RingConn Vs Oura | Which One Is Better?

By Lokesh Jaral | Updated on March 22, 2024
RingConn Vs Oura Ring

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The battle among the health and wellness smart rings is getting more interesting day by day. Among all, the battle between RingConn vs Oura is now more intense and attracting lots of attention. 

Yes, social platforms like Reddit and Twitter witness long chains of debates and personal opinions on RingConn vs Oura. RingConn launched in 2023 and is a newbie compared to the Oura Ring. Then why is the fight so intense? 

RingConn vs Oura tension is growing and the prime reason is, of course – RingConn and Oura Ring Gen 3 come with almost the same package of features and functionalities. In some cases, it is even beating the Oura Ring, which is obviously pushing the Oura Ring users to switch smart rings. 

RingConn vs Oura – is Oura Ring losing the game? Well, it is quite early to reach the verdict. However, we can simply compromise the features, specifications, price, and abilities of the Oura Ring and the RingConn to find out which one is more suitable for the consumers.  

RingConn Vs Oura – Key Differences

The RingConn and the Oura Ring share a lot of features. These two prime smart rings are more akin than we have thought. But there are some differences too! In fact, there are some key differences that can help smart ring users to decide which one to select. 

Here, find the key differences between the RingConn and Oura Ring:

Specifications RingConnOura Ring 3
Sleep trackingYesYes
Heart rate monitoringYesYes
Activity trackingYesYes
Recovery monitoringNoYes
Blood oxygen monitoringYesYes
Stress managementYesYes 
Period PredictionNoYes
Water protectionup to 50 metersup to 100 meters
Monthly membershipN/A$6
Availability22 CountriesNorth America, Europe, Africa & Middle East, Asia-Pacific
A table of comparison between RingConn vs Oura Ring key differences

RingConn Vs Oura Ring: Features And Functionalities

Let’s start with the RingConn vs Oura from the features and functionalities offered by these two smart rings:

1. Sleep Tracking

Both the RingConn and the Oura Ring come with the sleep tracking feature. It simply means that both the Oura Ring and the RingConn Ring can measure sleep stages, sleep duration, and overnight vitals. If you want to improve your sleep habits, pick any of these smart rings. In this round, both the Oura Ring and the RingConn win. 

2. Heart Rate Monitoring

Whether it is RingConn or Oura, both can measure health vitals like continuous heart rate, resting heart rate (RHR), heart rate variability (HRV), average heart rate, active heart rate, and heart rate range. Both Ringcon and the Oura Ring win in this round. 

3. Activity Tracking

Both the Oura Ring and the RingConn can track multiple activities like step counting, distance traveled, and workout tracking. However, we have to admit that the smart ring is a very tiny gadget to fit a good accelerometer within it, and therefore, the activity tracking is so-so for both of these rings. 

4. Blood Oxygen Monitoring

People suffering from heart-related diseases and chronic pulmonary disease always need to keep an eye on their blood oxygen level. Both the Oura Ring and the RingConn considered the need, and now smart ring users can monitor blood oxygen levels on the go. Both RingConn and the Oura Ring win in this round. 

5. Recovery Management

If you are overworking and do not know how much damage your health is, the Oura Ring can help you with advanced recovery management. The Oura Gen 3 comes up with this new feature where the Oura Ring tracks a bunch of health indicators, from heart rate to sleeping quality, and then scores you in 100. This metric simply helps you to understand how well you are overall doing.

Unfortunately, the RingConn smart ring does not have the Recovery Management feature and lost this round to the Oura Ring. 

6. Stress Management

Unlike other smart rings, the RingConn smart ring takes a step ahead and measures stress levels. RingConn analyzes data from multiple health metrics and can predict the stress level and how to manage it. 

Similar to RingConn, the Oura Ring is also capable of measuring stress levels. As per the new update, the Oura Ring can measure daytime stress levels and showcase data accordingly. 

