Oura Ring Fertility Tracking – All You Need To Know

By Smriti Razdan | Updated on May 4, 2024
Oura Ring Fertility Tracking

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When people were looking for a game-changing plan for birth control, the emergence of Oura Ring fertility tracking was quite significant. Now, if you do not know, the Oura Ring does not have a built-in birth control feature but has to rely on third-party app integration. 

The secret behind the Oura Ring fertility tracking is the integration of Natural Cycles. It was August 2022 when Natural Cycles announced its partnership with the Oura Ring. Today, the use of Oura Ring for birth control is widely trusted and is considered one of the most reliable birth control solutions available in the smart wearable market. 

Oura Ring fertility tracking using the Natural Cycles offers accurate period prediction and ovulation dates. The Natural Cycles uses Oura Ring’s temperature sensor to track body temperature changes to predict the LH surge and detect the correct fertility window. 

Natural Cycles in Oura Ring is a revolutionary move by the Oura Ring that inspired many other smart rings to introduce women’s health-focused features. However, the best thing about using Oura Ring for birth control by integrating Natural Cycles is that this is an FDA-approved app. Hence, Oura Ring fertility tracking with Natural Cycles is clinically acceptable. Learn more about using Natural Cycles with Oura Ring App to lead a natural and smooth pregnancy journey. 

Can Oura Ring Track Fertility?

Yes, the Oura Ring can track fertility.

However, the Oura Ring does not come with a built-in fertility tracking feature. Oura Ring fertility tracking is dependent on Natural Cycles integration. Natural Cycles is an FDA-approved, women health health-focused app that works on monitoring body temperature. 

The Natural Cycles rely on Oura Ring’s skin temperature tracker to monitor the menstrual cycle and predict the fertility window. But, there is more to know about how the Oura Ring fertility tracking system works flawlessly. 

How Does Oura Ring Fertility Tracking Work?

People are going crazy over to find out how Oura Ring fertility tracking works on Reddit and Twitter. In fact, using the Oura Ring fertility tracking is simpler than it seems. 

The science behind the Oura Ring fertility tracking is monitoring body temperature. When most of the period-predicting app focuses on the previous month’s ‘weather patterns’ to forecast for the next month, the Oura Ring tracks changes in body temperature and HR to predict the menstrual cycle and ovulation cycle accurately. In fact, as per Oura Ring Fertility Tracking reviews on Reddit and other social forums, the simple way of tracking Oura Ring temperature for ovulation prediction is more accurate than the ovulation prediction offered by other smart rings. 

Now that you have a basic knowledge of how the Oura Ring fertility tracking works, you should pay attention to how your body temperature changes during the menstrual cycle. 

Understanding Change In Body Temperature During Menstrual Cycle

Usually, the menstrual cycle is split into two main phases – the follicular phase and the luteal phase. However, for a better understanding, people often use the menstrual cycle into four phases – Menstruation, Follicular, Ovulation, and Luteal. 

In each of these phases, body temperature rises or falls based on the hormones. However, the temperature variation is relatively small – 0.3°C to 0.7°C (or 0.4°F to 1°F) [approximately]. 

Take a look at the graphical representation of the hormonal changes during the four stages of the menstrual cycle for better understanding. 

How to sync Oura Ring With Therabody_Understanding Change In Body Temperature During Menstrual Cycle

Menstrual And Follicular Phases

At one or two days before the beginning of the Menstruation cycle, Estrogen level drops which lowers the body temperature. On the other hand, in the follicular phase, the estrogen levels slowly increase, but the progesterone remains low, making the body temperature stable throughout the phase.  

Ovulatory And Luteal Phases

After the follicular phase and before the beginning of the Ovulation phase, the body starts releasing luteinizing hormone (LH). The release of luteinizing hormone (LH) is the signal for releasing mature eggs. During this time, progesterone levels increase, and so does the body temperature. The Ovulation phase is also known as the fertility days that you should track if you are on the verge of family planning. 

During the luteal phase, the progesterone levels remain high. At the end of the luteal phase, which is also the beginning of the next period, progesterone levels drop along with the body temperature. 

