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Oura Ring Vs Fitbit – Get The Best Fitness Tracking Experience!

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I have been monitoring my fitness journey using the Oura Ring and Fitbit and have noticed multiple similarities and differences between the two gadgets. Instead of comparing Oura Ring vs Fitbit on Reddit discussions, stay with me for exclusive insights into my fitness tracking experience with the two smart techs.

Wearable techs and fitness trackers are the newfound sensations of fitness enthusiasts worldwide. Smartwatches have been extremely popular for the last few years; however, the Oura Ring has eased its way slowly into the lives of more than a million users. Now, many celebrities and athletes use Oura Ring for health and fitness tracking. However, many users are torn between Oura Ring vs Fitbit, attempting to find the better wearable tech.

Health monitoring with Oura Ring vs Fitbit clearly shows that Oura Ring is recommended for users who value comfort and non-invasive monitoring, and Fitbit is best for users with an active lifestyle who use it for fitness tracking.

Both Oura Ring and Fitbit offer a multitude of unique features that help in activity, fitness, and sleep tracking. After detailed research and exploring the features, I present to you an elaborate analysis of the Oura Ring vs Fitbit to help find the better fitness tracker that can boost your fitness journey. 

Oura Ring Vs Fitbit

Finding the best fitness gadget for health and wellness monitoring is the very first step that you will take when you embark on your fitness journey. The wearable tech is designed to accompany you around the clock and monitor all your vitals, including your activity, readiness, and sleep. Fret not, I have all the juicy details on Oura Ring vs Fitbit to amp up your fitness tracking.    

The Oura Ring Gen 3 is undoubtedly one of the best smart rings for health and sleep tracking. Just like thousands of fellow users, I have been astounded at the profound functionalities and research-grade accuracy of the tiny wearable tech. Fitbit, on the other hand, is a lot easier to use, with an Always-on OLED display and direct access to your insights. 

I have shared the official information on the features and specs of the two gadgets, along with my personal experience of using them. The final verdict of Oura Ring vs Fitbit is completely yours. Ensure that you read through the information thoroughly before you make your final decision.

Oura Ring Vs Fitbit – Design

The very first decision that you should make when deciding between Oura Ring or Fitbit is to select the design. Remember that the wearable tech will accompany you 24/7, and you must use the gadget that best fits you. While Fitbits are smartwatches that monitor your vitals from your wrists, Oura Rings are designed to monitor from your finger. 

The Oura Ring Gen3 is currently available in Horizon and Heritage styles, which are available in Silver, Gold, Black, Stealth, Rose gold, and Brushed Titanium finishes. Oura recommends all users get a free Oura Ring sizing kit to choose the best ring sizes between 6 to 13, that best fits your index or middle finger. 

Fitbit has been a leading activity tracker since 2009 and has numerous models and designs. It has sold over 136 million devices worldwide, with more than 120 million registered users in 2022. Moreover, it offers various models, including Fitbit – Inspire, Versa, Charge, Luxe, Ace, Sense, etc. These Fitbit models are available in various updated series, in different band sizes and fit, offering you a wide range of choices.

I have experienced that using Fitbit smartwatches for a prolonged period results in “side effects”, as the silicon straps tend to develop itchiness or rashes. I cannot use the Fitbit during intense workout sessions due to the discomfort caused by the large screen and the silicone strap. Oura Ring, on the other hand, is lightweight, stylish, and sturdy and follows a non-intrusive policy for health monitoring. I hardly notice that I am even wearing the smart ring most time.

However, the style and comfort of the fitness tracker are not quite enough. It is highly recommended that you thoroughly explore the product specifications of the Oura Ring and Fitbit fitness trackers to find the better gadget.

Oura Ring Vs Fitbit – Specifications

Understanding the product specifications is the next big step in finding the best fitness tracker for you. Read through and understand the entire list of specs to help decide if Oura Ring or Fitbit meets your requirements. 

I used a Fitbit Charge 5 and was also able to acquire a Fitbit Versa 3 from a friend to check out the features. So, I was able to compare the functionalities and specifications of the Oura Ring vs Fitbit Charge 5 vs Fitbit Versa 3, and I have devised a comparison table for your reference.

