What Does Oura Ring Track? Get Exclusive Insights!!

By Lokesh Jaral | Updated on March 22, 2024
What Does Oura Ring Track?

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Discover health concerns you never knew you had with the help of Oura Ring. But what does Oura Ring track during the day to generate accurate vitals of the wearer? Stay with us to see a complete breakdown of the Oura Ring for the best user experience and find out is Oura Ring worth it.

Oura Ring is a personalized health tool that is packed with unique features like activity tracking, heart rate monitoring, sleep insights, and many more vital information. Moreover, it is designed to generate tailored insights, that support the wearers’ health and fitness journey.

Oura Ring tracks the user’s sleep patterns, respiration rate, recovery, daily calories burned, and steps taken.

Personalization is the key when it comes to seamless fitness tracking. And, thousands of fitness enthusiasts are in pursuit of finding what does Oura Ring tracks during the day. We shall dive right in to explore the functionality and wonders of the Oura Ring.

What Does Oura Ring Track?

The Oura Ring tracks the following:

  • Sleep patterns
  • Respiration rate
  • Recovery
  • Calories burned
  • Steps taken 

The health tracker monitors the user’s vitals throughout the entire day and night to provide a holistic overview of the wearer’s activities, which are displayed across 24-hour span. 

Developed by Oura Health in 2016, the Oura Ring offers a comprehensive fitness tracker that is equipped to predict how mentally and physically prepared the wearer is, to handle the day. The Oura Ring Gen3, which was launched in 2021, has further perfected the accuracy of the vitals generated, using temperature sensors that can monitor body metrics. Furthermore, it can automatically detect over 30+ daily activities

Let us now explore some of the important metrics that are tracked by the Oura Ring.

1. Sleep

What Does Oura Ring Track_Sleep
Image Credits: Oura

Good quality sleep can boost the immune system of the user by increasing the number of antibodies that help fight infections. A healthy lifestyle directly depends on stable sleeping patterns that decrease the risk of heart disease, help manage stress levels, manage weight, and reduce the risk of brain-related diseases like dementia. 

Unlike most other fitness trackers that are designed to track the user’s activities, the Oura Ring has been engineered to monitor sleep insights. It is equipped to accurately generate the following metrics:

  • Sleep Stages – Oura Ring tracks all 4 stages of sleep, including deep sleep, REM sleep, light sleep, and awake periods.
  • Sleep Score – It generates a personalized Sleep Score based on real-time data that includes total sleep, sleep time, movements, heart rate, HRV, etc.
  • Bedtime guidance and reminders to improve sleep quality.
  • Tags and insights to keep a record of all activities that help or affect your sleep.
  • Nap detection to detect unplanned sleep time during the day.
  • Sleep sound and biofeedback to help calm your mind to sleep faster and a lot more soundly.

How Does Oura Ring Tracks Sleep?

The Oura Ring accurately tracks sleep quality and changes in sleep cycle trends, making use of research-grade sensors. It leverages some of the best-in-class sleep experts with a dedicated team who understand sleep physiology and is entirely committed to research in the science of sleep.

All sleep-related data that are generated by the Oura Ring has been validated by the golden standard sleep laboratory test-polysomnography (PSG).

  • The Gen 3 Oura Ring PPG(photoplethysmography) has been sampled at 50Hz, which is capable of completing 50 cycles every second.
  • Its unobtrusive ring design enables it to measure the user’s sleep comfortably, without a bright LED screen or notifications that could disrupt the wearer’s sleep.
  • The accelerometer sensor enables highly sensitive activity detection that works efficiently to monitor sleep movements.
  • Rather than the surface capillaries of the wrist, the Oura Ring directly measures the arteries of the finger much more accurately.
  • Its infrared PPG penetrates deep into the users, much more than the greenlight PPG found in other variables.
  • It leverages LEDs on both sides of the wearer’s fingers to generate a clear signal.

2. Respiration Rate 

What Does Oura Ring Track?_Respiration Rate
Image Credits: Oura

From the number of breaths taken by the wearer to the changes in their nighttime heart rate, the Oura Ring App directly measures the respiration rate from the heart activity. All users will be able to access this in the Readiness tab of their Oura app. 

Analyses conducted by the Data Science Team compared Oura Ring’s PPG derived respiration rate with an electrocardiogram (ECG), and it has shown to be close to within 1 breath per minute accurate, throughout the night.

How Does Oura Ring Track Respiration Rate?

The Oura Ring derives the respiratory rate directly from your nighttime PPT data, which is used for measuring the heart rate variability and resting heart rate. While many external factors like caffeine, stress, emotion, and exercise could influence the respiration rate of the user, nighttime proves to be the ideal time for monitoring respiration at a consistent state.

Oura makes use of PPG data to spot respiratory sinus arrhythmia patterns based on fluctuations in heart rate. This will be able to reveal the following:

  • When the user breathes in, their heart rate rises.
  • When the user breathes out, their heart rate slows down.

