Oura Ring Side Effects – What Secrets The Oura Ring Is Hiding?

By Lokesh Jaral | Updated on March 22, 2024
Oura Ring Side Effects

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Oura Ring is feeding us lies! The statement may shock you, but with time as the Oura Ring side effects are being revealed, it seems that we are all mistreated by the Oura Ring. Can we trust Oura Ring? Is the Oura Ring hiding some secret? 

The Oura Ring side effects reviews are now all over the internet. People are not only concerned about the Oura Ring’s accuracy but also digging into Oura Ring negative effects. If you are still unaware of this bitter truth, it’s time to explore the Oura Ring side effects. 

Oura Ring side effects that are currently identified by the experts may include the Nocebo Effect and EMF Rays. However, Oura Ring side effects like anxiety and high blood pressure are also surfacing in the Oura Ring side effects reviews.

The market growth of the Oura Ring since the surge of COVID-19 is remarkable. More people now tend to rely on the Oura Ring to track health vitals, making the Oura Ring one of the best in the industry. However, people using the Oura Ring for more than 3 years are now often complaining about the Oura Ring side effects. It’s time to find out whether these complaints are true or just a way to demean the Oura Ring’s popularity. 

Does Oura Ring Have Side Effects? 

These days Oura Ring users are often discussing the Oura Ring side effects on Reddit and Twitter. The concern is real! The most important thing is that the negative reviews are piling up and no official responses are given by the Oura Ring.

So far, the Oura Ring side effects that are encountered by the users are – the Nocebo Effect and EMF Rays. Moreover, over time, it is also noticed that Oura Ring users are getting obsessed with the Oura Ring data, sometimes leading to anxiety and fluctuating blood pressure. 

If you are an Oura Ring user, it’s time that you should be aware of the possible Oura Ring negative effects that you are exposed to unknowingly. 

Oura Ring Side Effects Explained

The Oura Ring is designed to help users with better health and fitness goals. Also, this smart ring is featured and praised by the media hugely. For instance, USA Today praised Oura Ring as, “An absolute marvel of modern wearable technology”. Despite this reputation, the Oura Ring is now facing blows from critics for unwanted Oura Ring side effects like the Nocebo Effect, EMF Rays anxiety, and blood pressure fluctuation. Find out more about how the Oura Ring is causing these side effects.  

1. Nocebo Effect

Oura Ring offers an advanced sleep tracking feature where the Oura Ring indicates different sleep stages and alerts the users if they are having any sleep debt. In simple words, the Oura Ring sleep tracking feature indicates users’ sleep quality and whether their bodies are having enough sleep to recover fully or not. 

However, these recovery scores and sleep scores are leaving a negative impact on the user’s mind, making them doubt their health condition. This is in fact, leading to the nocebo effect, where users have negative expectations from the Oura Ring, leading to deterioration of health condition and developing signs of the nocebo effect. 

According to the experts, an individual who understands their body does not need any smart rings like the Oura Ring to tell whether they are having a good sleep or not! Reading biological signs is enough to understand the health condition. 

2. EMF Rays

The Oura Ring emits EMF rays similar to smartphones. Therefore, people are showing concern about Oura Ring side effects on Reddit and other social platforms. The SAR level of the Oura Ring is 0.0003 W/kg, which is lower than the average SAR level of the smartphones sold in the United States. However, the key difference is that the Oura Ring is meant to be worn 24/7, unlike the smartphone. Hence, using the Oura Ring continuously can lead to headaches, nausea, fatigue, anxiety, and even depression because of continuous exposure to the EMF rays! 

3. Anxiety

It is not just about the EMF rays that can lead to depression; there is more to it. It is proven that the Oura Ring has side effects like anxiety. Using the Oura Ring can itself be obsessive. People [even celebrities] who are using the Oura Ring shared thoughts that they are so obsessed with this new smart device that they check the Oura data every few minutes, and get anxious easily if any data is not matching with their expectations.  

For instance, the Oura Ring shares daytime stress levels. Checking stress scores after every single incident is the new obsession among Oura users, and that leads to side effects like anxiety. 

If you are wondering how Oura Ring shows side effects like blood pressure fluctuation, the answer is hidden under the rising anxiety level. The presence of anxiety [while checking Oura Ring health vitals] all the time affects the body by fluctuating blood pressure and other health vitals. 

Although it seems pretty difficult to avoid the Oura Ring side effects, you can do it with a few simple measurements. 

How To Reduce Oura Ring Side Effects?

Now that you know how Oura Ring users are getting vulnerable to the Oura Ring side effects unknowingly, it is time to find out the best practices to reduce the Oura Ring side effects although you cannot avoid them completely. 

Here are some possible ways that can help in reducing Oura Ring side effects:

  1. Do not wear the Ouar Ring 24/7. Try to wear the Oura Ring while going through important activities or chores that need to be monitored. 
  2. If you are wearing the Oura Ring all day long, including while sleeping, it’s okay not to check the health parameters every few minutes. Limit one or two times when you will sync data with the Oura Ring and check data. For instance, it is ideal to check data before going to bed and after waking up. 
  3. Do not compare your Oura Ring data with other people’s Oura Ring data. 

It seems you can manage Oura Ring side effects if you try a little hard not to get obsessed with this smart ring. For your knowledge apart from the side effects, Oura Ring has some drawbacks too that you might need to know. 

Oura Ring Drawbacks

Although Oura Ring is now at the peak of its popularity, the Oura Ring side effects along with some of the Oura Ring drawbacks, are putting this smart ring at a disadvantageous position. Here are some of the Oura Ring drawbacks that you need to consider:

  1. The price tag of the Oura Ring [starting from $299] is more expensive than any other smart ring with similar features available in the current market. 
  2. While most of the trending smart rings offer free apps, to use the Oura Ring app, users have to pay $5.99/month
  3. It is often claimed that the Oura Ring is overcounting the steps.
  4. The sleep tracking data offered by the Oura Ring often does not match with the Apple Watches. 
  5. Oura Ring activity tracking is not as accurate as the Apple Watches and Fitbit models. 
  6. Oura Ring side effects like blood pressure fluctuation, anxiety, and the Nocebo effect are now more prominent than ever. 

Data tracking and anxiety
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Oura Ring claims to devote it to the mental and physical well-being of the users. However, the Oura Ring side effects can not be overlooked so easily. Although the Oura Ring has FDA approval, we have to admit that the Oura Ring is not a medical-grade device, and most importantly smart ring technology is now still in its early stages. At this point, data inaccuracy could be a common thing due to multiple factors, even if the sensors are good. 

Henceforth, it is not recommended to rely on the Oura Ring too much. Even doctors are restricting users from taking Oura Ring data too seriously. As per the experts, if you find the Oura Ring data for any health vitals is not showing a normal reading, take the help of doctors and avoid treating yourself based on the Oura Ring data. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Does The Oura Ring Give Off Radiation?

Yes, the Oura Ring emits radiation. The Oura Ring’s SAR level is 0.0003 W/kg, which is lower than the SAR level of smartphones; however, it can have negative effects on the body. 

Q2. What Are The Disadvantages Of An Oura Ring?

The following are the disadvantages of the Oura Ring:
1. High Price tag. 
2. App subscription fees $5.99/month.
3. Unwanted Oura Ring side effects. 
4. Compared to the Apple watch, Oura Ring’s activity tracking is poor. 

Q3. What Do Doctors Think Of The Oura Ring?

Doctors and trainers often agree that the Oura Ring is reliable for tracking health parameters. However, it is not recommended to depend on the Oura Ring data too much. 

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