano Evie Ring marching into the realm of smart rings is quite an amicable moment. However, if questions like Is Evie Ring worth buying?’ popping up in your mind, then let us share some honest Movano Evie Ring review with you!

The term ‘Evie’ itself stands for – life, living, lively. So, does the Evie Ring as a product justify its naming? What is the aim of introducing Evie Ring? Well, that’s what we are going to reveal in this Movano Evie Ring review. 

Movano Evie Ring review has already set a high bar since its introduction in November 2023. The Evie ring is mostly getting positive reviews so far on social media. Even, people are considering the Evie Ring as an alternative to Oura Ring. 

So, why Movano Evie Ring reviews are so positive? This is mostly because of the cutting-edge features offered by Movano Health and its proven trial record of accuracy. Even, the data collected by the Evie Ring is clinically accepted. Then why not choose the Movano Evie Ring over other popular rings? 

Movano Evie Ring Review

Movano Evie Ring reviews are mostly positive this time, and people are even saying that Evie Ring is better than Oura Ring. But to know the reviews after using the ring for a long time, you need to wait a little more.

If you are planning to order your Evie Ring outside the USA or in the USA, then the Movano Evie Ring reviews are summed up to help you to know its pros and cons and know whether the ring is worth buying or not.

Is Evie Ring Worth Buying?

As referred to in a popular article, ‘People with Uterus’ are the primary customers of the Evie Ring. If you belong to this category, you should have considered using the Evie Ring for once!

In simple words, the Evie Ring is designed for women. It’s not like men are restricted from wearing this smart ring. However, the features offered in the Evie app are more women-health-centric. 

If you are a woman then you must have an urge to a device that can track your menstrual cycle and study your health paraments accordingly to provide you better health guidance. Evie Ring is just the appropriate solution to address this requirement. If you are a woman, then it’s truly worth buying this smart ring. 

Pros And Cons Of Using The Evie Ring

If you are interested in digging deeper into the Movano Evie Ring reviews, you should start with learning what are the possible pros and cons of wearing this new smart ring:


  1. Accuracy of data.
  2. Data is clinically accepted. 
  3. The app interface is user-friendly.
  4. 4+ days battery life.
  5. In-depth sleep stage monitoring.
  6. Menstrual cycle monitoring.
  7. Mood monitoring
  8. Water-resistant – can take a bath or go swimming wearing the ring. 
  9. Sleek and shiny unique open ring design that complements women’s looks. 
  10. No subscription fees required. 


  1. Not ideal for men.
  2. Limited color options. 
  3. Available in the US only. 
  4. iOS compatible only. 

Should I Buy An Evie Ring?

If you still thinking about whether to order an Evie Ring or not, let us share some insights about this smart ring with you. Let’s go through the specifications of this smart ring and that may help you to conclude your decision! How about a comparison table with other smart rings? Sounds better?

Here is a quick comparison table of the Evie Ring, Oura Ring, and Samsung Ring;

SpecificationsEvie RingOura RingSamsung Ring
Sleep TrackingYesYesYes
Activity TrackingYesYesYes
Weight 3.2g – 3.7g4g-6gUnknown 
Battery life4+ days7+ daysUnknown 
Charging time~ 60 minutes~80 minutesUnknown 
NFC capabilityNoNoYes
Price $269$299-$549Unknown 
Availability USUS, EU, and UKUnknown 

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Now that you are at the conclusion section of the article, you have got the brief why and how Evie Ring is different from other prime smart rings ruling in the smart wearable market. Hope, you find this Movano Evie Ring review helpful. Go through the specifications and again and if you have made up your mind, just place the order now! 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. How To Order Evie Ring?

To order an Evie Ring, all you need to do is open the official Evie website and tap on the Shop Now button. From here, you can choose your ideal ring color and size. Also, add your free ring sizer to the cart and then proceed with payment. The Evie Ring shipping has started in January 2024. 

Q2. Is The Evie Ring Better Than The Oura Ring?

It is difficult to claim which smart ring is better – the Oura Ring or the Evie Ring. However, considering the features, it is safe today that if you are a woman, you can switch to the Evie Ring. 

Q3. Is Evie Ring Available For Android Users? 

No, the Evie Ring is not available for Android users. Currently, the Evie Ring is compatible with the iOS devices only. However, Android users can expect that the Evie Ring Android compatible version is going to launch in 2024. 

Smriti is a true tech aficionado and WearableXP’s resident review specialist. Her approach to technology is anything but ordinary. After years of research and expertise in cutting-edge consumer technology, she is now exploring the world of smart wearables only to evaluate and bring her unique insights.

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