So, this is how Oura Ring fertility tracking calculates the hormonal changes based on the skin temperature differentiations and predicts the correct fertility window. 

How To Use Oura Ring For Birth Control? 

Women’s bodies go through multiple changes during the menstrual cycle and respond in completely different ways during menstrual than on other days of the month. The menstrual cycle includes four stages – Menstruation, Follicular, Ovulation, and Luteal. Users can keep track of all four stages and get guidance accordingly using this Oura Ring period tracking feature.

Oura Ring users can use the temperature Trend View to understand their menstrual cycle patterns. For instance, the decrease of the Estrogen hormone a few days before the menstrual cycle starts can decrease the body temperature. Progesterone combined with estrogen can increase body temperature in the second phase of the cycle [after ovulation]. 

Here is a step-by-step guide for you to understand Oura Ring period tracking in a better way. 

Step 1: Users can find the daily body temperature trend on the Oura App under the Readiness tab. Here, find the answer to “How much higher/lower was my temperature last night compared to my baseline?” Because temperature fluctuation is the key indicator of hormonal changes. 

Step 2: Tap on Body temperature to find your temperature pattern. 

How To Use Oura Ring For Birth Control_Body Temperature

Step 3: Users can check temperature trends for short-term as well as long-term by toggling between the Daily and Trend views. 

The Daily View is focused on short-term temperature variations and is useful for predicting physical, mental, or emotional strain. The Trend view, on the other hand, helps to monitor monthly trends in your data for menstrual cycles. Also, it becomes easier to find the spot inflection points during the cycle. 

How To Use Oura Ring For Birth Control_Temperature Trends

Step 4: Monitor the temperature pattern Daily and Trend, as sometimes daily patterns are not helpful in spotting the differences. Moreover, note that the temperature trends during menstrual slowly change, so it’s better reflected in the trend graph rather than the Daily graph. 

How To Use Oura Ring For Birth Control_Temperature Trend View

So, this is how Oura Ring data can help you understand your body better and help in birth control. Now, the most important thing that you need to know is how to integrate the Natural Cycles into Oura Ring to begin fertility tracking. 

How To Integrate Natural Cycles Into Oura Ring? 

To integrate Natural Cycles into Oura Ring, Download the Natural Cycles app >> Launch the Natural Cycles app >> Menu >> Settings >> My Device >> Follow on-screen instructions to connect to the Oura account >> Synch Oura Ring data with the Natural Cycles App. 

As per the Oura Ring fertility tracking reviews on social platforms, the Oura Ring fertility tracking can be compared with Apple Watch fertility tracking, since both of these smart devices use Natural Cycles to offer insights on menstrual health. For your knowledge, the Natural Cycles app is compatible with the Apple Watch and Oura Ring only. So, if you are using the Oura Ring and wondering how to integrate the Natural Cycles app into the Oura Ring, follow the quick guidelines below:

Step 1: To integrate the Natural Cycles into your Gen 2 or Gen 3 Oura Ring, first get the Natural Cycles subscription. The Natural Cycles subscription holders are eligible for $40 off on Oura Ring while checking out. 

Step 2: Download the Natural Cycles app for your iOS or Android device. 

Note: You will need your Oura account email address to pair your Oura Ring with the Natural Cycles app.

Step 3: Launch the Natural Cycles app

Step 4: Open the Menu and then go to Settings.

Step 5: Open My device and follow the on-screen instructions to connect to the Oura account. 

Step 6: Continue wearing the Oura Ring and find your temperature trend data syncing with the Natural Cycles app from the Oura App. 

Simply, in other terms, if you are using an Oura Ring then you no longer need an NC° Thermometer to take your temperature. Also, if you find the Natural Cycles app is no longer useful to you, you can disconnect the Natural Cycles app from the Oura App anytime. However, Oura Ring fertility tracking is recognized for its proven track record, which you will never feel to uninstall. If you still have doubts about Oura Ring fertility tracking accuracy, the next thing we can do is follow case studies and reviews to check the accuracy level. 