SpecsOura RingFitbit Charge 5Fitbit Versa 3
MaterialDurable Titanium with PVD coatingAluminum, glass, resin, with silicon bandAluminum watch case, glass, with silicon band
Size6 to 13Small – 130 to 170mm
Large -170 to 210 mm
Small – 140mm to 180mm
Large – 180mm to 220mm
Weight 4 to 6 grams28 grams39.7 grams
Dimensions 7.9mm width and 2.55mm thicknessScreen size –
26.43mm l
21.93mm h
14.75mm w

Screen size –
40.48mm l
12.35mm h
40.48mm w
Battery Rechargeable 15mAh (US6) – 22mAh (US13) Lipo batteryLithium-polymerLithium-polymer
Battery lifeUp to 7 daysUp to 7 days6+ days
Charge timeFull charge in 20 to 80 minsFully charge in 2 hoursApproximately 40 minutes
Memory Stores one-week dataSaves daily totals of the last 30 days
Save 7 days of detailed motion data
Stores heart rate data
Saves 7 days of detailed motion data
Saves daily totals for 30 days
Stores heart rate data
SensorsGreen LEDs
Red LED 
Infrared PPG sensors
Skin temperature sensors
3D Accelerometer
Optical heart rate monitor
3-axis accelerometer
Red & infrared sensors for SpO2 monitoring
Temperature sensor
Vibration motor
Built-in GPS & GLONASS
Ambient light sensor
Electrical sensors for ECG & EDA Scan app
Red & infrared sensors for SpO2 monitoring
3 axis accelerometer
Ambient light sensor
Vibration motor
Optical heart rate sensor
Temperature sensors
Built-in GPS & GLONASS
Water resistanceUp to 100m or 328ftUp to 50 metersUp to 50 meters
Operating temperature-10°C to 52°C-10°C to 45°C-20°C to 45°C
Operating altitudeNAUp to 8535 metersUp to 8535m
CompatibilityApple iOS 15 or higher and Android OS 8.0 or higherApple iOS 15 or higher and Android OS 9 or higherApple iOS 15 or higher and Android OS 9 or higher
Syncing rangeBetween 9 to 10 metersUp to 9 metersUp to 9 meters
ConnectivityBluetooth SmartBluetooth LEBluetooth LE
A table of comparison between Oura Ring vs Fitbit specifications

You can now make use of the product specifications to compare between Oura Ring vs Fitbit Charge 5 vs Fitbit Versa 3. But do not limit yourself to just these two popular Fitbits. Ensure that you visit the official Fitbit website to explore all the available products and compare their specifications with the Oura Ring to broaden your scope. 

Oura Ring Vs Fitbit – Accuracy

I frequently compare the metrics generated by the Oura Ring Gen3 along with my other fitness trackers like Fitbit Charge 5, Garmin Venu 2, and even my Apple Watch. I have noticed that the data collected by wearable techs varies on most of the parameters, which is mainly due to the different sensors and unique algorithms that are used by the different gadgets. 

Oura Ring is hailed as one of the most accurate fitness trackers for activity, heart rate, temperature, and sleep monitoring. Oura’s validation study proves that its HRV measurements are 98.4% accurate when compared to medical grade electrocardiogram. Moreover, it has an almost perfect resting heart rate of (r²  = 0.996) and HRR of (r² = 0.980). It is also praised for its accurate Oura Ring temperature data and accurate sleep tracking with Golden standard of sleep testing, including 4 stage sleep classification.

Fitbits, on the other hand, are surprisingly accurate, even if they are not as accurate as the Oura Ring. This is mainly due to the fact that it monitors the wearer from the wrist rather than the skin of the finger, as found in the Oura Ring. Furthermore, I have frequently encountered discrepancies with my step count when compared to other fitness trackers.

We shall now explore the different features of Oura Ring and Fitbit, classifying them based on fitness, heart rate, sleep, and recovery tracking.

