Oura Ring Vs Circular Ring – Battle For The Better Smart Ring!

By Lokesh Jaral | Updated on March 22, 2024
Oura Ring Vs Circular Ring

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Oura Ring and Circular Ring are currently some of the most popular smart rings that are sought-after by thousands of health and fitness enthusiasts. But, the intriguing question of most remains, Oura Ring or Circular, which is better? Stay with us for a detailed Oura Ring vs Circular Ring comparison, to find out the best.

Fitness trackers are revolutionizing health awareness and making lifestyle changes around the world. Users are able to see their real-time vitals and monitor the changes in their physical fitness with the help of fitness trackers like the Oura Ring and Circular Ring. Although both the smart rings have similar features, they are both unique in their own way, which could make it difficult for users to make their decision on Oura Ring or Circular Ring, which is better. 

We can see in detail Oura Ring vs Circular Ring based on,

  1. Sizing kit
  2. Hardware
  3. Software 
  4. Sleep tracking
  5. Heart rate monitoring
  6. Recovery monitoring 
  7. Cost 
  8. Design
  9. Availability 

Thousands of fitness freaks are on a quest to find the key difference between Oura Ring and Circular Ring. Join us for a detailed discussion on Oura Ring vs Circular Ring to find the better smart ring that suits your needs.

Oura Ring Vs Circular Ring

Oura Ring Gen 3 and the Circular Ring are created as fitness trackers that are equipped to assist the user in understanding their body signals and making lifestyle changes to be healthier. These smart rings are designed to monitor the user’s sleep patterns, activities, and overall health and fitness. 

Smart rings are designed to monitor the health of the wearer continuously and alert the user in case of any discrepancy. It facilitates the user to check their immune system based on proactive monitoring. This enables them to understand the effects of their environment and lifestyle on their health so that they can make informed behavioral decisions.

Now, let us see some of the major differences between Oura Ring and Circular Ring to help determine the better smart ring.

Oura Ring Vs Circular Ring – Sizing Kit

Oura Ring Vs Circular Ring - Sizing Kit
Image Credits: Medium

The perfect fit of the smart ring is a detrimental factor that contributes to the accuracy of the user’s vitals generated by them. All users should ensure that the ring sits perfectly on either their index finger or the middle finger for better readings. 

Before you place your order for the Oura Ring, it is highly recommended that you get the Oura Sizing Kit, which is easily accessible on all e-commerce sites, to determine the perfect fit for your finger. The Sizing Kit includes 8 demo plastic rings for sizes 6 to 13 sizes. Try it out to determine the perfect size for your finger.

Similarly, Circular Smart Rings offers a sizing kit that can be purchased directly from their official webpage for $5 USD. The sizing consists of 10 demo rings for sizes 6 to 15. After choosing the best size that perfectly fits, you can make use of the 14-day return option to return the sizing kit to claim back the money spent.

Oura Ring Vs Circular Ring – Hardware Specifications

Although the primary features of both the Oura Ring and Circular Ring is to monitor the user’s activity, health, and sleep, they have been designed in their own unique ways, with different hardware components as follows:

Hardware SpecsOura Ring Gen 3Circular Smart Ring
MaterialLightweight TitaniumNonmetallic Biocompatible resin
Battery 15mAh – 22mAh Lipo battery24mAh – 31mAh Li-Ion battery
Battery life4 to 7 days4 days
Charging time20 to 80 mins60 mins
ChargerCharging dock USB-CUSB-C male connector
Memory16 MBFlash ROM up to 10 days
Sizes 6 to 136 to 15
Water resistantUp to 100 mUp to 5 m
Connectivity Bluetooth Bluetooth Smart
Sensors Red, Green, InfraredRed, Green, Infrared
Temperature sensors7 temperature sensorsDigital temperature sensor
Width 7.9 mm9 mm
Thickness 2.55 mm2.75 mm 
Weight 4 to 6 grams5 grams
Customizable outer shellNo Yes 
Vibration No Yes 
Button No Yes 
A table of comparison between Oura Ring vs Circular Ring hardware specifications

Oura Ring Vs Circular Ring – Software

Oura Ring helps users to stay on top of their health by monitoring their body vitals, including their heart rate, blood oxygen levels, etc., and offers exclusive insights that help improve health. Users are allowed access to their personalized health plans and insights into their metrics via the Oura app. Moreover, users can get an exclusive Oura membership for $5.99 USD per month, which further offers personalized daily scores based on Activity, Readiness, and Sleep.

Circular is one of the most advanced wellness-monitoring platforms that demonstrates Personal Health. The Circular Ring app keeps track of all vital metrics and offers actionable recommendations. Every feature of the Circle app is called a circle, and all users will be able to access the – Alarm clock circle, Physical activity monitoring circle, Guided breathing circle, Live measurements circle, and Medication reminder circle. However, unlike the Oura app, all features of the Circular Ring app are available for free.