Oura Ring Fertility Tracking Accuracy

Oura Ring birth control effectiveness is proven. While many Fertility Tracking apps are tracking the previous months’ cycles to predict birth control, the Oura Ring is using more scientifically correct ways. 

“Many fertility algorithms limit accuracy by using last month’s ‘weather’ to predict what will happen this month, and can only tell you for sure that you were fertile after the fact.” – lead author, Azure Grant

As for the Oura Ring, it follows QCycle to identify signals that can predict female fertility. Researchers in the Kriegsfeld Lab at the University of California, Berkeley (UCB), in collaboration with Precision Analytical and Oura, published their QCycle project, where they were trying to identify the signs of the LH surge that signals an accurate ovulation period. 

Oura Ring Fertility Tracking Accuracy_Hormonal Changes In Different Phases Of Menstrual Cycle

Researchers found that the Oura Ring temperature trend patterns for the first 1-2 weeks clearly reflect the LH surge days. They received accurate predictions for 100% of participants by following the temperature trends. With accurate heart rate variability (HRV) and daytime skin temperature, it becomes easier to detect the LH surge, and so does the ovulation period. 

It is also proven that by studying the pattern, it is possible to forecast the LH surge, which is a non-invasive technique if you are using an Oura Ring. This study paves the way for a better and more accurate way to track the menstrual cycle and family planning. 

Now that you know that the Oura data are accurate and effective in birth control, as a user, you need to understand how the Oura Ring alone can help you to understand your cycle better. 

How Oura Can Help You To Understand Your Cycle Better? 

“I was trying not to get my hopes up when I was two days late,” Felicity [user] reviewed. “Then the NC° app told me I might want to take a pregnancy test. So I did, and it was positive! It was mind-blowing. The technology is truly amazing.”

There are more success stories that reflect Oura Ring birth control effectiveness. The Oura Ring temperature study for ovulation prediction is simply perfect. If you think it is too hard to understand your body going through hormonal changes every month, you can rely on the Oura Ring Natural Cycles integration for better understanding. 

The Oura Ring generates 1,440 data points each day and validates to figure out precise temperature changes [as precise as 0.13°C or 0.23°F]. Apart from the temperature change, the Natural Cycles also tracks resting heart rate (RHR), and heart rate variability (HRV) for more accuracy. 

However, even if you are not syncing the Oura App data with the Natural Cycles, you can still track the body temperature trends and forecast the menstrual cycle on your own. The Oura Ring app can also help you to understand how the menstrual cycle is impacting on your heart rate changes. All you need to do is check the resting heart rate (RHR), heart rate variability (HRV), and respiratory rate patterns. 

One thing you should know is that understanding the changes your body goes through in the different phases of the cycle is worth tracking. Hence, keep an eye on all the health vitals during your menstrual cycle and understand how your body is dealing with menstrual cycles. 

Tracking Fertility
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Natural Cycles is seamlessly working on providing the best solution in birth control for a long time. The integration of the Natural Cycles with the Oura App helped to improve the Oura Ring fertility tracking significantly. Try the Natural Cycles app integration today if you are boasting about natural family planning. Moreover, this app integration can help in effective birth control and menopause detection! Let’s learn more about your body and take control of your mental and physical health with the Oura Ring. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can You Track Fertility With Oura Ring? 

Yes. With the integration of the Natural Cycles app with the Oura Ring app, the Oura Ring can track fertility accurately. 

Q2. Can Oura Detect Pregnancy?

The Oura Ring can track the changes in body temperature during the night accurately along with HR and HRV that helps to predict pregnancy. If the temperature and cycle pattern indicate a pregnancy chance, the Natural Cycle recommends taking a pregnancy test for the users. 

Q3. How Does The Oura Ring Prevent Pregnancy?

The Oura Ring with Natural Cycles integration offers a non-hormonal approach to birth control. The app can track LH surges from the temperature changes of the body that indicate the ovulation period accurately and help users prevent pregnancy. 

Smriti is a true tech aficionado and WearableXP’s resident review specialist. Her approach to technology is anything but ordinary. After years of research and expertise in cutting-edge consumer technology, she is now exploring the world of smart wearables only to evaluate and bring her unique insights.

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