Oura Ring Vs Fitbit – Fitness Tracking

Fitbit is one of the most sought-after wearable techs for fitness tracking. It allows you to easily monitor your updates right on the display screen, which is not possible with the Oura Ring. Fitbit Inspire 3 is highly popular for its fitness tracking mechanism, among all other Fitbit devices. Let us check out the Oura Ring vs Fitbit Inspire 3 for its fitness and activity tracking features.

Feature Oura Ring Gen3Fitbit Inspire 3
Exercise modesYesYes
Automatic exercise trackingYesYes
Steps, distance & trackingYesYes
Activity ScoreYesNA
Active Zone MinutesNAYes  
Cardio Fitness ScoreNAYes 
Built-in GPSYesYes
A table of comparison between Oura Ring vs Fitbit fitness tracking

Oura Ring Gen3 offers Automatic Activity Detection and also enables users to add a workout on Oura to accommodate 50+ activities. Fitbits on the other hand, monitor the wearer’s physical activities with a lot more sensors than are accommodated in the wearable tech, which makes it much more accurate and easy for monitoring.  

Activity and fitness tracking are similar for most Fitbit gadgets. While you make use of the information above to compare the Oura Ring vs Fitbit Inspire 3, I strongly suggest that you cross-check with the official Fitbit website if you are going to purchase any other Fitbit for fitness tracking.

Oura Ring Vs Fitbit – Heart Rate Tracking

Both the Oura Ring and Fitbit devices monitor your heart rate 24/7 and measure other heart-related metrics like the resting heart rate, heart rate variability, breathing rate, etc, that determine your overall health and wellness. Let us compare the heart rate tracking as recorded by the Oura Ring Gen3 and the latest Fitbit devices.

Feature Oura Ring Gen3Fitbit 
Heart rate trackingYesYes
Cardio Fitness ScoreNA Yes
ECG app for heart rhythm assessmentNAYes
Irregular heart rhythm notificationsNAYes
High & low heart rate notificationsNAYes
Breathing rateYesYes
Heart rate graphYesYes
Live heart rateYesYes
24-hour Heart rate Trend lineYesNA
Workout Heart rateYesYes
A table of comparison between Oura Ring vs Fitbit heart rate tracking

One of the major differences that you can notice when we compare Oura Ring with Fitbit is that Fitbit immediately notifies the wearer when there is an abnormal change in heart rate. Oura Ring, on the other hand, does not have an OLED display screen, speakers, or vibrators to notify the wearer. 

Oura Ring Vs Fitbit – Sleep Tracking

Sleep tracking is one of the main reasons why I got my Oura Ring. Oura’s non-invasive sleep monitoring system and its stealthy approach helped me to make drastic changes to my inconsistent sleep patterns. Oura tracks your sleep patterns and presents detailed insights into your light, deep, REM, and awake times. I honestly feel that my Fitbit is too bulky and bright for sleep monitoring and ends up disturbing my bedtime instead of helping me sleep better.

Let us compare Oura Ring vs Fitbit for sleep tracking features.

FeatureOura Ring Gen3Fitbit 
Sleep tracking with Sleep stagesYesYes
Sleep ProfileYesYes
Sleep ScoreYesYes
Bedtime GuidanceYesNA
Smart wake alarmNA Yes
Do Not Disturb modeNAYes
Sleep ModeNAYes
Rest ModeYesNA
A table of comparison between Oura Ring vs Fitbit sleep tracking

I was able to make drastic changes in my health and wellness with the help of Oura Ring’s stealthy and accurate sleep tracking feature. However, while comparing Oura Ring vs Fitbit for sleep tracking,  if you noticed that you prefer to use a smart alarm or enable the sleep mode, for holistic monitoring of your sleep, you could choose to get a Fitbit gadget.

Oura Ring Vs Fitbit – Recovery Tracking

Health and wellness monitoring is incomplete without recovery tracking. Both the Oura Ring and Fitbit fitness trackers have recovery tracking features that access the wearer’s activity levels, HRV, sleep patterns, and various other elements to present the rate of recovery. While Oura provides the Readiness Score, which is freely accessible by all users, Fitbit offers Readiness levels only to premium members.