Oura Ring Vs Circular Ring – Sleep Tracking

Generating sleep metrics is the main functionality of smart rings like the Oura Ring and Circular Ring. Let us see a consolidated comparison of sleep-related data that is generated in the table below:

Sleep-Related FeaturesOura Ring Gen 3Circular Smart Ring
Sleep StagesYes Yes 
Heart rateYes Yes 
Breathing RateYes  Yes 
Total sleepYes Yes 
Time to fall asleep / LatencyYes Yes 
Sleep debtNo Yes, in mins
Efficiency Yes in %No
Tranquility / Restfulness Yes Yes 
Disturbances /  AwakeYes Yes 
Nap DetectionYes Yes 
Circadian RhythmYes Yes 
Smart alarm NoYes 
Auto AirplaneNo Yes 
Temperature VariationYes Yes 
SpO2Yes Yes 
A table of comparison between Oura Ring vs Circular Ring sleep tracking

Oura Ring Vs Circular Ring – Heart Rate Monitoring

All fitness trackers, including smart rings like the Oura Ring and Circular Smart Ring, have heart rate monitoring as one of its core technologies. All wearable tech have unique sensors that monitor the heart rate of the wearer 24/7, to find out irregularities or variations, if any. The Oura Ring has a set of Green LED sensors that track the wearer’s heart rate in real-time.

Circular Ring generates a clinically trusted set of metrics on heart rate, heart rate variability, resting heart rate, breathing rate, blood oxygen, and body temperature. Moreover, it creates a detailed analysis for recovery, stress, and sleep analysis based on the collected parameters. The Oura Ring is also capable of keeping track of all these metrics.

Oura Ring Vs Circular Ring – Recovery Monitoring

Oura Ring has a unique Readiness Score that displays the overall measure of recovery based on the current vitals of the user. It is calculated using the lowest overnight resting heart rate, physical activities of the previous day, body temperature, and other balance-related metrics. Users with a Readiness Score of 85 to 100 are rated as optimal; 70 to 84 as good; 60 to 69 as fair, and 0 to 59 are asked to pay attention.

Circular ring’s recovery and stress analysis is primarily based on parameters such as HR, HRV, RHR, and BR, to get accurate and reliable metrics on the wearer’s recovery. The Circular smart ting displays an Energy Score that is similar to Oura’s Readiness Score. 

Oura Ring Vs Circular Ring – Cost

One of the major deciding factors that help users to make the final decision is the cost of purchase, and all other costs associated with it. Let us see a comparison between Oura Ring and Circular Ring.

FeaturesOura Ring Gen 3Circular Smart Ring
Price of Smart Ring$299 USD+$259 USD+
Sizing kitFree$5 USD
Membership $5.99 per month after 6 monthsNo 
Extra Charger $59 USD$29 USD
Outer ShellNA$33 USD
Cloud UIYesNo
Data ConnectivityGoogle Fit Strava / iOS HealthNo 
A table of comparison between Oura Ring vs Circular Ring cost

Oura Ring Vs Circular Ring – Design

Sleek, slender, and stylish. All smart rings are designed to perfection, taking the wearer’s comfort as its top priority. The creators of the Oura Ring have taken a minimalistic approach by creating a smart ring with ultra-lightweight Titanium, which makes the ring as light as 4 to 6 grams, depending on its size. Moreover, it is both scratch-resistant and waterproof for up to 100 meters, making it sturdy and durable.

Users who prefer flashy and vibrant styles prefer Circular Smart Rings, that have a glossy finish that is made of Nonmetallic Biocompatible resin. It can last for up to 4 days when fully charged in 60 minutes. Oura, on the other hand, can survive for a week with a charging time of 20 to 80 minutes. Furthermore, Oura can store data online for 6 weeks, when compared to Circular Ring, which can store data only for 10 days.

Oura Ring Vs Circular Ring – Availability

The Oura Ring and Circular smart ring are currently available for sale on all e-commerce platforms around the world. Users can directly purchase it from the official website or get it online via Amazon, Target, eBay, Best Buy, etc. Moreover, it is also available for retail sale in Walmart, Best Buy, GameStop, etc. The price of the smart rings might vary depending on the shipping cost, model, design, size, etc. 

Wrap Up

The road to fitness is a dedicated journey that requires an undying dedication from the part of the wearer and the accurate monitoring of vitals by the fitness tracker. Hence, choosing the best smart ring that best suits your needs is of dire importance. We hope that with the help of this article, you are easily able to compare between Oura Ring vs Circular Ring and choose one that meets your requirements. May your fitness journey lead to you a better and healthier lifestyle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Do You Need Membership For Circular Ring?

No, you do not need a membership for Circular Ring.

Q2. Is There Another Ring Like The Oura Ring?

Yes, the Circular Ring is very similar to the Oura Ring.

Q3. How Much Is The Circular Ring?

The Circular Ring costs $259 USD+, depending on the model you choose.

Feature Image Credits: TechCrunch

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