Oura accurately measures the pulse waveform of each heartbeat, making use of PPG sensors that are located in the ring. Moreover, it can correctly measure the distance between the user’s consecutive heartbeats in milliseconds. The users’ heart rate variability (HRV), and interbeat interval (IBI) are the fundamental parameters for computing heart rate patterns.

3. Recovery

What Does Oura Ring Track_Recovery
Image Credits: Oura

Accurate readings of more than 20 vitals can be derived from your finger. The Oura Ring understands the significance of this and has devices with the perfect technology that helps the user monitor their real-time vitals and make lifestyle changes. 

The Oura Ring turns these insights into three daily scores based on the user’s activity, readiness, and sleep. Personalized daily activity goals help users to stay motivated throughout the day. With Oura Ring tracking the activity levels, heart rate, training frequency, etc., it tells if the user is reaching their fitness goals and is also giving the much-needed time for recovery.

How Does Oura Ring Tracks Recovery?

The overall measure of recovery is displayed as the Readiness Score on the Oura app. It monitors how the wearer’s body responds to different activities based on their heart rate variability balance, resting heart rate, respiration rate, body temperature, recovery index, and sleep score.

Oura keeps track of the Readiness Score by making use of the lowest overnight resting heart rate of the user, their physical activity level of the previous day, their body temperature, and other ‘balance’ oriented metrics about their sleep, HRV, and activities.

You can interpret your Readiness Score as:

  • 85 to 100 – Optimal
  • 70 to 84 – Good
  • 60 to 69 – Fair
  • 0 to 59 – Pay attention  

4. Daily Calories Burn 

What Does Oura Ring Track_Daily Calories Burn
Image Credits: Oura

Oura Ring tracks the workout of the users and generates reports of active calories burned. This helps keep track of their daily activities and estimates the calories burned during the course of the day by exercising, training, or any other physical activity. Tracking the daily calories burned will help the user to balance their activity output based on their calories.

Activity Goal displays the Active Calorie Burn in the Home and Activity tabs of the Oura app. Users who wish to boost their activity levels or achieve higher fitness goals can use Oura Ring track workout sessions for quicker results. Moreover, users can recognize the need for an additional recovery time by monitoring their Active Calorie burn index.

How Does Oura Ring Tracks Daily Calories Burn?

Oura makes use of Metabolic Equivalents, or METs, to calculate the user’s energy expenditure. This MET is a common measure to express the intensity of physical activities. If the MET value for a particular activity is 3, it suggests that the user is burning 3 times more calories when compared to resting.

MET corresponds to RMR (Resting Metabolic Rate), which is the total calories burned when the user’s body is at complete rest. METs during sedentary activities like doing household chores, dancing, or walking the dog range between 1 to 1.5. Active energy burned is typically associated with energy expenditure and is more than 1.5 METs.

5. Steps

What Does Oura Ring Track_Steps
Image Credits: Oura

Oura Ring tracks steps taken by the wearer and registers all their daily movements along with their intensities. Oura is well-versed in identifying the user’s steps and distinguishing them from other daily activities. It can identify step patterns within a small time frame of 30 seconds, with high levels of precision right from the finger.

You can view your Activity Score directly from the Home tab of the Oura app. Moreover, users can integrate it with Google Fit or Health Connect on Android devices, or Apple Health on iOS devices, to improve their workout step counts and workout plans.

How Does Oura Ring Tracks Steps?

While most fitness trackers register all small movements as steps, Oura Ring tracks steps based on a 3D accelerometer, that measures the ring’s movements side to side, up and down, and back and forth. This enables it to recognize most of the daily activities, even the ones that have limited hand movements. 

All users can improve the accuracy of their Activity tracking by ensuring that the sensor bumps on the ring, and rests on the palm side of the finger. Further, Oura converts the user’s Activity burn into the distance and displays it as Walking Equivalency. This walking equivalence reflects the similarity between the activity levels and helps compare Activity Scores between friends. 


Fitness is a wholesome process that requires grit and constant hard work to attain. Oura Ring understands the importance of making lifestyle changes and has devised the perfect tech that helps thousands of people achieve their fitness goals. Stop wondering is Oura Ring worth it? Now that you know everything about what does Oura Ring track, go ahead and use the wearable tech throughout your fitness journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can Oura Ring Detect Heart Problems?

Yes. The Oura Ring can detect heart problems based on the user’s heart rate and heart rate variability.

Q2. How Does Oura Ring Know You’re Awake?

The Oura Ring continuously monitors the user’s temperature and can detect the natural drop in body temperature during sleep and its rise before waking up. 

Q3. Is The Oura Ring More Accurate Than Apple Watch?

Both the Oura Ring Gen3 and the Apple Watch Series 8 are highly accurate. You can compare its features and specifications before choosing the best fitness tracker that suits you.

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