Let us compare the recovery tracking features and the related elements on both fitness trackers.

Feature Oura Ring Gen3Fitbit 
Daily Readiness ScoreYesYes
Rest & Recovery Insights YesNA
SpO2 trackingYesYes
Breathing RateYesYes
Wellness ReportNAYes
Blood Glucose trackingYesYes
Stress Management ScoreNAYes
Stress ResilienceYesNA
EDA scan for Stress managementYesNA
A table of comparison between Oura Ring vs Fitbit recovery tracking

We have now compared in detail Oura Ring vs Fitbit fitness tracking features based on their activity, heart rate, sleep, and recovery tracking. I suggest that you explore each feature in detail, highlighting the ones that are particularly relevant to you. Let us now see the unique smart features that are available in the two wearable techs.

Oura Ring Vs Fitbit – Smart Features 

Wearable techs are smart gadgets that are loaded with unique state-of-the-art features. Unlike Oura Ring, all Fitbit gadgets are equipped with multiple smart features, and Fitbit Sense 2 is considered to be one of the best devices for its smart features. Let me list out Oura Ring vs Fitbit Sense 2 smart features to compare the unique functionality of the two devices.

Feature Oura Ring Gen3Fitbit Sense 2
Call, text, app notificationsNAYes
Bluetooth callsNAYes
Google MapsNAYes
Built-in AlexaNAYes
Google WalletNAYes
Fitbit PayNAYes
Find My PhoneNAYes
Do not disturb modeNAYes
Rest modeYesNA
Always-on displayNAYes
Fast chargingNAYes
Colour touchscreenNAYes
Smart AlarmsNAYes
A table of comparison between Oura Ring vs Fitbit smart features

You can clearly understand from the Oura Ring vs Fitbit Sense 2 comparison table that the Oura Ring does not offer many smart features that are available in Fitbit Sense 2 and most other Fitbit gadgets. If you personally prefer to use a wearable tech that offers various smart features, then Fitbit is obviously the best option for you.

Oura Ring Vs Fitbit – Battery Life

One of the key factors that determine uninterrupted 24/7 monitoring of your activities, fitness, sleep, and recovery is the battery life of the gadget. The Oura Ring Gen 3 uses a rechargeable 15mAh (US6) – 22mAh (US13) Lipo battery that can last up to 7 full days of uninterrupted monitoring when charged for 20 to 80 minutes to be fully charged. You can use the Oura app to check Oura Ring battery and ensure that you maintain at least 30% battery life for a seamless fitness tracking experience.

The battery life of Fitbit gadgets depends on the model, usage, and functionality. Most Fitbit gadgets operate on Lithium-polymer batteries that last anywhere from 2 to 7 days, depending on the device, and they can be fully recharged within 2 hours.

Ensure that you choose the device with better battery life, as it plays a crucial role in uninterrupted, holistic monitoring of your health and fitness.

Oura Ring Vs Fitbit – Price And Availability

Now, let us discuss the numbers. The price of wearable tech is one of the vital factors that help make the final decision to buy the gadget. Let us see the current price of Oura Ring Gen3 and see the latest updates on the price of Fitbit trackers.

Oura Ring Gen3

Oura Ring Gen3 is currently available on the official Oura website, and you can also buy Oura Ring using external third-party apps and websites like Best Buy, eBay, Target, etc.

Oura Ring Gen3Heritage – Silver$299
Heritage – Black$299
Heritage – Stealth$399
Heritage – Gold$449
Horizon – Silver$349
Horizon – Black$349
Horizon – Stealth$449
Horizon – Brushed Titanium$449
Horizon – Gold$499
Horizon – Rose Gold$549
Oura Membership$5.99/month after one-month free membership
A table with the list of different Oura Ring Gen3 models and their prices

Fitbit Fitness Trackers

The price range of Fitbits is anywhere between $69.95 for Fitbit Inspire 3, the cheapest gadget, up to $299 for Fitbit Sense 2. Most Fitbit fitness trackers include 1 to 6 months of free Fitbit membership, after which it costs $9.99 per month. This premium membership is also available for $79.99 for an annual subscription

Are you wondering if you should get the paid premium membership or just use the fitness trackers to monitor your vitals? We shall now explore the different features that are accessible under paid membership to help you make up your mind.