7. Period Prediction

Smart rings are taking the initiative to take care of women’s health too. For instance, the Oura Ring can track and predict the menstrual cycle with the integration of the Natural Cycles app. Women need to track the menstrual cycle, and ovulation dates can rely on the Oura Ring.

However, the RingConn does not have the menstrual cycle feature and lost this round to the Oura smart ring. Unlike Oura Ring, RingConn cannot use Natural Cycles for menstrual tracking. But, the good news is that in the CES 2024 event, RingConn mentioned that they are adding new features to the ring, and one such feature is menstrual cycle tracking.

RingConn Vs Oura Ring: Specifications And Design

When the RingConn and the Oura Ring have so much in common [features and function], the design of these two rings are almost identical too. Let’s find out how the Oura Ring is different from the RingConn in terms of design and battery life. 

1. Design

Whether it is RingConn or Oura, both are closed rings and the outer case of both of these rings are made with titanium metal. Hence, both of these two rings can withstand extreme conditions. Both of these rings have a slender design. However, when it comes to weight, the Oura Ring weighs 4-6 grams, and the RingConn weighs 3-4 grams, depending on size. Hence, it can be said that the RingConn is slightly lighter than the Oura Ring. 

2. Battery

The battery life of the Oura Ring and the RingConn are the same too! Both the Oura Ring and the RingConn can last up to 7+ days. However, the Oura Ring does not come with a charging case, but the charging case of the Rinconn can serve 150 days

3. Protection

Oura Ring is ideal for diving, snorkeling, and cliff diving as it can have 10 ATM protection. On the other hand, the RingConn has IP68, which means the ring has 50-meter water resistance. In other words, you can wear the RingConn while swimming or taking a bath, but not diving. 

4. Sizing Kit

Both the RingConn and Oura Ring offer sizing kits for free! This effort is for the comfort of the users and is hugely appreciated as the users can now easily order sizing kits for RingConn and Oura Ring while ordering the ring.

RingConn Vs Oura Ring: Pricing And Availability

The Oura Ring is available in two different models – Heritage (starting price $299) and Horizon (starting price $349). Both of these styles are available in multiple colors like – silver, black, stealth, gold, and rose gold. The Oura Ring comes with a one-month free subscription offer, after that, you have to pay $6 per month for the premium version

On the other hand, the RingConn is available in only one style but in different colors like moonlit black, midnight black, and pale gold. The starting price for this smart ring is $279, which is lower than the Oura Ring. 

Currently, the Oura Ring is shipped to North America, Europe, Africa & the Middle East, and Asia-Pacific. On the other hand, RingConn is shipped to 22 countries only, including – the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, and China.

RingConn Vs Oura – Which One Is Better?

Now that we have discussed all the features and specifications of the Oura Ring and RingConn, we can end the RingConn vs Oura battle. However, it is not as easy as it sounds. From the view of a consumer, it is best to analyze the features and if that suits one, go for it! As far as the technology is concerned, both of these rings are good and can be trusted. 

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Now that you know all the similarities and differences between the Oura Ring and RingConn, it will be easier for you to determine which one to choose. To pick the ideal ring between the two, the first thing that you need to consider is to find out whether your selected ring can be delivered to your address or not. For instance, if the Ringonn is not shipping to your country, you cannot purchase the ring. In that case, you can either wait for the availability of the RingConn in your region or go for the Oura Ring instead. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. Is RingConn Worth It?

Well, Rinconn offers features and specifications same as the Oura Ring, but comes in a cheaper package. Hence, if you are trying the smart ring for the first time, then find out whether your location is eligible for the RingConn shipment and continue shopping! 

Q2. What Is The Best Alternative To The Oura Ring?

There are many smart rings emerging these days and proving a worthy alternative to the Oura Ring. For instance, you can try the RingConn and the Evie Ring as the Oura Ring alternatives.

Q3. Does RingConn Measure Blood Pressure?

Yes, the RingConn smart ring does measure blood pressure along with other health vitals. 

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