Oura Ring Vs Fitbit – Membership

Both Oura and Fitbit offer premium memberships for users, that give access to certain features that are exclusively available only for them. I have listed out the entire list of features offered by both the fitness trackers with and without the paid membership.

Oura Ring Gen3Fitbit 
With MembershipWithout MembershipWith MembershipWithout Membership
Daily Readiness Score InsightsDaily Readiness ScoreDaily Readiness ScoreWorkout preview only
Daily Sleep Score Insights Daily Sleep Score
Workout videos and audio sessionsActivity tracking
Daily Activity Score Insights Daily Activity ScoreActivity trackingHeart rate and Active Zone minutes tracking
Battery levelBattery levelHeart rate and Active Zone minutes trackingReal time metrics
Workout heart rate Basic profile informationReal time metricsSleep Score only
Restorative timeApp SettingSleep Score detailsStress Management Score only
SpO2 monitoringExplore TabSleep ProfileMindfulness preview
Trends over timeOura on the WebStress management score detailsHealth trends
Rest modeMindfulness sessionsWeight tracking
Use tagsWellness ReportBlood Glucose Tracking
Bedtime GuidanceHealth trendsMenstrual health
Track more movementsWeight trackingMeal & water logging
Insights of audio sessionsBlood Glucose TrackingRecipe preview
Menstrual health
Meal & water logging
Recipe and meal hacks
Safety signal with 4G LTE watch
A table of comparison between Oura Ring vs Fitbit with and without membership features

We can clearly see that while Fitbit offers various features for free, Oura Ring without a subscription has very little to offer.

Oura Ring Vs Fitbit – Key Differences

It is now time to make your final call. Ensure that you consider all the information explained above before you decide on the best fitness tracker that suits you. I have jotted down the key differences to help you make up your mind.

Feature Oura Ring Gen3Fitbit
DesignSleek and comfortable ringWide range of smartwatches and wristbands
Tracking FocusPrioritizes sleep and recoveryGood for tracking activities
Data AccessRelies on a smartphoneHave built-in screen
Smart featuresNAOffers multiple smart features
MembershipWorks best with membershipWorks comparatively well, even without a membership
Price$299 to $549$69.5 to $299
Premium subscription$5.99/month after a one-month free $9.99/month after 6 months free
A table of comparison between Oura Ring vs Fitbit key differences

So which fitness tracker is better for you? It completely depends on your preferences and priorities. 

Choose Oura Ring if:

  • You prefer to wear a comfortable smart ring rather than a smartwatch.
  • You prioritize sleep and recovery monitoring.
  • You do not mind using your smartphone to check your personalized insights.

Choose Fitbit if:

  • You prefer to check your health metrics often.
  • You want to track your activity accurately using GPS
  • You wish to use the innovative smart features found in Fitbits.

The best choice is the one that completely matches your fitness goals and lifestyle preferences. Make the best choice and start your fitness journey right now.

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Wrap Up

Comfort, convenience, and cost are the three driving factors that directly influence your decision. I suggest that you stop reading the Oura Ring vs Fitbit Reddit discussions and make use of the verified information given in this article to make up your mind. I truly hope that you find the best wearable tech to help you smoothly navigate through your fitness journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is Oura Rings As Accurate As Fitbit?

Yes, the Oura Ring is as accurate as Fitbit. Both fitness trackers are equipped with multiple sensors to present insights and data of high accuracy. 

Q2. Does Oura Integrate With Fitbit?

Oura does not directly integrate with Fitbit. You can however use external third-party apps like Google Fit, Health Connect, or Strava to sync Oura Ring with Fitbit.

Q3. How Accurate Is The Oura Ring Or Fitbit For Fitness?

Both the Oura Ring and Fitbit are highly accurate for fitness and health tracking.

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